part 10 Rene's pain

TANISHA Giving up on someone you love is not easy at all but then if the shoe doesnt fit anymore then give it to those who are less fortunate..I know for a fact that him and i will never work with him still this childish..At the other hand Val has been acting wierd but then it must be the hormones.. Val: Hey girl. Me: Hi to you too. Val: What are you thinking about? Trouble in paradise? Me: I no longer have that.Joe and i broke up a week back. Val: You are kidding me right? Me: Actually im not..But then its a good thing.Im done trying so hard to make him and i work whereas he ends up messing up..Anyway i have to get to class. Val: Right behind you.. Me: Where is you Mr muscle? Val: He is around just moody.sometimes i feel like its him who is pregnant.He sleeps alot

eats alot and even get morning sicknesses. Me: Atleast he is the one experiencing that.But then i feel like you are also experiencing that. Val: Haaa why? Me: You have been moody acting all wierd on me. Val: I was just stressed my love..But im all yours from now on. Me: Not all mine dont lie.Im sharing you with mr muscles and the minnie you. Val: Jelous much i see. I frowned. Me: He would be grown by now but God took him. Val: Its okay my love.It will be well with time. Me: Its just sad that i never got a chance to hold my first born. Val: You will have a child babe. Me: Yeah now i know God saw i wasnt ready to be a mother at that time.Im turning my life around.I need to let go of my past hurts and seek for forgiveness from those i wronged. Val: Who are you and what have you done to my friend? Me: Tanisha in the flesh.I guess it took me all this years to realise that the kind of life im living is not right at all. Val: Im glad we are changing for the. Better. Me: So am i. LEON One thing i know is that i want to spend the rest of my life with Rene.I want to grow old with her..I want to raise my children with her.I just got to Seshego when Hailey woke me up. Hail: We are here.You have to take over the wheel now and drive home. Me: Where are we? Hail: Seshego. Me: Okay.Bye Hail: Bye. I got from the back seat and went to the driver seat...Philip was outside standing by the gate. Philip: Thanks for bringing her back. Me: More like she brought me here.She was driving. Philip: Im sure you were praying all the way. Me: Actually i was sleeping peacefully. Philip: Nice. Me: Go shap. I drove home.I found the folks watching tv. Me: Evining parents Mom: And the lost son decided to come back to his father land.. Me: Well that is because i have big news. Dad: Hmm really? Me: Yes. Dad: Out with it son. Me: I want to send my uncles to Rene's family..I want to marry her Mom: Have you gone mad.That girl has a big child with another boy.She even sold your son. Me: Sorry to burst your bubble mother but our son was found.And i love Rene so much.It took me this past week to realise that i dont want to waste any more time.I want her to take my surname..I love Rene and no one will change that. Dad: Spoke like a true man...I will inform your uncled so that they can come over...So far we will have to send a letter to her family. Me: The sooner the better. Mom: Why are you letting him do such a big mistake? Dad: Incase you didnt know in our culture this is men talk..Woman have no say in this.Besides why do you want to ruin his happiness? These kids have been together for years now so its about time you accept that girl because she will be your daughter in law wether you like it or not. I love my dad right now.He understands my situation.I want this to be done soon as possible. RENE I have been calling Leon but his phone is off.I would hate to admit that he went to his mistress...I was watching tv with the kids.There was knock at the door.I wonder how the person got through the gate because i remember leaving it locked.I went to open only to find a lady standing there with a smirk on her face. Me: Can i help you? How did you get in? Lady: Are you not gonna invite me in? Where is Leon? Me: I dont know where he is so can you please leave. Lady: Im here to give you a friendly warning.Leon and i have been together for 3years so i suggest you leave him because he loves me. Itu: Mommy okae daddy? Me: You see this boy over here is older than your little relationship you claim to have with my fiance.If he loves you that much then why is he keeping you a secret.Lady please stop tripping.Im not gonna allow you to disrespect me in my own house.Now get out. She looked at me from head to toe. Lady: This is not over. Me: Oh its so over trust me on that.I believe my husband to be would no longer need your services but if we someday get bored i will recomend you to him ones more just so he doesnt add a new hoe to the list.I would hate to repeat my words to another hoe..Do you really think he can leave his family for a hoe? Bitch please sit back and relax.. She was fuming so she turned back and left.I really dont know what is wrong with us women.We get into an agreement with men who are taken.We agree that we will be their roll ons but at the end we catch feelings.One thing i know is that im not gonna pack up and leave because of a hoe..This is my family and i will stay here and fight for them.

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