It was Saturday

the day of my mother's burial.It was a very sad sight to see.I was very emotional to a point where the whole week I didn't talk to anyone.I was always alone in my room.Relatives tried to make me interact with my cousins but I was just not into that.I was sitting at the front next to my father..He is not a man of many words but you can tell by how he is that he is affect by this as much as I am.I don't know why mom had to die so soon.She promised him that they will stay together forever.Now she has left him with no one but me..

The service went on until we went to the tombstones to lay her at her final resting place.I don't want to lie I couldn't hold myself.It was really too much to take in.I wish my sister was here.I wish I could tell her how I feel.Tell her the kind of person mom was..

In my life I have never experienced a death of a close person to me so this is a foreign thing to me and I don't know how to react to it.


I had no choice but to go to the village with my husband because I had a bad feeling  What it was about I don't know but it somehow had an effect on me.When we got to the village there was a funeral only for me to realise that it was my mother.I was so shattered..she died before I can even come home and fix my relationship with them. I knew if I showed up my father will be angry so I had to sit at the far back and cover my face with a scarf a little so that no one notices me.The person I wanted to see was my little sister Fefe..Its been years and I don't even think I will know how she looks like..I tried to search for her with my eyes but I couldn't see her.The moment her coffin went down I heard a sob..A girl crying.I couldn't see her because I was at the back..I have a choice to either go to the front or let it be.I decided to walk away.I loved my mother so much.I know I was angry at her for not talking to dad about letting me being with Tom but I still loved her like how any child loves their parents..I got in the car and drove to my in law's place..

My mother in law way sitting outside under the shade of mopani tree eating whatever it is that she is eating.

I parked the car and walked towards the house.Im hurt and don't want to be exchanging words with her.

Ma inlaw: The way you are so disrespectful you don't even know how to greet..did I sleep with you? 

Me: Sorry Ma

Ma inlaw: I'm not your mother.Why are you refusing to give me grandchildren? What kind of a wife are you? You got up in the wee hours of the morning and left.Who do you think will clean this yard and cook?

Me: Ma please I'm not in the mood.

The problem of running away from home and getting married to a a man whom loves you so much is that your parents won't get involved when things don't go well.His parents won't like you because they didn't pay lobola for you.. This has been my life since I married Tom.His mother has always been this cruel towards me..

I walked in the house straight to the bedroom I share with my husband.I packed all my clothes and went out.i put the bag in the boot.

Me: Tell your son to call me when he wants me to pick him up.Im going back home.

I can't stay here..I just can't.

I drove out.


I was out chilling with my childhood friends..Between us I never had hoped that any of us would make it in life.We were those stubborn kids who never loved school let alone like.Im the only one who came out more than okay.They both own a car wash together so that's how they survive.im just glad they never opted for crime.

Me: Cents I have seen this beautiful girl around here.She looks very innocent and young.

Sipho: haibo njayami..I thought you are happy with your beautiful wife.

Me: Happy you say? That woman is cruel to the highest peak.She automatically lied to me that she has problems with her fertilization only to find out that she has been preventing.I went up and down wanting kids with her kanti yena she is busy laughing behind my back.

King: Yoh.What kind of a woman doesn't want kids?

Me: My wife..She is hell bound in milking me dry.I honestly saw a future with her but now no hope at all.

Sipho: I'm she has her reasons.

Me: She doesn't that one..I will keep pretending that I don't know what she is doing.I will end up taking a second wife.



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