It was sad that we had to leave mom at the hospital.I was very worried about her.The way she was talking gave me fear that she might be leaving.That this might be her dying days.

Dad: Baby don't worryYour mother will be okay.

Me: Daddy I think we should call Julia to come home.

Yes I have a sister by the name Julia.She long ran away from home while i was still a child.I do remember her but some memories I don't remember because it's been long..Mom told me the story of why she ran away from home.I wish her and dad can fix up their relationship so that I can also have a relationship with her.Its pretty sad how one can have a sister but never communicate with her.I wish she was around to hold my hand and tell me that everything will be okay..

Dad: I forbid you from ever saying that name I'm this house Fentse..She is the one who left so why should we run after her? I'm already stressed about your mom so don't add another stress..

Me: sorry papa.

I got up and went to dish up for him.He looked pretty sad because him and mom eat in the same plate so it must be difficult to eat alone.

Me: Its gonna be okay dad

Dad: I hope so.

At Kefentse's uncle

Maria was sitting in the lounge with her friend Liyema gossiping as always.

David: Honey I'm going to check on my brother

Maria: Okay honey no problem.

He left.

Maria: My friend she is finally dying.You will get your place in your man's life again.

Liyema: I feel like it's taking time

Maria: Remember the witch doctor said after 2days so tomorrow will be her last day.She won't live to see the sun set.

Liyema: I'm so happy I can't wait to be wife.

Maria: Patience my friend.Patience.


Me: I really don't get why you have to be so difficult about everything.

Julia: Give me what I want and I will go.

Thing is the money she is asking for is alot.The car and house I don't mind but the money is just alot to give.She will leave me broke so I can't take chances..

Me: I regret ever crossing paths with you.What really happened to the sweet innocent Julia I met? 

Julia: Well she is dead.

Me: Im going to the village for a week or two.

Julia: Okay.

Me: Are you not coming with me?

Julia: So that your mom can be calling me a barren wife? So that the village can roast me about being a disobedient child and now I'm punished for that by not having kids? No thank you. I'm not going there. 

Me: Okay.

I really did love Julia and some part of me still does.But she has changed every since when we tried to have kids nothing comes.We eventually gave up trying.The doctors keep saying she has hormonal imbalance but when we went through the process of balancing them nothing came..I had to find out by seeing prevention pills that she has been lying to me all along.She never wanted kids..I never questioned her about it so I'm gonna let her keep lying when I know the truth...My reason for wanting to go to the village is because I saw a very beautiful girl that caught my eye.She seemed young but she was matured and smart.Something about her reminded me of my wife.Her innocent look and how she carried herself.My wife used to be naive. She sacrificed alot to be with me but now her actions are just out of line.She is 3years older than me which I don't mind but she is aging and we really need to be making babies..Talking about the village girl I won't mind waiting a few years for her to grow so that I can take her as a wife.I really need a family.

I'm 25years old for crying out loud.I have everything to my name but don't have kids who will inherit it all..

I walked away to our room to pack.


The following day

I was with dad eating breakfast before going to the hospital to see mom.

Dad: Hurry up so that we can leave.You know that visiting hours are not alot so we have to atleast be on time.

Me: I'm almost done dad

I said that after swallowing my food.

His old Polly Polly phone rang in his pocket.

Dad: Hello

Yes we are on our way.

He hanged up.

Me: who was that?

Dad: The hospital baby..Lets go.

Me: Is everything Okay?

I couldn't shake off the feeling that something might have happened.

Dad: I don't know.we will just see when we get there. 

When we got out my uncle was parking.

Dad: David 

David: Brother

Dad: We are on our way out to the hospital.

David: Come on in we will go together.

We got in the car and he drove off.My uncle is a good man when his wife is not around.That woman is so evil.I will never forget what she said that day.

At the hospital

We went directly to mom's ward and her bed was neatly done.

Me: Daddy where is mom?

I was starting to panic.With how she spoke to me yesterday I just couldn't help it.

Dr: Good morning

Dad: Morning doctor

Dr: I called you here because I couldn't tell you over the phone.We lost your wife at the early hours of today.

Me: No!!! You are lying..Where is mom? Where is my mom? I was holding him by his coat screaming at him 

Doctor: My deepest condolences 

I went down on the floor with no energy left in me.What is gonna become of me now that she is gone?

Dad: Get up baby..Get up.

I can hear by his voice that he is broken but he wants to be strong for me.

I got up and cried in his arms.

Dad: Can we please see her body?

Nurse: Yes.her body is at the hospital mortuary.Follow me.

We followed behind her.I don't get why they had to remove her body before her family got here.

I was scared.I was scared of seeing her for the last time.I was scared of saying goodbye.Things were not meant to turn out like this.She was supposed to watch me grow. She was supposed to be the one eating my first salary.She was supposed to watch my children grow.Watch me walk down the isle.Mommy was supposed to be the one to witness my first heartbreak by a boy.But she is gone..She left too soon.

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