part 7 dear fear

MZWAKE I woke up early in the morning only to find out that Kazi is not by my side. I wonder what happened to her. I called her but she didn't answer I just throw my phone on the bed and went to bath.As I went to the kitchen to make breakfast I could smell bacon and everything that is included in a English breakfast meal.I see Kazi in an apron making breakfast. Kazi: Hey handsome Me: hey babes (I hugged her from the back ) Kazi: how are you Me: I'm sad and nervous Kazi: don't worry you'll be OK Me: Will you? Kazi: It will be hard but I'll cope Me: I love you Kazi: I love you to I lean over for a kiss Me: I thought you left though Kazi: Well you thought wrong love Me: Smart ass..Where are my patents? Kazi probarbly sleeping Me: Okay..I cant believe im leaving. Kazi: Im also leaving babe. We spoke about random things and when she was done making breakfast we ate. KAZI I wanted to surprise Zee with breakfast in bed but he woke up before I was done. We chilled and had two rounds of love making I went to take a bath it was time for Zee to leave. I just felt like dying like it's all new to me. I have never known that separation was this painful yoh. Zee: Baby are you OK ? Me: yes I'm happy for you. who am I kidding my soul mate is leaving for crying out loud I can't. Zee: I love you Me: I love you too Zee: if I find that you entertaining other niggas ama kill you Me: No need to worry I can't believe I broke my Virginity before he left. It's just that I love him so much. I wanted him to know this is what he will be missing when he's gone. I don't know why I feel bad he is my boyfriend I should just loosen up.I bid farewel to him by giving him a very tight hug...When he was gone I went home and i changed. Mom: Siphokazi hurry up baby.We dont have all day. Unlike Zee my parents were driving me to school because im not really going far like he is.. Me: Im done mom.Daddy help me with loading the bags in the car. He came and took the bags. Me: Im gonna miss home Ma.. We were travelling all the way from Nelspruit to Gauteng. TEBELLO I love this Mara Yoh ha.a church! But I must give it to her father the service was good for a moment I thought he was talking to me the scriptures he said were talking about me totally. Then he mentioned sex before marriage.I was shocked so i stole a stare at Charity. She excused herself to the toilet a few minutes later and I followed. Me: What the.. Charity: What Me: Did you tell your dad that we Charity: No he is just preaching.He doesnt know anything. Me: Let's hope so Charity: I want you to go talk to my parents tell them that you wanna date me now that they saw you in church it won't be hard. Me:still dont get why I should ask for permission cause we are 18.Besides i only came today.Lets give it time so that he gets used to my presence in the church.He will be suspicious because its only today he saw me. Charity: I guess you are right. This girl wants me to sign my own death wish..Besides that its still early to be talking to her parents.I love her yes but introductions have to wait... Charity: I think we should go back to church before he notice that im not inside.Besides he saw how late i was so he is still going to be on my case expecially my mom. CHARITY. Not that im rushing for my parents to know Tebello but i just dont feel comfortable sneaking around with him.I want to date him freely.One other thing is that he is the one who took my innocence so i would want him to be my long term boyfriend even if we dont last in the future.. Bello: Okay go in first because you came out first. Me: Okay. I walked in and it was about to be church out.They were sayung the last prayer.Tebello walked in after me. Me: Its church out. Bello: Eh already? Me: This is the second service Tebello. Bello: Oh kana you did mention it.Anyway i have to go now. We spoke while walking out the church Me: So im not worthy to walk with you anymore? Bello: I would like to walk with you but i think they wont allow. He said looking at my parents who were making their way to us. Me: MomDad this is Tebello. Dad: Nice to meet you son Bello: Nice to meet you sir and mam. Mom: Charity lets go home. Me: I will meet you there.I have to stay behimd for the youth meeting. Mom: Okay. Me: Tebello lets go in so that i can introduce you as the new member. I saw he wanted to refuse but the pressure of my parents gave him no choice.Mom and dad walked to the car and drive off like the other congrigants. Me: Relax i just wanted them to leave.Now we can go. He let out a huge sigh.

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