My name is Tanisha but im called Nisha and my story is gonna start when i was 15years old in grade 10living at Madiba park at a town called Polokwane in Limpopo….
I have always been a focused and ambitious young lady who thought nothing in this world mattered but education.I wanted to be successful..i wanted to be like my parents and brother who are successful in life.Both my parents are doctors and they are an inspiration to me.I am the last born of my parentsi have a brother by the name of Leon who is 10years older than me…Leon is an architectural and engineering manager at a mine at small town called Phalaborwa..he has also made it in life at a young age.
I have always been an indoors person who rather read novel or intertain facebook stories than watch tv all day..I only have one friend by the name of valerie who is 17 and in the same grade as me..
Im shortsize 30 and im a mixed father is pedi and my mother is coloured..
The rest you will learn through out my journey..
Let me lead you to my journey..

sans-serif; font-size: 14px; margin-bottom: 1.5em; outline: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(51 51 51);">My name is Joeseph but they call me Joe.I will be taking you through my life journey when i was 17years old in grade 11……I was cool and known at school but my popularity was due to my brother…He was the school’s known player and a rugby captain…I on the other hand was a normal guy who was normal inside but a resemblance of my brother outside..Me and books never really liked each other but i tolerated them because without them im nothing…Well at the dating department i wont stand up for myself because i have lost count on how many hearts i broke due to fitting in the web of my brother and his ‘cool’ friends…

Allow me to also take you to the journey of my complicated love story which started when i was only 17years old in grade 11..I was the typical girl who was a neat freakwho was a book warmer and disciplined…All that changed when my life took a wrong others call me crazysome say im obsessed while others say im mentally sick but what is the honest truth in all this…What drove me to the state that i am today to be labelled all sorts of names? There are times in life when people will judge you without taking a look at what factors contributed to your sudden change..There are some things that happen to us which we never ask for…I am called names because of this word they call love…its because of this love that i dont know what left is and what right is..My name is Renee..walk with me.

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