part 32 the signs of a crazy baby mamma

RENE Me: Why is he calling you? What do you talk with Leon Hailey? Hail: That is what i wanted to talk to you about Me: Are you dating him? Hail: Why would you think the worst of me Rene? Me: What do you talk with him akere im asking. The phone rang again and this time i answered and gave Hailey to talk. Hail: yebo...Im fine and how are you?......I was about to ask her but she is assuming the worse..Yes i will call you once i do...shap. I just looked at her expecting her to talk. Hail: Calm down first and i will explain what is happening after church. Mxm she cant be serious right now..This is bullshit...I didnt argue so we walked to church and when we got there we sat at the back..Some girls were looking at me busy laughing and gossiping..I hate how some other people like acting all holy and shit when they know very well that they are just devils.I take what they do as provoking God.How does one say or claim that they love God when theg cant love the one next to them.I thought the bibel said we are the images of God.If so then why are people like this? Is satan that strong to do this to us? Hail: Hey are you okay? You seem to be far in your thoughts Me: Im fine. The service started and i can sag worshiping time was blessing.Regardless my situation in life i stood up and prraised the most High God.He always remembers me on the list of people he decides to bless them yet another day with life.Some people are sicksome couldnt make it to see another day

some couldnt make it to see another daysome are broken beyond but he has given me an opportunity to come and woship him.He loved us He gave us His only begotten son to be crusified for us.His blood was shed so that i can be here today.Satan tries in each and everyway to get in our lives and break our souls leaving us to blame God for the things going on in our lives but the God we serve never gives up on us.He is a restoring God.He is a father to the fatherless.He heals where our hearts are broke...At this moment i just wanted the holy spirit to come down and fill me up.I wanted the holy spirit to give me strength..I know that if i get defeated and fall into sin i know God will come for me..I know when temptations are too much satan is near but those who belong to God they will not be touched..When praising was over the pastor took over and preached. When the church was out Hailey and i went out. Hail: How was the word of God? Me: Its somehow talking about me..Forgiveness is what i need in order to have peace in my life. Hail: Im glad you understood it..So about Leon Me: You dont have to explain yourself Hail: Believe me i dont want to but then its for the best. Me: Oh okay. Hail: Look Leon has been checking up on you through me..He has been nagging me for some time now to ask for your account number so that he can send you money.He wants to take care of you and the baby even in his absence. I looked at her as she was talking..Why would Leon care this much.We are not even related.Why would he want to help me while he is not talking to me.Leon is a good guy and all and i hope one day he forgives me..But on the process i have made a choice to forgive Joe just so we can raise the child together..I dont want him back as my bf but as the father of my child.. Me: Im not his responsibility..Thanks but i will survive.i cant be his burden. Hail:Rene you gonna need the money..When the cravings start trust me its gonna be hard so just think about it because right now you cant think for yourself only.You are living for two.I know you somehow feel like a charity case but you are not.its just that some of us cares alot about...Leon really does care just give him a chance to do so. Me: Tell him to man up and ask for the acc number directly from me.Tell him to stop making you a go between Hail: i was only trying to help. Me: i appreciate it but Leon has to talk to me if he wants to help. She raised her hands up as a sign of surrender Me: What are you still waiting for? Tell him. Hail: Hai mara Rene you said i must not be a go between Me: I dont care akere you decided to be one in the first place so go ahead and tell him. She took out her phone and she called him and told him what i said...When we got to Hailey's place we ate and sat outside talking with Jnr sleeping.Somehow i was expecting Leon to call but he didnt. Hail: expecting a call? Me: huh Hail: you keep looking at your phone as if you are expecting a call. Me: No i was just checking the time. After saying that my phone rang and it was my aunt.U was dissapointed to realise its not Leon. Me: Rakgadi Mary: Nyakgadi nyakgadi!! O ko kae Rene? Me: Im at Hailey's place Mary: You better come back here.You cant go as you please all the time.I have been patient with you..The last time you did that you got yourself pregnant..Keng dont you learn a lesson? Me: Im not with a boy Rakgadi.Im with my friend. Mary: Get back here o nagana gor...... Tu..tu..tu.. As she was still talking it cut off.I think her airtime was finished and im thankful for that.. Me: nxla bitch!! Hail: Yoh wow someone has suddenly developed a backbone. Me: i try.Anyway i have to go.. Hail: Okay girl see you tomorrow at school. Me: Okay boo. I went to her room to get my overnight bag then went home.My aunt was breathing fire shem but i just looked at her like she was some robot tired of people walking all over me.i just got to the room and my cousins were busy with their phones so i got busy with mine. Mary: And then who do you think will cook? Me: We all have hands.Who cooked when i was not around? Ask your daughters to do so because they both have hands but the only thing they are good at is playing with their phones. My phone rang and i answered. Me: What? Leon: *chuckle* uhm thats not a nice way to answer your phone. Me: I know. Leon: How are you? Me: Im good and you? Leon: Im good..Can i have your account number? Me: For? Leon: I want to send my unborn child money Me: *chuckle* hmm is it? Leon: Can i have the number please? Me: I will send it via text. Leon: Thank you..and have a great day. Me: You too. He hunged up.. Yoh so much formality! He couldnt even hold a little conversation with me.This is sad.

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