part 6 Rene's pain

LEON I drove maniac like never before..I dont even know how i passed Tzaneen...I called Valerie when i was at town. Val: Drive to Ladana at 'Ga rena'..I will be waiting for you at the gate. Me: Okay i will be there in 5minutes. I drove there and she was indeed waiting for me at the gate.. Val: Hi Me: Hey. Val: Follow me. I followed her and we got to the block she was taking me to. Val: I called but i was not sure.but atleast i was trying because the resemblence is the same. There was noise coming from the house. Val: They have been at it for a long time. Me: Are you the cause of their fight? Val: For a good cause yes. Me: I guess you will never change. Val: Can we go in before you insult me further...nxla She walked in without even knocking so i followed her. Val: Honey im home. The man and woman turned to look at us. Tina: You have already invaded my marriage.Cant you please leave my.... When her eyes landed on me she kept quiet with her mouth wide open. Val: What? Cat caught your tongue? Brad: My goodness Tina so its true? You stole her son? What has that poor girl ever done to you? How many times must i tell you that i never slept with..I was only helping out.Im serious this time i want a divorce... Tina: Thats a harsh desicion Bradley we can talk about this. Brad: Was it not harsh when you stole that child? Here i was thinking that Rene didnt make contact the past years because she forgot about us but little did i know what she was going through.You heard me complaining about this everyday but laughed behind my back.You must take me for a fool Tina. I was so pissed and angry that this woman how could she take my son.What wrong have i ever done to her.What wrong has Rene done to her. They were going on and on when my little boy

No rephrase that my photocopy walked in rubbing his eyes with his hands. Him: Daddy im hungry. Brad lifted him up.. Brad: Come i will make you food.Tina go and pack his bags.He belongs with his family. Tina: No..My son is not going anywhere.He is staying here with me.Please you cant let him take my son away from me. She must be mad crying over my child whom she stole 4years off us knowing him and watching him grown.I went to take him. Brad: Let me talk to him first. I nodded. Brad: Son you are gonna go away with this man for some time.He will be your new dad and when you get home with him you will meet your new mom. He shook his head with tears forming in his eyes. Itu: No i want to be with you. Brad: I will come and see you. He shook his head crying..I took him and he faught me which made it hard for me.I also had tears falling down.Its hard watching my son cry for another man.Its really not easy at all. Itu: I want my dad..Let me go!!!. Brad: I will go and get some of his important things.. I walked out with him and Valerie. Me: Thank you so much. Val: I called the police and they will be here in no time. Me: All i want is to take my son home. Val: So you are gonna let her walk free? Me:She must have had her reasons. Val: Are you sure? She might come for him once more. Me: I will protect my son.Should i take you home? Val: No dont worry about me.Just take care of him. Me: I will. Val: And i called Rene when you rejected my call.I thought you would come here with her. Me: She had to remain behind with Bella and Junior. I put him at the back seats while i get in the front.He was about to open the door then i locked the doors..Bradley brought all his documents and some clothes. Brad: I will come so that we can go to home affairs and change his surname and names. Me: Okay thanks... Brad: Im sorry.If i knew i would have brought him back. Me: i understand Brad: Greet Rene for me. Me: I will. Brad: Bye Itu..I will come visit you.. My son just kept quiet looking the other way with tears falling from his cheeks... I sighed heavily and started the car. RENE Me: Guys im worried about him.He has been gone for a long time. Hail: Dont worry he will come back.He just need to clear his mind. Me: Maybe i pushed him too far this time.. Ika: Dont say that.Lets just wait and see. We eventually fell asleep on the couches. * * I was woken up by Bella and Junior demanding food. The door flung open. Bella: Daddy!!! She ran to him and he picked her up and thats when i got to see the little boy behind him who was trying to hide himself.I got up and went to them..He held on so tight to Leon. Itu: Leave me alone. Leon: He is still scared. Tears fell from my eyes.It felt like a dream.Its really him.My son. Me: it him? Leon: Yes.. I knelt on the floor and got hold of his hand and hugged him. Me: My son...Jesus my son is back.where was he? Leon: Apparently Tina stole him and lied to Bradley that its her dead cousin's son. Me: What? Leon: Yes. Me: Boy im your mother. Itu: No i want my mom. Me: Im your mother. Itu: NO!! I WANNA GO HOME.. He cried while screaming. He got out of my embrace and raised his hands so that Leon can pick him up.Leon put Bella down and took him.. Me: He doesnt know me son is refusing me. I broke down and cried. Leon: You have to understand that he never knew us.He will grow up to know us.Its not his fault that witch stole him from us.Give it time and he will adjust to the new environment. Me: Why would she do such an evil thing? Why did she take him away from us? He is our son and we missed so much years of his life.Its not fair Bella: Mommy why does that boy look like daddy? Why did daddy put me down so that he can hold him?

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