part 4 dear fear

KAZI These days I've been angry and sad and stress eat a lot one would say I'm pregnant but I'm not cause I'm still a V baby. So Mzwakes birthday was coming up I don't what to get him. Eish maybe that's why I've been stress eating. So I got up went to the bathroom and took a quick shower got out then put on lotion I made sure I look good. It's been two days since I've seen Zee ( MZWAKE ). I'm upset and missing him so I just decided to take a walk and clear my mind. While I was walking guess who I saw. Mxm it was Zee and this other cute chick. I hate to admit but I got jealous so I walked to the park and started crying. Voice: Beauty and tears ain't a good combination I looked up. Yoh shame it was Drake in the flesh ( exaggerating ). It was a tall caramel chocolate guy with cute eyes and he had a yummy body shame he was to die for and his dress style Yoh it showed ukuthi he was rolling in money. Not that I cared Me: How can I help you Man: Wow such rudeness. My name is Lukhanya Thatoenhle Le Roux. I couldn't help but come and Check if you were ok . Me: Don't see how that's your business Luka: Well I saw you crying when I was taking a walk so I thought I should come check if you are alright. Is that wrong ? Me: Would you be OK. If your boyfriend of so many years was moving to another province and you haven't been talking for two days the day you finally ready to talk you see him with another good looking chick! Luka: woah sorry but there's no need to shout. Me: I'm sorry. Luka: lemme take you out for ice cream but we have to walk to my aunts house to take my car Me: Stranger danger Luka: Well will get to know each other. Please I'm begging you. After a long irritating five minutes of him begging I finally said OK so he would stop MZWAKE As I was taking a walk with my cousin I saw Kazi and this other good looking guy they were both laughing. Yea I was jealous but I wasn't going to let her get the bad out of me so I just carried on walking. Cuz: Isn't that your girlfriend from the pic Me: Yea it is Cuz: Then why isn't she greeting or is it because she is walking with her brother Me: It's not her brother Cuz: Cousin? Me: No Cuz: Then who is it Me: Shit girl you and a million questions I said I don't know so would please! I walked away leaving her standing at the park entrance. Kazi Omg Thato is so sweet he made me laugh and he took me out for ice cream and we went shopping

watched a movie and went to Ocean Basket. He is such a gentleman he took my mind off Zee. At about 21:30 he took me home. We chilled in the car for an hour or two nd spoke. Luka: What are you doing this weekend Me: Non my parents are leaving on Wednesday and coming back next week Friday so I'll have the house and food to myself Luka: Can I ask you for a favor Me: Yea sure what is it Luka: let's go to my house on Friday we will come back Tuesday Please Me: What about your girlfriend Luka: ahh I don't care about her she can go die Me: Haa Luka: I'm kidding I don't have one Me: on one condition Luka: Yea sure Me: I make the rules and you obey Luka: I'll try I laughed we spoke until 23:15 I took my shopping bags and went inside. I must give that guy a 100 he really made my day shame. Good dreams for me I can't wait for Friday TEBELLO When you love someone so much and at times you wish that you had all the money in the world to marry that person its a great feeling in the world..I know i havent been with charity for that long but she is taking me out of the streets..She is making me want to become a better person everyday.I dont even know why alot of people are against her.. Charity: And what are you thinking about babe? Me: Nothing my love. We were in my room just chilling...I looked at her and just thought of how lucky i am to have her in my life...I smashed my lips on hers for a long time we were even breathing high..I took off her shirt and she was left with her sports bra.Her nipples were evident on the bra..I took it off and started sucking on her nipple while playing with the other one with my fingers. CHARITY I felt like we were moving fast but it also felt good.I was having foreign feelings..Those that i have never had before. Tebza: Are you okay? Me: I have never done this before. Tebza: You mean you are a virgin? I just blushed and nodded my head. Tebza: Wow so you have been keeping yourself for me? Me: If you are the right man then yes. Tebza: You know very well that i am. He kissed me again and this time it was like he was hungry for me that he took off his shirt and trousers.He was only left with his boxers...he took off my skirt along with my panty..I helped him take off his boxers and my mouth made an O shape half opened.My eyes popped out. Me: Oh my what is this? Tebza: Relax babe this is nothing. Me: Tebza this looks like my hand. Tebza: You are exergerating babe.Just relax and you will enjoy this.

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