part 8 Rene's pain

TINA If they think they can take my son away from me then they have one thing coming.I raised that boy and fed him.He knows me as his mother not the other way round.They better get used to the idea or else there wont be peace.As for my husband and his mistress they will curse the day they decided to double cross me..I am Tina born and brought up in the ghetto so no one crosses me and gets away with it. VALERIE For the first time in my life i feel like i have done something good.Like i have made a difference and suddenly its like a load was lifted off my shoulders.Can it be that life can be this simple if a person does more good and less bad. Brad: What are you thinking about? Me: I still cant believe that in the one who united a boy with his family Brad: Believe it babe.You did it on your own.If it wasnt for you i would have kept in living a lie.Who knows if i would have been trapped in her evil deeds. Me: Im sorry my love. Brad: Its okay Me: Can you please take me to campus..I have been naughty bunking classes. Brad: What? Babe tell me you are joking..You do know education comes first right? Me: Yeah but its the hormones. Brad: Hai babe dont use my child as an excuse. Me: Okay fine but its the honest truth though...Anyway now take me to campus. Brad: get ready. Life is Bradly is simple and amazing.Yes we always fight but i know at the end of the day he loves me..But then at the other side im afraid.What if he is using me just to give him children?.. TANISHA I have been locked up in this room since i came back from Joe's room.Im a mess.My eyes a red and puffy.It hurts so bad that i went through alot to be with him and im back at the same situation.Maybe i should have learnt that he is a player the moment he dated me and Rene at the same time.. A knock disturbed me from my thoughts. Me: Who is it? The person just kept on knocking. When i opened my eyes met with Joe's eyes...I tried to close the door at his face but he blocked the door my his leg.I was wearing a towel that was hiding my naked body. Joe: Babe let me explain. Me: Let you explaim what actually?Let you explain the fact that you have been cheating on me all along..You know what Joe im done with you .This relationship is too toxic for the both of us.I cant do it anymore... Joe: Babe please dont do this.I promise it wont happen again. Me: Please leave my room. Joe: Im not leaving until we resolve this issue He went and sat on my bed.I just stood and watched him.He took off his clothes and was left naked and he got inside my blankets. Joe: Either you join me or you stand there.Your choice.. It was a cold day and i was very lazy to go anywhere.I just wanted to spend my day indoors..I went and sat on the bed when he quickly pushed me to lie on the bed and he came on top of me.So much emotions where flowing.The next thing i felt was him inside of me.It felt so good and i couldnt even resist.He pumped me so fast and hard until he came.He got off me and slept next to me.I was lazy to wipe myself so i ended up falling asleep. JOE. Seeing her in the state she was in was somehow paining me I love this girl.Atleast i once fell inlove with her.She is just innocent and this years her love is pure.Not ones did she cheat on me.All she does is love me.She washes my clothesclean my room and cook for me and my roomie.What more am i looking for? But then Kagiso is another ride im willing to take.The sex with her is mind blowing.Its like she is more wild than Tanisha... I watched her as she was sleeping peacefully with her soft snore.Why am i even doing this to her.If only i had answers or atleast what the future holds for me i would go straight for it.I waited until she was sleeping to that point that she wont hear me leave and that took about 30minutes..I got up from her grip.. I was holding my boxers about to dress up when the door flung open and Val walked in.Her mouth was wide open and her eyes were fixed on my lower part of the body.It didnt take me long to realise that im naked and she is watching my manhood. Her facial expression changed to lust. Val: So this is the dick that is making girls run after you? Me: Why are you even starring? Val: Its a free country and to make it worse you are in my room daddy. I was still holding my boxers when she walked towards be and got hold of my balls and i became hard the same time..She played with them and i almost gave in to lust..I grabbed her hand and i wore my clothes then walked out..That was very awkward and shocking. VALERIE I dont know what got into me and if Tan finds out it will be the end of our friendship.When i saw his huge manhood and his torso i couldnt hold myself.Its no lie that Joe is handsome but what i did was out of line.I have to apologise to him and beg him not to tell Tanisha...I put my bag and plastics down and walked after him...I went directly to his room and he was alone.I stood at the door which was a little bit open. Joe: You can come in.Piet went out.. I walked in and i didnt close the door. Me: Im so sorry for what i did..please dont tell Nisha. Joe: I wont tell if you wont tell. Me: I promise.. Joe: Then good.. He walked past me and locked the door. Joe: You want this huh..Imma give it to you.. He whispered with so much lust in my ear.His fresh breath sent chills down my spine.His words rang like echoes in my ears.Why am i feeling like this for my friend's bf. He took off his clothes and rolled the rubber on him.He made me turn and bend.He only rolled my thong up to my knee and my dress was a little bit up.Is this what pregnancy does to ladies or is this my doings?.He wasnt even gonna have trouble because i almost came due to his words... * * I felt so guilty and dirty afterwards. Joe: I wont tell if you dont. He said that rolling my thong back up.. I fixed myself and walked out .What have i done? RENE. Spending time with them was so fun.The pictures we took together and the kids were getting along just fine.Itu has warmed up to them Leon: This family feels complete.Now i can think of paying dawry for you Me: Huh? Leon: Babe we have been engaged for years and its no longer fun.I want to make you my wife.I want to wake uo everyday next to you knowing that you are officially mine.. Me: But firstly we have to go to the police station and let them know our son is home then change his one name atleast and his surname then make him a huge party..After that we will focus on us. Leon: Fair enough.But for now lets have fun as a family.. We were at Mopani rest camp watching animals at the other end of the fence


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