In the evening my father came and told  me that my uncle and his wife left.

Me: Okay.

I mean what was I to say.

Dad: That woman who was with them

her name is Liyema and she is going to be my wife.She is going to be your new mother.

Me: What? Dad it hasn't even been a day after burrying mom and already you are replacing her? Who said I need a new mom? I know who my mother is and that woman is not her.

I couldn't believe my father.I mean how could he betray mom like this? Didn't he love her? 

Dad: Don't talk to me like that young lady.Im still your father.

Me: Then act like my father.The father that I know would never do this.

He slapped me.

I exhaled and looked at him in shock whole holding my cheek..

Dad: Baby I'm so sorr....

Me: Please leave..Leave my room.

That came out as a whisper.

What is he sorry for? For replacing my mom so soon? By betraying her memory by bringing another woman in her house? Or by slapping me for telling him the truth? What exactly is he sorry for?

I laid on my bed and cried myself to sleep.I still can't believe all this is happening.


The following day in the morning a knock came through.The person was persistent because they couldn't stop knocking..They were not making it easy for me with the pounding headache I had

Me: I'm coming now can you please stop banging on my door.

My jaw dropped when I came face to face with the police men on my door step.I know I was about to get arrested.I managed to keep a straight face

Me: How may I help you?

Policeman: Man you are under arrest for

Me: I didn't do anything wrong!! Don't touch me.

It felt like a dream.It felt like I was losing my mind.This can't be happening to me.Is this karma? Is this what I get for putting my husband through all those pains?

They cuffed me and threw me at the back of the van..


It was the following day when I was at the river with Kefentse just talking about life in general..She was open minded and I liked that about her.Yes she is shy but she can voice out her opinion.

Me: So do you have a phone?

Fentse: Yes.dad gave me the little phone my mom was using.

Me: Can I have your number?

Fentse: I don't know it by head.

Me: Let me see your phone

She gave me and I save my number and sent myself a callback.

Me: I will call you.

Fentse: Okay.

My phone rang.it was some sort of landline


Julia: I have been arrested..you need to  get back.

Me: What? What happened?

Julia: Just come back Tom.I need a lawyer.

It hanged up.

Me: Look I need to go..we will talk over the phone.

Fentse: Okay..

I walked as fast as I could.What has Julia got herself into..

When I got home I took my bag and said my goodbyes to mom.I didn't even give her a chance to be on my case.

Now this is what I hate.Using taxis but right now I got no choice at all.

When I got home I dropped my bag and went to the garage.My car was not there so I had to take hers.I drove to the police station and while on it contacted my lawyer to meet me there....

Lord have mercy.

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