What can I say? Time flies so fast.My case dragged and yesterday it was my sentencing.Tom was here and the look on his face when they gave me 10years with possible parole said it all that he was hurt..As for me

well I can't complain because I deserve this.i killed a child and the parents must be shattered because of my actions..Im in a cell with creepy ladies.They keep looking at me like I'm fresh meat.I have heard alot of stories about prison and what they do to people there.Well I'm not somebody who is weak and I'm not gonna start now.I have to mark my territory.im not about to be someone's wife in here.


Days seemed to pass by so fast.i was falling deeply inlove with Fentse..She was as innocent as she came.She was respecting me and treating me good.

Me: You don't look good

Julia: I will live

Me:What happened to your eye?

Julia: Got into a fight with some bitch

Me: You are already involved in fights JULIA? You won't make parole if you live like this..They will even increase your sentencing.

Julia: Look Tom i don't want you to put your life on hold to come check up on me.Like honestly I'm okay.

Me: Actually I need a divorce..I need you to sign the papers

Julia: Not until you agree on my terms..If not then I won't.We can settle this out of court if you agree on my terms

Me: The money you asked for it's a lot.I don't have that kind of money.I can only go for 1.5mil that's as far as I can go.

She looked at me for a long time.

Julia: I will call my lawyer and hear what she has to say then we can set up a meeting with your lawyer.

Me: Thank you..I have to leave now.

Julia: Okay.

I stood up and walked out..

That went well than expected..usually she would throw tantrums but instead she cooperated.

I was so happy but I can't celebrate so soon.Julia might change her mind anytime.

When I got home I found Fentse watching tv.

Me: Good afternoon.

Her: Hi

Me: It's almost festive season.So what are your plans for Christmas?

Her: Mostly I used to spend those days with my parents but now I just don't know.All I'm looking forward to is to go back to school next year.

Me: We will fix that don't worry.


Tom surely doesn't know me.I heard that he is living with a younger girl in my own house.The nerve he has for bringing another woman in my own house.I will solve her wether I'm inside or not.There is no one I mean NO ONE who will take my husband away from me..Its a war.

Meanwhile at the village

Liyema: Who do you expect to wash your clothes? Go and do your laundry 

Pearl: Mommy I don't know how to.You never taught me.I even have my nails done.It will ruin them.

Liyema looked at her child and wondered where she went wrong with her... she somehow saw how spoilt Pearl is and how that will ruin her future.

Liyema: I hope you passed because I can't wake up tomorrow morning to go pick up a fail.I will take that phone and make sure you stay grounded for the whole of next year.

Pearl: I passed.i know myself.

Liyema stood up and went to her friend's place

Liyema: How have you been?

Maria: I can never complain

Liyema: So friend there is nothing you can do about your situation?

Maria: I sold my womb when I joined the cult so there is nothing I can so.My husband suggested a surrogate so I think it's a better solution because at the end I will still be the mother.

Liyema: Won't it be a problem in the dark side because the reason they took your womb was so that you don't have children?

Maria: We will just have to wait and see.Anyway are you ready for the report tomorrow?

Liyema: I know she has passed.And oh I forgot to tell you that I'm pregnant

Maria: wow I'm so happy for you.

Her voice came out as a whisper. She was hurt at the fact that all her peers have children and she couldn't because of her greed..

Liyema: Thank you.Im sure there is a solution. Don't stress too much.

Maria: Okay

Liyema: Where is Dave?

Maria: he is sleeping and....

Her phone rang.

Maria: Hello.. what?...i will be there soon.

She hanged up.

Maria: Can you please come back some other time.I have  to rush to town.

Liyema: Okay.let me use the bathroom first.

Maria got in the house and took the car keys and left...

Liyema waited until the car disappeared and went into the house.He was so fit and handsome in his boxer briefs..

She stood there and wondered what he saw in Maria.She was fat and didn't have the looks.She wondered why he had to break her heart while they were in high school just for Maria who wasn't even smart.

She got on top of him and he slightly opened his eyes.

David: What are you doing? Where is Maria?

Liyema: Relax.she went to town.

He smiled.

David: How is our baby doing?

He asked while brushing her tummy.

Liyema: He is doing good.

David: I can't wait to be a father for the first time.

It's a pity Maria can't have kids.

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