Part 9 The Shield s2

(Lunga's POV) Mthoko and I drove back to my apartment. Lunga_: "I just hope everything turns well." Mthoko_: "Would you relax.." Lunga_: "I want to but I can't." Mthoko_: "Everything will turn alright." Lunga_: " So that club belongs to him?" Mthoko_: "Ya and other two of them." Lunga_: "Awesome I think we can turn up your bachelor's party there." Mthoko_: "Wola ntwana" Lunga_: "So you have to talk to him." Mthoko_: "You have to talk to him you organizing." Lunga_: "But he is your friend." Mthoko_: "Ha-ha and you have business with him." We arrived at my apartment he dropped me than he left. Few days passed going to work was just a mission nje I didn't have the energy to work. Lisa's dad was also recovering very well. When he was discharged I asked Yam to drive him back home. This one day I received a call from Q asking to see me. I agreed to see him in the afternoon after work. After his call I phoned Mthoko. Lunga_: "Ntwana I just received a call from Q he want to see me this afternoon. Are you free to come with me?" Mthoko_: "I won't be able to go with you I'm working till really late today. But you can come here so we can swap cars." Lunga_: "No worries then. See you later." Mthoko_: "Sharp got to go now." Call ended. Later after work I drove to the hospital I left my car there and took his. I then drove to meet up with Q. As I walk in a waiter came to me. Waiter_: "Afternoon sir." Lunga_: "Hi I'm here to see Q." Waiter_: "You are Lunga right?" I nodded "Please follow me sir." She led me to his office she knocked once then entered. We found him looking out the window. He was wearing clothes in Army green color and had his shades on. Waiter_: "Sir Mr Lunga is here." He turned to look at us "Thank you Zimasa." She turn to leave and I looked at her as she walks away. Qmaster_: "Don't stare at my employees like that." He said with a serious look on his face. Lunga_: "I wasn't staring but admiring." I said. I decided to just tease him he can't be serious with his statement. Qmaster_: "Please have a seat." He sign for me to sit on a couch. I closed the door behind me. Qmaster_: "Something to drink?" Lunga_: "Please." He pour us a whiskey then hand one glass to me. He took a big envelop place it on the table and sat opposite with me. He open the envelop and took out two A4 pics and show them two me. Qmaster_: "Here it was day one this is your car and these were the cars following you right?" I nodded. Qmaster_: "And here it was day 2 EMT's car

EMT's car your car and their's right?" Lunga_: "That's correct." Qmaster_: "These are hired cars. I checked with the dealership and they were hired by Ali Abdul and Paula Abdul." Lunga_: "And who are these people because I do not know them..." Qmaster_: "These are the people you do not want to mess around with. They are the kids of Ricardo Abdul the Mafia." He showed me their pics and I wasn't recognizing them. Qmaster_: "They are not from here in SA they are from Toronto." My eyes popped out first they are Mafias secondly they are from Toronto. WTF was happening in my life. Qmaster_: "But it seems like they have gone back to Toronto." Lunga_: "What do they want from me from my wife. These people kidnapped my wife!" He looked at me with his one eyelash lift up. Lunga_: "Just after they have followed me I received a call saying 'They are surprised it took me long to look for my wife. She's just fine for now' they were smart enough because they first EQed the machine or whatever it is with robot effect so I couldn't recognize the voice whether it a female voice or a male voice." Qmaster_: "Nc nc nc" he took his glass of whiskey and gulp it. "Why would they kidnap your wife?" Lunga_: "I don't know because the person I thought is behind this she's clean. I made an investigation on her and we found nothing." He stood up and went to pour another shot for him. Qmaster_: "I need to bug your car and your phone maybe and your house too. We need to know what is happening during the day or midnight."... "Come with your car tomorrow." Lunga_: "How do you know I didn't come with my car?" Instead of answering me he just looked at me like I just asked a dumb question. After a while I broke the ice. Lunga _: "So Mthoko is telling me that you own this place." Qmaster_: "Ya it mine." Lunga_: "It very cool and beautiful. I was wondering if maybe you can allow us to host his bachelor's party here." Qmaster_: "I don't have a problem with that and there is a place that we can use." Lunga_: "Ow great then." Qmaster_: "Come let me show you.." He went out and I followed him. He closed and locked the door then open the next door only to find out it an elevator. We went up and it took us to a night stripping club. The colors we red white and black. It only had couches. There's strip dancing poles. Qmaster_: "This is where we can have it. I can organize the ladies for the night." he walked to open another door "this area pool we can use it too." Lunga_: "So how much you can charge me?" Qmaster_: "Let's say R15 k for everything including refreshments and booze." Lunga_: "Deal then. I'll send you number of people coming." He nodded then he went to the exit lift. We went down stairs then he walked me out. Lunga_: "Thanks man for helping me tomorrow I'll be back same time." Qmaster_: "I'll be here waiting for you." As I was about to get in the car he said "Zimasa is my Lady." I turn to look at him. He wore his shades and walked away.

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