There is something about this girl that really I can't seem to figure out..Her presence hold so much innocence..

I was sitting at the balcony with Tom while Trish was busy grilling Fentse with questions inside.

Me: So who is she and where is the madam of the house?

Tom: Eish bro Madam has been arrested for hit and run

Me: What? Julia is a jailbird? That's a first.I actually feel sorry for her inmates yoh.That woman can be hardcore.

Tom: I'm not even worried about her being bullied because I know she will be doing the bullying vele.

Me: So tell me about the natural flower in the house.

Tom: I adopted her.She lost her mother and her father married another woman who abused her.

Me: Where did you find her? Are you tapping that ass?

Tom:What? No I'm not

Me: Good cause you are too old for her Tom.

Tom: I wasn't planning on doing that

Me: Well if you say so.Manje ke she looks like a delicious meal to enjoy

Tom: Dont even think about it.Anyway where is your baby mama

Me: story for another day bro...

Tom: I have all night to catch up so you might as well start now telling me instead of going fancy on me with story for another day.. This is not America.

We laughed.


I have never met a child so bubbly and talkative like this one.Its a good thing I'm good at English because if I didn't I wouldn't know how to respond to her shem 

Trish: So your name is Ffff...Fen...

Me: Ofentse

Trish: will just call you O because that name is hard.

Haibo when do they get this clever? Isn't she too young to be like this?

Trish: So how old are you?

Me: I'm 17 approaching 18.

Trish: I'm 5 I think also approaching 6.

Me: Okay..what would you like to drink?

Trish: Apple juice

Me: coming right up.

Trish: Are you uncle Tom's wife?

Me: Uhm no I'm not.Im just a nanny here

Trish: oh okay.Dont you want to be my friend? I dont have any friend here in South Africa.

She looked really sad when saying that.

Me: Yes pumpkin I will be your friend.

She smiled.and shouted excitedly

Trish: I'm going to tell daddy that you are my friend.

Me: Wait..

She stopped.

Me: Don't run in the house baby you will fall.

Trish: Okay... daddy!! daddy!!

She half ran to the balcony.

Such a lovely child.i won't be bored  here afterall.


I love Prince and I enjoy having him around but the fact of him wanting Fentse doesn't sit well with me.I like her and it's tough putting up with him because he is young and successful and not to mention the good looks.

Trish: Daddy!! Daddy!! Uncle!!

Prince: Trust me I'm sure she has convinced Fentse to do something for her.

Me: Yes uncle's child.Whats wrong?

Prince: More like what's right.

Trish: O said she will be my best friend

Me: O?

Prince: She cuts people's names when she can't pronounce them.

Me: Ohh oh okay that's good.So on your first day here you already have a best friend?

Trish: Yes uncle...

Me: congratulations then.

She walked away excitedly.

Me: Where does she get so much energy?

Prince: She is like that hey.I was inlove with her mother when at high school so down the road she fell pregnant and her parents didn't really like me so they first wanted her to abort but she refused so they wanted to give up my child for adoption but I refused and they had no choice but to hand her to me.She is mine afterall.Well after all that her mother cut all communications with us.She never even one's called to ask how her daughter was doing.I had to jungle school

my career on the field and a new born at the same time.It was never easy but I came out just fine.She is my pride.For 4years I waited for her mom to come to us but she never did.She just didn't care at all.I actually did love her and I still do but I dont have that hope anymore.

Me: I guess everything happens for a reason

We sat there and spoke about life in general.When Fentse was done with dinner we went to eat and we called it a night.


Trish: Daddy can I go and sleep with O?

Me: You don't want to sleep with me?

Trish: Daddy I never sleep with you because you snore

Me: no I dont

Trish: Yes you do 

Me: I dont 

Trish: You do too

Me: fine whatever..You can go

Trish: Come and ask her for me.What if she turns me down.

She held  my hand and led the way..i was wearing my boxers with no shirt on.

We knocked at her door.

Fentse: I'm coming.

She opened the door after a while and was wearing a towel.

She looked at my abs and I was looking at her legs.Shit this girl is perfect in everyway..most girls shave their legs but here were a bit hairy and I find that sexy.

Trish: Daddy say something

That brought me back to reality.

Me: Uhm uh.She says she wants to sleep with you.

Fentse: No problem. Come in Trish

Me:Good night ladies

Trish: Night.love you daddy

Me:Love you more 

Fentse: Good night.

I walked away with the little man poking

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