part 31 the signs of a crazy baby mamma

JOE When i left Nisha's house i had no choice but to either go home or to mom's place..But how do i leave without talking to Rene first..I have to persuade her to tell me the truth about this pregnancy thing..But then with a friend like Hailey there is no succeeding in making her talk so i took a road to Phb..I will wait for months to confirm it myself..This is just a start of a complicated life..How did we get here? How did i get myself in this mess? Things were simple and smooth when it was just the two of us..I took out my phone and looked at the pictures and videos we took together.We were so happy and her smile was beautiful and true.She always found happiness and joy in me but now we are like total strangers..What went wrong is all my fault and i will live in regrets all my life. LEON I woke up with a banging headache...I opened my eyes and there were two girls next to me. Me: Shit!!!Not on my bed.. I got up from the bed and i went to the bathroom and took a shower..When i was done i lotioned there and only got in my room to wear clean clothes..I was so damn hungry and tired...This girls were still sleeping..I looked around on the floor and there were no used condoms. I shook them to wake up. Girl1: ha.a ke sa robetsi.(im still sleeping) Me: Hey wake up dammit.You have to leave.My wife is on her way back. They jumped off the bed. Girl2: For someone who had alot of energy dancing last night you are a bore. Me: What do you mean by that? Girl1: You made us sleep with hunger..You got here and blacked out..I even thought maybe you will give it to us good this morning Me: I dont do hoes for your own information now please be useful and get dressed fast so that you can leave my house.. Girl1: Shuuu attitude brothers I walked out.I didnt have time for immatured girls.I went to the guest room and i found Mpho busy with his girls and the other girls pushed me out of the way and got in.This i didnt want to witness so i walked out....The intercom buzzed indicating someone is at the gate..I asked who it is and she said she is Melinda

Mpho's friend.. I opened for her and when she knocked at the door i also opened.My jaw dropped when i realised its actually Cindy his wife. Me: uhmm why did you lie? Cindy: Because you wouldnt have opened..Where is my husband and dont dare lie because i saw his car at the drive way. Me: Let me go call him for you. Cindy: Can i please have water first? Im thirsty I walked to the kitchen and got her bottled water..When i went back she was not there..Oh my this is some fucked up shit..As i was about to walk to where Mpho is they came down arguing..Mpho was trying to wear his clothes in the process. Mpho: Babe that is nothing.It was just a moment of weakness. Cindy: A moment of weakness? You keep cheating on me and im tired.four girls Mpho four of them.How do you expect me to feel or react to such? Mpho: Babe im sorry. Cindy: Thanks for the water Leon but im fine i didnt need it.I just wanted you out of the way so that i can find this male hoe. With that she walked out Mpho: Im in deep shit bro.Why did you open up for her? Me: Because she lied about who she was..Your wife is clever hey.She knew i wouldnt open if i knew it was her. Mpho: My car keys.i have to get home right now before she packs up and leave with my daughter. Me: In the kitchen on the keys hanger. He went and took the keys.I went to that room and chased the girls out Girl: Can we atleast have breakfast and money for transport.. Me: I just want you out of my house. I took out R500 and gave them.You will see what to buy for breakfast. They left busy cursing as if i cared.Its not like i slept with any of them.I hope Mpho gets out of this with only a slap on the face or else he is in trouble big time.Cindy looks like the type that doesnt take shit. RENE I just woke up to a beautiful sunday morning. Hail: Good morning. Me: Morning Hail: I just finished cooking and bathing Jnr.Get up and bath so that we can go to church.. Me: Okay.. I got up and went to bath..When i was done i lotioned then Comb my afro..I wore a pencil dress thats just up to my knee which was also bought by Leon.I wore a blazer ontop with my sandles.Hail was bathing so when she was done she wore a pencil jean skirt with a vest then wore a leather jacket with high hills.She applied make up and turned to look at me sitting on the bed playing with Jnr. Hail: Ha.a girl come sit on the chair Me: Why? Hail: I wana put my skills in use..I wana put make up on you. Me: No Hailey i dont do makeup and you know it. Hail: Just for today hle girl... Me: Okay fine She applied makeup on me and i can say it wasnt that bad.Just that i love my natural look more. Hail: Shit girl you look more beautiful than i anticipated... Me: I like my natural look more though. Hail: Hai suka dont be such a bore.Now lets go. Me: Okay. She took Jnr and we went.. Hail: Uhmm Rene Me: Yes. Hail: Promise not to be angry. My heart started racing..What did she do..Why would i be angry? I dont like this at all.As she was about to talk her phone rang and she looked at me..i snatched the phone and it was Leon calling.My jaw dropped like wtf is going on in my life


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