Part 4 Rene's pain

What Rene said to me last night was really a stab in the heart..Like how didnt i notice that she knew about me and Kay.I didnt even know what to say to her so i didnt call her back.
It was now around 10 in the morning when my phone rang.
Me: Hello
Pat: Hey Leon its Patrick.Is there by any chance that Rene and Hailey are with you?
Me: No they are at Rene’s friend.
Pat: There is an emergency at work.Can you please come and pick up the kids because i cant get hold of Rene.
Me: Okay i will be there just now.
Pat: Thank you very much.
Me: No problem..
I took my car keys and drove to Namakgale.I took the kids to spur first for early lunch…They wanted face paints so let them do it then when we were done eating we went back home…
Bella: Daddy we will be in the play room.
Me: Okay..If you want anything i will be in my study.
Bella: Ok…Lets race to the playroom Junior.
They ran.
Me: Becareful not to fall.
I wonder where Rene is.I wonder if she is cheating on me or something…
I went to the kitchen to start with cooking so that when they complain of hunger they will eat.
Me: Guys im not planning on going home today..
Hail: Me neither.
Ika: Lets go to X-factor tonight..I heard the club is fun.
Hail: Why not..The kids are with the grandpa…
We were still tired from last night but tonight we are still painting the night red.
Hail: Dont you think you should call your fiance?
Me: Hell no..You heard what i said to him last night so i rather not.
Hail: I still think you should talk to him
Me: I said no Hailey..Can we just go out and have fun instead of beating our heads because of a grown ass man called Leon.
They raised their hands as a form of surrender.
Me: Good now can we just just sip some wine so that later on we will be in the mood for party.
Ika: Why not…Whooooo the party is on.
Varsity life is the it thing.Yes my relationship with Nisha has grown more strong.Its more matured now.But who are we fooling? We were young when we started dating and i didnt know that there were more girls more beautiful than her at varsity that i will be interested in..I dont even know wether she is also experiencing the same thing as i am..I have been seeing a girl by the name of Kagiso.She looks really beautiful and natural aswel just like Rene.She reminds me of her in a lot of ways.Her innocence her smileher beauty and body structure.She looked like Rene in a type of way i could imagine.She didnt know that i had a girlfriend because i didnt want to ruin things with her.I have slept with her a couple of times..Kg is from a rich family but she doesnt even show the way she is living and determined on her school work.She is a year older than me but i love her anyway..I was with her in her room in which she stays alone.
Kg: its been one year together but i havent heard you talk about your family before…Are you an orphan?
Me: You never asked Kagi.
Kg: So tell me about your family.
Me: Well i live with my father and my step mom but they are not married..My mother lives with my brother at seshego.My brother has a boy child and i have a girl child.
Kg: You have a child?
Me: Come on did you really think an old guy like me doesnt have a seed?
Kg: So where is the baby mama and her drama?
Me: Well my baby mama doesnt have a drama.She is at Phalaborwa living with her fiance and our daughter.
Kg:Wow so you really broke up?

51 51); font-family: "Open Sans" Helvetica sans-serif; font-size: 14px;">Me: Yes…Even before Bella was born.
Kg: Thats hectic.Anyway when am i meeting the family? You already met mine.
Me: When im sure about making you my wife..Babe i already introduced 2 girls before and that didnt end well so i want my father to take me serious.Lets just focus on finishing school and see where life takes us.
Kg: You do know that im gonna finish before you right?
Me: That is if you dont fail.
Kg: I believe in myself do dont sweat.
Kg is a very nice girl and she would make a great wife for me.She doesnt have drama or any hidden agenda..Im glad i met her.
My phone rang and it was Nisha.
Me: Hello
Nisha:What happened to ‘hello my love’
Me: Im good and you?
Nisha: Eh.Joe what is going on? You sound strange
Me: No im not hao.
I let out a little laugh.
Nisha: Okay can i come and see you?
Me: Not kind of busy..
Nisha: Okay if you say so.
She hanged up..
Kg: Who was that?
Me: Its my friend.They wanted to hang out.
Kg: Okay.
Something is not right with Joe.He has been doing this lately.Maybe i should pay him a surprise visit at his room.There is no way im gonna let a hoe get her claws on my man.
I put on my flat shoes and went to his room which was a bit far from mine.When i got there i knocked and his room mate opened up for me.
Piet: Hey Nisha what brings you here?
Me: Like really? Where is he?
Piet: He isnt with you?
Me: Would i be here if he was?
Piet: He left yesterday and i thought he was with you…But honestly i saw him not far from your room last night.
Me: Okay.
I walked out…So Joe is cheating on me?..Who is the bitch thats stealing my man?.
I was so damn pissed.
Me: If you still want to be with me then you better let me stay here so that when she gets back she tells me whose child this is?
Brad: She will be here any time Val please go..She will throw a tantrum.Please love i dont want you to stress expecially in yout condition.
Me: Im not going anywhere.
Tina: What is all this noise in my house?
She walked in looking classy..Nxla i classy woman who is a kidnapper.
Tina:Love who is she?
Me: Nyave nyave…Why dont you ask me?
Tina: Eh and then whats your problem?
Me: My problem is you bitch..

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