part 34 the signs of a crazy baby mamma

RENE A new day has come.My whole life is about to change.How is this really gonna work? Will things be different from hereon.I took a bath and got dressed in my casual clothes and i went to Hailey's place and she was at the gate ready to go to school. Me:Goodmorning Hail: Hey..Aint you going to school? Me: Im on my way there. Hail: Where is your uniform? Me: Joe's father is coming to fetch me.O re ke tlo dula ko Phb le bona so that o tla hlokomela the child (He says i must come live at Phb with them so tha he can take care of the child) Hail: What? And then Joe oreng? Me: He said its a good idea since that his father is a doctor and he would also like to add me in his medical aid Hail: And wena what do you say? Me: Somehow i feel like its an opportunity to get away from aunt Mary but then again its unpredicatable what might happen when im there. Hail: Whatever you decide i am behind you all the way neh girl. Me: Im going thats why im dressed like this.I going to take a transfer letter... She frowned. Hail: Im really gonna be bored Rene..This is just sad. Me: I wish there was another way but there aint . Hail: Promise to call whenever you can Me: I will. Hail: I cant say visit cause traveling in your condition is not a good idea Me: And please do visit besides Jnr has to spend some time with his grandfather. She giggled. Hail: I will. When we got to school she went for morning prayer while i waited for the principal in the offices.When she finally came we went to her office and she was sad to release me because she believed i was gonna be one of the students who will get alot of distinctions in my matric year. But then there was nothing we could both do because my situation is just complicated..When i was done i went to class to say my goodbyes to my classmates. Hailey and i shed a few tears.She is the only person who believes in me and cares for me..She is like a sister i never had and for that i will forever be thankful. Hail: Please take care of yourself for me.And dont let anyone bully you.Be strong and confident regardless what. Me: I will

and take care of Jnr for me. Hail: I will.I promise to visit neh. Me: I Will be more than happy to have you around. With that i left..When i got home my aunt was around which is a first because she is supposed to be at work Mary: And then wena why are you not in school? Me: I think its better we wait and you will find out everything sooner. Mary: Sometimes i really think what you will be good at is opening your legs for money because school is not for you.Look at you already pregnant which is just an obvious sign. Yoh now i know why i chose to leave because this is the kind of stress i dont need.I went to my room and packed all thats mine in two bags.When i was done i lay on the bed brushing my belly that even ended up in me sleeping.. Mary: Wake up there is someone here to see you I got up and followed after her.It was Joe's father.I went back to my room to get my bags and went back to the sitting room. Mary: And then wena keng ka di bag? Me: Im leaving. Im going to stay with my baby daddy and this man is my baby's grandfather. She looked at me all shocked and angry. Mary: You are not going anywhere Rene Me: Im leaving and there is nothing you can do about it.Papa can we leave? Pat: Sorry mam for leaving with her like this but she is carrying my grandchild and i have to take care of them both since im a doctor She just kept quiet.She spoke after a while. Mary: When you walk out that door please leave and never come back..You are no longer a child of this family What if things dont work out with Joe and his father? What then? There is just alot at stake here.. I took my bags and walked out without looking back.i guess i will cross that bridge when i get to that point..If i back out now then i will never know what might happen.Joe's dad came and we got in the car and left.On the way all i could think of was Leon and how happy he would be when he see me living near him.Maybe this is a sign that if we give it a try we might have a healthy relationship..We like each other that much anyway. .This is so exciting. JOE When i woke up to prepare for school dad was already gone to pick up Rene.The way that man is serious about this its as if he is the one who got her pregnant. I prepared myself for school and when i was done i had breakfast and left.How is life going to be with her around? School was just normal but my mind was hung up on the Rene issue that i even left school before time at around 12...When i got home i went to my room and slept it all away.There was nothing i can do because sitting and doing nothing makes me think alot expecially on how i am gonna tell Tanisha about this new living arrangements.I promised her that she will meet my dad and when she does then it will be simple for her to come for sleepovers without hiding her but now i know dad is fond of Rene and would never allow me to bring another girl home. LEON As i was walking to spur i saw a beautiful girl carrying a back pack..She had short hair and curves that fitted her body..She was with some girl talking and laughing.I liked her that instant.She looked really happy with no worries in the world.Maybe this is a sign that im supposed to move on with my life.Liking her on the first time i see her is a sign enough that she can be mine only if i allow myself to go after her. Me: Good afternoon ladies. Them: Hi. Me: Sorry to seem foward but my name is Leon and can i please talk to you alone They looked at each other then back at me.The other girl excused herself. I scratched my hair back. Me:Uhm whats your name? Her: Tebello Penelope Malatji but they call me Penny Me: Beautiful unique names.. Penny: Thanks. Me: Okay skat let me get straight to the point of why i wanted to talk to you. Uhm i kind of like you and i would like to be your friend so can i have your numbers so that we can hang out some times. Penny: I really dont give my numbers to people i dont know. Me: Pretty please. Penny: Honestly i cant She walked away to her friend and they went their way. She has a perfect body structure and her behind has a very beautiful view..This girl has got to be mine.


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