part 2 dear fear

MZWAKE Exams time came and we wrote and we were confident about our results.Today was the day of the results.Even though i know i have written well but you can never know wether you passed or not.It was now 7am in the morning and i was at the garage with Kazimy parents and her parents..Some of our school mates were here amd others from different schools were also here. Kazi: My palms are sweating the way im so scared babe. Me: Dont mention it. At half past 7 we were allowed to go in and it was a struggle so i asked my parents and Kazi along with hers to wait for me so that i can go in..I managed to get in and but two news papers. I paid and went out.We wanted to see there but they refused and said we will do that at home.We were in Kazi's father's car so went to their house and we got out first and ran to the house.I searched for my name while saying a silent prayer... Kazi: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh She screamed so loud my ears even blocked. Me: Jesus Kazi you are blocking my ears... Kazi: YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! bachelors degree with a distinction in life sciences and physical science.. YES!!! YES!!!..OH YEAH OH YEAH. i searched for my name not minding her...The corners of my lips curved.Bachelors degree with distinctions in Mathematics

physical sciences and geography... Our parents were looking at me waiting for my responce. Mom: And then? I sat down and covered my face with my hands.. Yes i was shedding tears.Who said men dont cry? Its not everyday that you get to see such achievements in life Me: Bachelors degree..distinctions in Mathsphysics and geography. Dad: Oh my children im so proud of you. K's mom: Im taking you out...The treat is on me...We are all going...We couldnt be more proud.. Kazi: Mom i think we should go and take our statements of results at school so that we will be able to register. K's mom: Yes that is true..We will pass there first. Me: I hope we dont get a line. Dad: Dont worry about that...The principal and i go way back..He wont give us a problem. Kazi: Great...Now can we atleast take a propar bath..some of us only wiped our faces and brushed our teeth Me: You read my mind. K's mom: Okay you can go and we will pick you up when Siphokazi is done. Mom: Okay. We went home.On our way i received a call from one of the companies in which i applied a bursary and the said i got it and i should visit their company tomorrow morning to fix up everything..I dont even know which university i will have to choose for that matter. Me: Folks i just received a confirmation that i received a bursary. Mom: God is worthy..He is faithful. Dad: Son dont play with this opportunity Mom: So where is Siphokazi going to study? Me: She got accepted at means Tshwane university of Technology..But besides me being accepted at University of KZN there is also University of North West which im also accepted but i never told Kazi because im afraid it will hurt her.She thinks that im accepted at KZN and University of Pretoria.My problem is the universities im accepted to are both far from Kazi and home aswel. Dad: Son this is not about home or Kazi..Its about your future.You have to make a desicion which will suit your future. Me: I hear you dad. Dad: Yes.So make a desicion looking at the good outcomes of tomorrow.You are going to study not play. We got home and i took a cold bath because i didnt have enough time to boil water with the kettle.When i was done we waited for Kazi and her parents and they showed up then we left..When we got to school and we got our statement which were amazing then we went out to spur...Everyone ordered then we engaged in small talks. Mom: So Siphokazi where are you going to study? Kazi: TUT Ma. Mom: Thats good. K's mom: Its a good opportunity.Not everyone is accepted at universities.Anyway what about you Mzwake. I chuckled.. Me: uhmmm.uhhh.I got accepted at University of KZN and University of North West. Kazi: What? But i thought that you were goint to Johannesburg or Pretoria. I could see tears forming in her eyes. Me: Uhm turns out they didnt take me. Kazi: You can still go there in person and apply right? Me: Late applications usually are courses that i wouldnt prefer Kazi. Kazi: So what now? Me: I already received a bursary.I cant turn them down.Im going to KZN. Kazi: Why are you selfish? We planned this..We had this figured out Mzwake.What do you expect me to do now? What will i be without you near? She stood up and stormed out.I attempted to follow her. K's mom: Dont.let her go she will calm down.She is just hurt.Dont feel bad Mzwake because this is your future.She will have to understand. This is gonna turn out bad.How will we survive the distance? Admin Cee I managed to type up to here.Its been a long day...Goodnight....Tebello and Charity fans im sorry.

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