As I was busy driving with my mind clouded with so many thoughts I heard a scream..

Oh my God I think I bumped into a person.

I saw people running towards..I was scared..I parked the car at the side and got out to a very horrible scene I have ever came across.I hit a young boy who looked like he was around 7 or 8.

This is terrible.

I ran to the car people screaming after me.i drove away..I couldn't stay because it looked like the child was dead and the eyes people were giving me made me fear for my life...I can't afford to go to prison...

When I got to the house I went directly to the wine collection shelf and downed away the fear and trauma.


Me: Mom what did you do to her? I know she can't just leave without a reason.Did you guys have an exchange of words again? 

Mom: I don't like that girl.She only wants your money.

Me: Mom that girl you say is my wife.You must remember that she actually loved me when I had nothing.I was a nobody but she stayed with me.When we had no food she stayed still.She could have went back to her parents but she chose to stay with me.So please ma try to tolerate her.

Mom: I don't know why you are hellbound on defending her when she hasn't even given you any children.

This was never gonna end so I stood up.

Me: I'm going out for some fresh air.

I didn't wait for her to say anything so I walked out.Its gonna be a boring visit without my car.I don't even know why she had to take the car.i don't even get why she had to leave without waiting for me to come back.Maybe mom was very hard on her.I took the longest walk to the river.I just wanted to be along..The river was a very quiet and not busy place..Its good for one when they want to think without disturbance..

I sat on some rock throwing stones in the river.I heard someone singing a very painful song.It was as if the person was pouring their heart out of how they felt.I followed where the voice was coming from

We laughed at the darkness

So scared that we lost it

We stood on the ceilings

You showed me love was all you needed

Heaven couldn't wait for you

Heaven couldn't wait for you

Heaven couldn't wait for you

No heaven couldn't wait for you

No heaven couldn't wait for you no

There she was..The girl of my dreams..The girl whom I came to the village for. But why does she sound so broken..Like she is hurt and consumed with agony.

"Mama why? Mama why did you have to die? Why did you have to leave me in this cruel world."

That was a confirmation that she is hurt.She lost her mother.I went to her and knelt down.I was tongue tied.I didn't know what to say.

Me: I know I'm a stranger and this is probably weird but can I give you a hug.Sometimes what we need is just a warm hug to feel better.

I stood up and held her hands and hugged her..


I didn't know this stranger but his hug was assuring.I thought I was alone as always.I love this place because it helps me think..Seeing the river flow non stop gives me hope that one day all will be well.It is never the end of the road.

I cleared my throat.

Me: Uhhm.im sorry for the shirt.

It was wet with my tears.

Him: It's okay don't sweat about it.

We sat down on the rock.

Me: Kefentse

Him: Tom

Me: Are you from around?

Tom: I'm from the other side of the village but I stay at town

Me: I can see because I have never seen you around

Tom: I get that alot.

Me: I have to get going.

Tom: okay..Until we meet..

Me: Yeah

Tom: How about tomorrow same place same time

Me: Okay.

I got up and ran back home..

Seem like people have left and there was only my dadunclehis wife and some other lady.

Me: Thobela bagolo  (greetings elders)

They greeted me back.

I passed them and went to the house..

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