This is now draining.i got a call from a number I don't know telling me that my father is sick and my step mom is not even taking care of him and on the other side Julia is admitted.

Prince: You don't look good.whats wrong?

Me: My father is sick back in the village.I need to go and see him.

Prince: Should I come with you

Me: Babe no..That woman is evil.She might do something to us to our relationship.

Prince: You believe in such

Me: I used not to until she came in our family and things changed in a split second.

Prince: So when do you want to go?

Me: next coming weekend.

Prince: I suggest you take Julia with you..She hasn't seen her father in forever..Im sure that man needs to make peace with her.

Me:That's not a bad idea after all.

The week went by very fast.It was Friday after school and Julia was driving us home.Trish cried to leave with me and Prince was stressed as to how she was crying..

Prince: Okay baby you can go pack.

Trish: They will leave me if I go inside..Mommy must come with me.

Jesus this child..

I went to her room and packed up for her and found her buckled up in the car.

I kissed Prince and hugged Tom goodbye.

Tom: Take care of them.

Me: I will don't worry.

Something was just off about them though..Prince would have insisted on coming along with us but he didn't..

But I'm glad that I will be bonding with my sister.On the way we were singing along to songs and laughing here and there..Trish was being her talkative self..Child is good at singing hey...

Julia: We have been playing all this English songs because of her.Since she is sleeping we can enjoy our SA music..

I chuckled..

She played Amanda black Thandwa Ndim..

Ndizothandwa ngubani na?

Xa ndishiya lendoda .

I understand why it gets her so emotional that she is even crying..I mean who wouldn't cry when their husbands have another girl pregnant? I mean i would also be broken..

I touched her shoulder since I was sitting at the back seats..Trish had her head on my lap and she was restricting me from changing the album..

I let it be until we stopped at a garage for some snacks..Julia also needed to use the bathroom.

Trish: Are we there yet?

Me: No..we are at a garage but we are not far from home.Come let's go buy snacks.

She got out and we went to buy snacks.

She took all she needed and I picked what Julia said she wanted and I took my own aswel.We paid and went out.

She drove and soon we were home..It was renovatedbig and beautiful..

Julia: You didn't tell me that home was this big.

Me: Well I'm also surprised.

Trish: yipiiiii we are here.

Me: yes baby we are here.

We got out the car and went to knock since there was no one outside

Liyema: Come in

We walked in with our bags at hands.

She turned and looked at us.I guess she didn't know Julia cause her eyes were focused on me with shock.

Trish immediately hid herself behind me.

Liyema: You!! What do you want in my house

Me: You mean my father's house? Well I know all this is his pension money so you might aswel give up with this claiming thing.

We went and sat down.

Trish: Mommy where is grandpa?

She reminded me of our reason for coming here.

Me: Oh yah where is dad?

As we were talking he was pushing himself with a wheelchair..He didn't look good at all.

Me: Daddy!! God What have you done to him?

He wasn't looking at me but rather at Julia...Tears were threatening his eyes while Julia was crying.

Dad: Ju..Julie?

Julia: Daddy

She got up and crunched down to his level then hugged him.

Julia: Daddy I'm so sorry...Im sorry for all I put you through.

Me: Daddy we have to take you to the doctor..

The evil woman wa just sitting there fuming with anger.The agony this woman made me go through will catch up with her one day.

We pushed the wheelchair outside and helped him in the car..We all got in and Julia drove is to a doctor..We were to take him to a medi clinic since public hospitals take long.

We got there and filled all necessary documents while he was being attended to.Julia was the one who said she will take care of the bill..

I was so anxious to know what is really wrong with dad.Julie came and sat with us.

Trish: Will he be okay.

Me: Yes baby he will be okay.

Julia: You are so good with her neh?

Me: She is making things simple for me aswel.

A text came through my phone.

"Make your own child and stop travelling with mine"

I clicked my tongue and put my phone away.

Julia: The baby mama still giving you drama?

Me: She is so irritating sometimes.

Julia: Don't worry we will deal with her when we get back.

Trish: Yes we will deal with her.

So much for a child this one.

