I looked at her throwing up in the small bucket i out for her in the bedroom..She has been sleeping with me ever since she fell sick claiming that she wants dad to sleep in peace.

Me: Mom we need to take you to the hospital

Mom: I feel fine baby.Stop worrying about me.

Me: Mom you are worse than yesterday.

She started shivering.

Mom: I feel cold please come and cover me with the blanket.

Me: Mom it's hot in here and the sun is blazing outside and here you are refusing to go to the hospital.

Mom: you know how government hospitals are.Your father doesn't have money to take me to a private hospital..

I covered her with the blanket.She was still shivering even inside the blanket.Dad walked in and looked at mom.

Dad: Go and call your uncle David to come with his car so that we can take your mom to the hospital 

Mom: honey but I.. .

Dad: Not this time honey.Hurry up Child.

I ran as fast as my feet could carry me.I had no shoes on.thorns were making it's way to my feet but I dared not to stop..My mother's wellbeing was clouding everything.

I found him outside with his wife.

Me: Greetings

My aunt looked at me in a disgusted manner but I dared not say a word.

Me: Uncle I'm sent by father.He says can you please come fast to the house with your car so that you can take mom to the hospital.Her health is worse now.

Aunt: You people must really think that my husband have money for petrol when you come here whenever that your mother gets ill.Is my husband hers? Why can't you let her die because you can see that she is just a burden now.Stop going up and down for someone who is dead already.Come on get put of my yard as you can see we are on out way out..

They got in the car and drove off leaving me standing dumbfounded..My uncle didn't even say anything..Tears ran down my cheeks but this was no time to be weak.I wiped them away.

I ran back home and found my dad helping mom to get out the house.

Dad: Where is your uncle?

Me: I didn't find him and his wife..neighbours said he went out not long 

Dad: Ohhhh what will I see myself doing.

Me: Daddy let's go to the taxi stop and catch a taxi.We have to get mom to the hospital.

We walked as slow as we can to the stop and luckily a taxi was there.

At the hospital

Mom: My daughter this world is a very cruel world.

Listen to your first thought. You will figure this out on your own. Never second-guess yourself. When your heart is in the right place always go with your first thought. Work hard at things and follow your instinct. Since you were born you have always been alert. That means you will be very perceptive about things. Believe God and trust yourself. Keep the faith Kefentse. You will be fine.Always remember what your name means.

My name is Kefentse Molepo.Im 15 years old and in grade 10.This is my story

All hope is lost when you know that your marriage has reached it's peak point.While other women hold on and love their husbands even when love is no longer served for them I'm different.Each one of us is doing their own things. My husband and I have stopped trying to fix our marriage.We still live togethersleep on the same bedcook for him

iron and even wash for him but our marriage is as good as dead.I don't even know what's making me stay.Maybe it's the moneythe cars and the luxury life.I don't have anything on my nameI refused to go to university when my mates went.All I wanted was to be a house wife and here I am..

Tom: Hi

Me: Hi

Tom: You know this madness has to stop at some point Julia.Why can't you sign the divorce papers and let me move on with my life?

Me: So that I walk away with nothing? Dream on.I made you who you are.When you had nothing I was there with youwhen you were looking for a job I was there.All this fancy things you have is because I was there by your side.I gave you hope when you didn't have any so you think I will let you bring another woman to live on my sweats? 

Tom: What is it that you want Julia?

Me: The housecar and 5mil to start my own business.

Tom: You seem to be out of your mind.Where will I get that kind of money?

Me: Oh please we both know that your businesses are making you money.

Many will not understand why I'm doing this but I do because it was hard going to be hungry because you love a broke somebody..I ran away from home when dad rebuked me from being with Tom so they disowned me.I had to stay with Tom even when he had nothing to his name.So if he leaves me I won't even be able to go back home because my father will never allow

My name is Juliathis is my story.

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