part 2 Rene's pain

LEON I was sitting at the hotel bed deep in my thoughts...I was honestly longing for my son.I dont even know how i got this far without him..It deeply hurts not knowing wether he is alive or not. Kay: Babe are you okay.Why are you crying. Me: Why are you calling me that? I told you very well that this is a no string attached situation.We are only sleeping together thats all. Kay: But Leon its been 3 years..Why wont you commit.Its obvious that we are meant to be. I met Kay 3years back.She works at the same department i was working at the mine..She has never been in my house because Rene is still my number one lady even though we havent made love since forever.The case of our missing son just made us strangers..Its like the spark between us died. Me: Stop it Kay.I told you not to catch feelings.I have a fiance at home.I have to leave its getting late. Kay: But we have been together for long and you never told me anything about a fiance Me: Look Kay i have a family..I have a 5years old daughter and a 4years old son.So please stop tripping. I took my phone and car keys then left.. Some may take me as evil but i told her from the word go that im not looking for something serious.Wether i cheat or not Rene is not replaceable.A man has gotta do what a man has gotta do to get laid. KAY I have dated Leon for 3years and i never knew anything about him or his family.All he ever talks about is sex or him complimenting my body.I thought i would change his mind through the years but i was wrong.It hurts because he found me a virgin and with my life resolutions i said that the man who takes my virginity will be the man to marry me.If i have to die fighting for Leon so be it..I love him so much and i know that he loves me tooi just have to make him see that he loves me.Why did i even allow him to use protection with me? Maybe if i give him a little motivation like a baby he will realise that he loves me as much as i love him..Its true you cant hurry love but you just have to wait..Love dont come easy.. RENE Its only now that i realise that Leon has been distant..Its only now that i realise we havent been intimate in a long time.I was so affected that i neglected him way too much...Its been years now and its about time i take my life back... Leon: Im home. He disturbed my thoughts. Me: Uhm do you want any food? Leon: I would love some. I passed next to him and a different perfume that i dont know intoxicated me.I stopped walking and turned back. I stood next to him. Leon: And then? I just looked at him. Me: Did you change perfumes? Leon: No why would you ask that? I noticed a lip stick on his shirt. Me: Are you cheating on me? Leon: What? Me: The woman perfume i smell on you and the lip stick stain on your shirt..Are you cheating on me? Leon: Uhhh..Rene im not cheating on you.It must be one of my business partners i hugged at work. I didnt want to make a fuss so i just said okay then went to make him food...While i was busy i heard him talking over the phone. Leon: I said dont call me Kay..Dammit i have a family..Do you want to ruin my life?.. He hung up.. I took his food to him then gave him.. Leon: Can you please take my suitcase and charge my phone for me? Me: Okay. I took his phone and his suitcase to our room... I looked at his phone for a long time and attempted to search him but what good use could it be? I sat on the bed holding it until a text came through. 'Three fucken good years and you go and leave me like this? Like i never mattered at all? Have you found a new lady? Why are you doing this to me Leon?' The number was stored as Kay.It was already late..Around 8 so where would i run to if i wanted to escape him?.. I got out went to Bella's room.She was sleeping peacefully so i cuddled myself next to her.I wasnt hurt and i didnt even have tears to let out.I have spent most of my years hurt and crying and that didnt do me any justice.If Leon wants to cheat then he can be my guest.When he is tired he will remember home.But then i will give him a reason to remember where home is.I have to fix myself up and pick up the pieces of my life starting today.Tomorrow i have to pass by the salon and fix myself up.My wardrobe has to change..From today on i have to stop living like an old house wife who only wears long ugly skirts..And to change all this i know my friend from school Ikageleng but i calm her Ika will help me with all this.She is someone with a good taste when it come to fashion.Besides she has been begging me to stop hiding my body with this ugly clothes. VALERIE Me: So Bradley you do know that soon i am gonna show and my parents will want to know who the baby daddy is right? Brad: I havent thought about that hey. Me:Well i am just letting you know. Brad: Okay.Its late i have to get home.. Me: I thought we will be spending time together since Nisha is sleeping at Joe's room. Brad: I cant..Tina went to Botlokwa at her parent's house for the whole week so i have to go home and release the nanny from her duties.Im sure Itumeleng is being difficult on her. Me: Okay atleast let me come with you..Besides i want to meet your son. Brad: I dont think thats a.. Me: Im not taking no for an answer.Im the one who is about to make you a father so the least you can do is please me. Brad: Okay fine. I took an overnight bag and my cosmetics then we left.. I cant wait to meet my future son..Its only a matter of time Brad leave the old barren hag he narried.

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