The doctor came and told us that dad has kidney problems and he needs a kidney as soon as possible..Julia and I offered but she wasn't allowed because she is pregnant and her bp is low so I was the only hope.I went and undergone all the necessary tests.After that we went to see him.

Dad: Today I'm the happiest man alive because both my daughters are here with me.I will die a proud man.

Me: Dad you are not going to die.You will live.


I wasn't proud of what we are about to do but my brother is desperate and there is nothing I can do but help him..I was to be a witness when he marry that girl tomorrow..We are now at house drinking our lives away.

Tom: I never imagined being with another girl than Julia bro.

Me: So have you got her a place to stay because we both know that Julia won't allow this.

Tom: Yeah a townhouse..

Me: I wonder how you Will handle two houses hey

Tom: I just have to tell Julia the truth.She will have to understand at some point.

Me: I hope she does.

The following day we woke up and got ready.Nothing that needed a new suit so we wore the ones we have and made our way to court.

So was there observing it all until they said their vows and signed a prenup...Tom couldn't risk marrying I'm community of property so he pulled a few strings with his lawyer to draft a prenup not community of property..When all was done we left with the girl..Tom drove straight to my house and dropped me then he left..Its gonna be a long day..Those 3 better come back early tomorrow..


U can just picture Julie's expression and hurt when she finds out about this.What will I see myself doing at times like this?

Nat: Are you okay?

Me: I wish I was.Julia is also pregnant and hers have complications due to all this stress she is taking in.All this is a mess.

Nat: You don't have to worry about me.I will stay alone as long as you get me food and organise me a transport to school.Besides since I don't stay far from O they will pick me up.just don't stress about me.

She looked honest about all this

Me: Babe you are my wife and trust me hormones are gonna get to you.you will need me so just let me handle all this as a man..

Nat okay.


It was now Saturday morning and we were at the house preparing to go to the hospital..To my surprise the woman of the house was with another man and it seem like he slept here so he was leaving.

Me: yoh wonders shall never end.Thats why people never get married.Their evil heart and hoe ways get on the way.

I laughed and walked away.

As I was in the room I share with Fentse and Trish I sat on the bed.They were in the bathroom.it was an ensuit.There was a whatsapp text on her phone..

Me: Fentse there is a whatsapp text from Prince

Fentse: What is he saying?

I opened and checked

Me: He says come back soon the house is lonely without you both..

They giggled.

Fentse: Tease him and say we are stay the whole week.

Me: Okay 

When I was about to exit after responding a text came through from bestie.The profile was none other than Natalie with Ofentse and Trish.i opened and it was a picture..i downloaded it and there she was with my husband with the caption of Mrs Tom the second and an emoji of crying and a broken heart.

Me: Am I dreaming?

I didn't hear her come inI only saw her take the phone from my hand and looked at it.She had a shocked expression.

Me: Tell me I'm dreaming Fefe..Tell me that my husband didn't just marry someone without my approval.

Fentse: I'm so sorry sis.She sat next to me rubbing my back.Why is Tom doing this to me...I was hurt.For the first time in my life I was more than hurt.This feeling was new to me.It was foreign to me.

Me:This man

I only saw her take the phone from my hand and looked at it.She had a shocked expression.

Me: Tell me I'm dreaming Fefe..Tell me that my husband didn't just marry someone without my approval.

Fentse: I'm so sorry sis.She sat next to me rubbing my back.Why is Tom doing this to me...I was hurt.For the first time in my life I was more than hurt.This feeling was new to me.It was foreign to me.

Me:This manI sacrificed my family for himI left all I knew behind and started afresh with him.I know we were going through a phase but he didn't have to hurt me like this Fefe.He didn't have to make me go through this..It hurts..It hurts so bad.I feel like my heart has been stabbed a thousand times with a knife..Why?..why me?

Fentse: Please don't cry

It was real.this was not a dream..Tom has done this to me.He has done this to me..

I stood up and ran to the bathroom.Locked the door and sank on the floor.In my life I never experienced such pain.I have always been strong but now it's just too much to handle.My very own husband has betrayed me after all this years of struggles together

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