You can imagine how glad and broken I am at the same time.I used to enjoy such festive seasons.But how will I enjoy them now without my parents? It's been months since I saw dad and it hurts to even realised that I haven't  gone to see mom's tombstone..But in the mist of all this I have found someone who cares about me and my future.Who cares about my stability.

Tom: Are you okay?

Me: I'm okay how about you?

Tom: I'm good..Im off to work

Me: Okay.There is this other strange car that always parks that the other side of the road.I didn't take it serious but it parks there everyday.The widows don't show what's inside.

He stood there and looked at me.

Tom: I will ask someone to check it out.In the mean time don't leave the house and always keep the doors locked.If anyone wants me they will reach me on my phone.

Me: Okay.

Tom: Or if you are not comfortable to stay alone you can join me in the office.

Me: No sir..i don't think that's a good idea

Tom: Actually I insist.go change into something comfortable since you look like you took a bath.

He looked serious so I did as told besides was getting paranoid with that car always by the side of the road.It always arrives at the same time and leave at the same time.what scared me worse is that I realised it leaves around 10 minutes before Tom comes back.

I changed into a maxi dress and pumps.I didn't want to overdress.

Tom: You look good.now you can take your phone then we will leave.

Did I mention he got me a Samsung s9 plus phone? Well he did and it's the best.I can now do Facebook and twitter.Its a pity I don't have friends and the one I had i don't have her number so I haven't downloaded WhatsApp.

I took my phone and we walked out to the garage. 

Me: .so tell me

what will I be doing all day in the office?

Tom: You will help me with my paper work.Owning hotels and having shares in different businesses is not a child's play.You get to stress out alot about it.

Me: But it's something you love and it brings money to the table neh?

He chuckled 

Tom: At first I wasn't really into it but as time went on I really did love it.

Me: Then it's good stress.

He chuckled again.

His offices weren't what I expected.It was a huge flat with so many floors.This man must really be making a lot of money to own such buildings.

We got to his office and I sat on the couch at the far left of the office.at the far right was a small table with a char and in the middle was a huge table and chair and parallel to his chair on the other side of the table were two chairs.

Tom: Don't fall asleep there because I know how comfortable that couch can be.

I laughed.

Me: Me and sleep don't combine in one sentence hey.

I stood up from the couch and went to sit by his table and he put some papers infront of me.

Tom: Let me show you what you will be doing today.



She was really a professional at this.She was a first learner and it was something that I couldn't help but blush about..

Fentse: Its almost lunch so whats for lunch? I didnt carry my own and we ate breakfast ages ago.

I laughed.

Me: you love food.

Fentse: food is life so yeah I I love food.

Me: Okay come let's go eat out..Mary please hold my calls or meetings for me.I have to go out for lunch.

Mary: You are eating out? Sir you never 

Me: I know.She actually did make me lunch just that someone here doesn't have her lunch with so I have to compromise.

She nodded and we walked out. 

Me: You seem pretty down lately what's wrong?

Fentse: Its festive seasons and I'm used to spending them with mom and dad so it's kind of hard.

Me: I can imagine how you must be feeling. You will be okay as time goes on.

My phone rang.It was an international number.

Me: Hello.

Voice: Big brother hi.

I was shocked to hear from my little brother.

Me: What the!! Prince is that You?

Prince: if not me then who?

Me: where did you get my contacts?

Prince: You always make headlines Mr business guru

Me: I should have guessed mr always abroad.When are you coming back?

Prince: Actually that's why I called.Im flying back and I will be crashing at your place.Im more into business now.i even have a proposal for you hey...I hope your trophy wife won't mind.

Me: Dude hurry up and come back.i miss your company.

Prince: This went well than expected.I will be landing later on tonight.

Me: Better.

He hanged up.

Prince is my little brother.He is 23 this year and has been abroad due to his basket ball skills.He is more well known than me though..He has invested most of his money for business wise.He has always had passion for it but I wonder what kind of business he wants to go for..

Me: Well it seem like we will have  someone to join us at the house.

Fentse: Who?

Me: My younger brother Prince

Fentse: Okay


Well I left home when I was only 16 due to my skills on basket ball.At first my parents were discouraged but what choice did they have though.They were promised that I will attend the rest of my high school here at America.I was young and naive so I had to emotionally blackmail them especially because it was my future we were talking about.Here is a background check about me.I don't share a mom with Tom.Im the result of our father's infidelity.When Tom's mom learnt about it she was forced to take me in and raise me as her own because my mother was in her matric.I grew up knowing her as my mother until I saw how she would treat us different.They told me when I was 13 who my mother is and from then I built a relationship with my mom..But even so my brotherhood with Tom was never shaken even when he ran away from home..Well I have honestly fallen out of love with my career in sports so I want to unravel the other side of me I haven't touched as yet...I just wonder how everyone will accept this but it's my choice and i want to go back home...Well about my life at America I was dating an American girl whom I went to high school with and we fell inlove..She fell pregnant when we were doing matric and boy must I tell you how much her parents hated me.They wanted to give up my baby girl for adoption but I made sure I get my child.So yeah I have a 5years old baby girl and her name is Trish.After I got her all communications were cut between me and her mother even now we never spoke..She simply turned me down when i wanted to marry her.

Trish: Daddy 

Me: Yes baby

Trish: I love you

She has a tendency of doing that..Telling me she loves me.Maybe that's because i always say so to her..Yeah we were in a private jet.


When we landed i called Tom and he said he was on the way.

He arrived in 10 minutes or so.

Tom: welcome to South Africa dude

Me: Its good to be back...I need you to meet someone.

Trish was hiding at my back.

Me: baby come meet uncle Tom

She peeked then appeared.

Trish: Hi I'm Trish and this is my daddy Prince.Are you uncle Tom?

Tom: How cute..Come give uncle Tom a hug..

She hugged him as he lifted her up and embraced her in his arms.

Tom: Curly American hair..Just look at her all cute..This is a nice surprise.

Me: Tell me about it.And who is the beautiful lady with you.

Tom: This is Fentse.I will tell you about her later.Come let's go.

We went to the car and he drove us to his place.Trish was all talkative in the car.I wonder if she will blend in because she is all American..I will be forced to take her to a medium private school.

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