Part 8 The Shield s2

After I have arranged everything. I had to drive to town because I was now meeting up with Phumzile. There's nothing much she had for me she just told me that Zanele was not involve. She was at her home with her child. After my meeting with Phumzile I phoned Don asking if I can see him he said he was at his place. So I drove there and I found him alone. Lunga_: "Ntwana wassup?" Don_: "I'm okay man and you?" Lunga_: "I'm coping man. Mthoko told me about the divorce I'm sorry man." Don_: "Aah I'll get over it. Beer?" Lunga_: "Ya sho." He disappeared to the kitchen then came back with two beers and gave one to me. Don_: "So what is happening in your life?" Lunga_: "There's a lot of drama happening in my life." Don_: "Melissa is missing.." Lunga_: "Yea and I can't figure it out who is behind all of this." Don_: "If only Mel was mine. I was going to treat her like a queen she is." Lunga_: "What do you mean by your statement?" Don_: "You never deserved her. You and Luyanda are the same." Lunga_: "You know I think it not right to compare my marriage with yours. I understand that you are angry and sad."... "So let's talk about something else." I stayed there for about an hour before going back to my apartment. I was the one starting most of the conversations Don was just distance. At my place Yam was back at least I didn't have to be alone. We prepared supper together Mthoko came with Sim. I asked them to join us to eat supper. I know I'm a good cooker. When food was ready we gathered around the table and dug in. Lunga_: "I went to see Don today and he wasn't looking good." Sim_: "Poor him shame I feel for him. But I always knew that Luyanda was no good. I remember the other day she..." then she stopped her sentence. Mthoko_: "She what babe?" Sim_: "Ah-ha nothing my love." Lunga_: "It sad though but he will heal..." Mthoko_: "Are you healed?" Ish I wasn't healed as yet and it was just hard too with everything happening. I knew very well that Nonkosi's missing was my fault some how it felt like I'm being punished for all the pain I have cause to her. Lunga_: "That is one uneasy thing to do or get over it." Sim_: "Do you see yourself get married to someone else in time?" Lunga_: "No." Sim_: "What I'm witnessing with your marriage makes me nervous . Maybe my love we need to go for Premarital counseling before the wedding day comes which it is in 3 weeks time.." Mthoko_: "Don't you think you overreacting babe?" Sim_: "Of course not we just preparing ourselves for our marriage." Lunga_: "I think she's right." Sim_: "You see?" Mthoko_: "Guys you scaring off the child." He said referring to Yam. Yamkele_: "I'm not scared of commitment so definitely I'll get married." Mthoko_: "Tjovitjo san ha-ha." We finished eating Yam excused himself saying he has an assignment to finish doing. Sim and Mthoko also said they are going. Sim_: "Tomorrow don't forget to go for suits fitting." Mthoko_: "Ai babe we going to buy our own suits." Sim_: "Okay but make sure you all have them tomorrow." Mthoko_: "I promise my love." He said pecking her lips "Do you mind waiting me in the car?" he said giving her car key. Sim_: "Bye Lu take care ne.." Lunga_: "Bye Sim it was nice seeing you." She walked out it was now me and Mthoko. He took out a card in his pocket and gave it to me. I looked at it it was written a name and had a number too. Mthoko_: "Call that number." Lunga_: "What for?" Mthoko_: "He is the one going to help you." I couldn't believe this. Lunga_: "How did you manage to get this person so fast? Are you also a gangster?" Mthoko_: "Do I look like one?" He said with a smirk "Let's just say I know people who know people."... "Call him and set up a meeting with him for tomorrow." Lunga_: "Is he good? Can we trust him?" Mthoko_: "They don't call him Qmaster for nothing. And yea we can trust him." Lunga_: "Okay if you say so." Mthoko_: "No one should know about this except me and you." Lunga_: "Sho case." Mthoko_: "Plan for my bachelor party just to relax a little bit. I'm out." He pat my shoulder as he walk pass me. Lunga_: "Sho ntwana yam." I said closing the door behind him. I went to my room and called the number it was answered I introduced myself and seemed like the guy was expexting for my call. He agreed to meet up with me next following day. He chose a place where we could meet at. And we both agreed on the same time. Next following day I woke up a little bit early then went for jogging. I came back freshen up then Yam and I prepared to go to town to meet up with Mthoko and others. We bought our suits and shoes. Mine and Mthoko's was different from others and from each other. Mine was perfectly complementing the maid of honor's dress. I was forwarded the pic of her dress. Mthoko_: "He told me that you phoned him. I'm going with you." Lunga_: "You talk a lot with him..." Mthoko_: "Lol. We not going with Yam." Lunga_: "Ya I know I wasn't planning too vele. I'll give him my car then we will use your car." Mthoko_: "No he will use my car just incase they follow him thinking its you. We don't want to put him at risk." Lunga_: "Okay I get you." We were whispering to each other. Lunga_: "Yam

just incase they follow him thinking its you. We don't want to put him at risk." Lunga_: "Okay I get you." We were whispering to each other. Lunga_: "Yam Mthoko and I we going somewhere. We leaving his car with you okay." I said giving him car key "Do you need any cash?" Yamkele_: "No I'm fine." Lunga_: "Okay call me if you need anything. And drive safely." We excused ourselves from others then we left. Mthoko was the one driving. We arrived at our destination we looked for a place to sit. It was a very classy lounge. A waiter came and asked us to follow her. We did so and she led us to a VIP area with couches. I wondered what was happening here. The place was rather empty. Moment later the waiter came and placed a bottle of Hennessey 3 whiskey glasses and ice bucket. Waiter_: "Single or double gentlemen? On the rocks or?" Mthoko_: "You don't have to worry beautiful lady will do it on ourselves." She nodded and left. She looked hella hot and sexy. Lunga_: "Ntwana zithin?" (What's happening?) Mthoko_: "Relax ntwanaz." A guy in khaki outfit appears he had sunglasses on. Everything he was wearing was khaki excluding a white tshirt and whit sneakers. He took a seat opposite us and took off his glasses. He looked young same age as us but you can tell that you don't mess with him. Him_: "Gents?" Mthoko_: "Q howzit?" Qmaster_: "Tops tops." Mthoko_: "This is ntwana yam Lunga." I saluted him. Qmaster_: "EMT told me everything. I would like to help you. And that will depend on how much you are willing to pay..." Lunga_: "How much are you going to charge me?" Qmaster_: "I'll name my price once I have done with my work." I wasn't comfortable with this what if he want a sum that I can't afford. Lunga_: "In terms of payments do you want it cash or installments?" Qmaster_: "I'm not a bank so I can't work with 24 or 32 months installments I prefer cash but because its you I can allow 50% percent up front then the rest in 12 months instalments." Mthoko_: "You know you can't charge him too much usayi ntwana yam." He let out a slight laugh "Ekse." Qmaster_: "Drinks?" Mthoko_: "Ya sho." He signed for a waiter to come and he ask her to pour the drinks for us. I asked mine to have ice while they have it with no ice. Then she left. Qmaster_: "So what do you want me to do first?" Lunga_: "Trace the cars that has been following me for two days. Red Mercedes." Qmaster_: "Do you have their number plates?" Lunga_: "No I didn't manage to get them." Qmaster_: "Okay I'll need your car number plate time and date then the name of the road." He called a waiter again to bring a piece of paper and pen. I wrote down what he asked for then gave it to him. He read it. Qmaster_: "This is going to be easy I own all these streets."


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