Part 7 The Shield s2

(Lunga's POV) "Lunga" a voice called my name. I look up and it was Mthoko. I tried to get up and walked to the car. Lunga_: "How did you know that I'm here?" Mthoko_: "I'm coming from your work and they told me you were taken by the police yesterday so I figured out that I should come here because there's no one at your place since last night."... "And then what happened to you? Did you got mugged?" Lunga_: "It that detective." Mthoko_: "He did this to you?" Lunga_: "He tortured me and beated me the whole night." Mthoko_: "Ini? But why?" Lunga_: "He says I know where Melissa is and I killed her because I want her company." Mthoko_: "What? That is bullshit ntwana you need to sue him. He doesn't have proof of what he's saying even he have it he doesn't have the right to penal beat you. You need to sue him ntwana ngeke now! Come." Lunga_: "No." He looked at me "I'm not going to sue him I have bigger things to deal with. And I think this is a set up." Mthoko_: "What do you mean?" Lunga_: "Ain't you going to start the engine." He started the car and we drove off. "Let's stop by my workplace first I want to collect my things." Mthoko_: "Okay sho." Lunga_: "So a day before yesterday afternoon I had two cars following me I didn't recognize the owners..." Mthoko_: "And then?" Lunga_: "You know I find it so strange to now have cars following me what if it the same people who kidnap Mel but what's for and maybe they are working with the detective." Mthoko_: "But what are they gaining for keeping her hostage and ain't they supposed to have called you by now demanding some money or something." Lunga_: "I don't know man I need to think about this long and hard." Mthoko_: "Are you going to be fine going inside or you want me to go fetch your things..." he asked as we pulled outside my workplace building. Lunga_: "I'll go because I also want to report that I'm not coming in for work today and tomorrow." I jumped off then walked inside the building I greeted Dee then went to my office. All eyes were on me I was bruised and still in my yesterday clothes. I know they were curious to know what happened to me but no one had courage to ask me. I packed my things then went to Mr Vilakazi's office but he wasn't there I left him a message note on his desk. On my way out I asked Dee to cancel all my meetings for today and tomorrow. Lunga_: "Dee please cancel all my meetings for today and tomorrow." Dee_: "Okay sir I'll do it." Lunga_: "Thank you see you on my Monday." I went to Mthoko. Lunga_: "Look man I'll drive my car." Mthoko_: "Will you be able?" Lunga_: "Yea I'll try. We will do a convoy right?" Mthoko_: "Ya sure ntwana." I went to my car got in then started the engine and drove off. Mthoko followed me by his car. As I was driving I noticed the same car next to my left lane and pulled infront of me immediately I got frighten and I hit the brakes. The was a hoot behind me I checked in my viewer mirror and it was Mthoko. I looked ahead the car changed lanes again and speed off. I tried to find a way to pull on the side of the road. I was shaking and breathing fast. Mthoko came to me. Mthoko_: "Wassup ntwana? You even sweating." I didn't realized I was sweating too. Lunga_: "They were here." Mthoko_: "The red Merced that teased you?" I nodded. Mthoko_: "Kushubest ntwana. I don't know where that car came from. Maybe you should report this car to the police." Lunga_: "Detective Ndlovu? Forget it." I rubbed my hands together and said "let's go." He went to his car and we drove off. We arrived at my apartment first thing first I went to my bedroom put my phone in the charger then went to take a long bath. Changed into clean clothes. The were no signs of Yam I figured out that maybe he went to school. After I was done refreshing I went downstairs Mthoko wasn't there anymore. I sat on my couch my whole body was in pain and swollen. My front door opened and it was Mthoko. Mthoko_: "I went to buy us something to eat. And I bought you meds they going to help you." I looked at him. Mthoko_: "What? Don't give me that look I'm a doctor remember..." Lunga_: "Ya whatever please dish I'm hungry." He went to the kitchen to dish up then came back with two plates. And we started eating. Lunga_: "You know I'm thinking to ask Phumzile to trace these two cars." Mthoko_: "That's a good idea but not wise to use her." Lunga_: "Why?" Mthoko_: "She's a lady this could dangerous for her." Lunga_: "Maybe you right I should get a guy to do this for me." Mthoko_: "You need someone who has a gangster mind who will play them at their own game." Lunga_: "What! Where am I going to get that person? And what if things get more dangerous than it is now. Ai now you complicating things." Mthojo_: "Things are complicated already." I thought about what he was saying he has a point but where and how am I going to get that person. I don't even know what I'm against with. I decided to just block the thoughts for a while because they were messing up with my mind. We finished eating he took the plates to the kitchen then came back with a glass of water. He made me drink my meds. Then we talked about something else. Lunga_: "So how's the preparations for the wedding?" Mthoko_: "They are going well I guess Sim and the wedding planner they are taking care of everything." Lunga_: "Don't mess up like I did me ne." Mthoko_: "Lesson learned ntwana yo." Lunga_: "Ha-ha

when last did you talked with Don?" Mthoko_: "2 days ago I think. And he told me that the divorce has been finalized." Lunga_: "Ish I never thought those two they would break up." Mthoko_: "I'm glad they have brake up. Luyanda is forward too much and controlling too. Her relationship with her baby daddy has been going on for a year and Don didn't noticed anything." Lunga_: "Ntwana you gotta be joking." Mthoko_: "I'm telling you the truth." Lunga_: "Maybe I should check up on him and see how he's holding up. He was also supportive to Mel while I was..." Mthoko_: "While you were what? Ha-ha you can't even say it. But his wife wasn't happy about it." The meds were now kicking in and I was feeling drowsy. I was slowly felling asleep. When I woke up I was laying on a sofa and the room was dark. Seemed like I was alone. I stood up and went to switched on the lights. I was so hungry and tired. I checked the time it was after 7:00pm. I went up stairs to freshen up then took my phone. I went down stairs to make something to eat. While eating I thought about Yam and wondered where he was I took my phone it had lot of missed calls and text messages from my family and Mel's. I decided to call dad. Lunga's dad_: "Son?" Lunga_: "Dad how are you?" Lunga's dad_: "I'm fine now we have been trying to get hold of you." Lunga_: "I'm sorry dad it work it has kept me busy." Lunga's dad_: "Lunga? hmm call your inlaws now." Lunga_: "Is everything okay?" Lunga's dad_: "I don't know just call them." He said that and end the call. I looked at my phone surprised by my dad's actions. I dialed Yam's number but he wasn't picking up. So I called his mum and she answered it. Lisa's mum_: "Hello" he said in a low tone voice. Lunga_: "Sawbona ma." Lisa's mum_: "Lunga?" She said my name lighten up "Where have you been?" Lunga_: "It a long story ma where's Yamkele?" Lisa's mum_: "He is here at home." Lunga_: "Ooh thank God I was so worried." Lisa's mum_: "Sorry son but he had to come back their father is in hospital." Lunga_: "What?" Lisa's mum_: "He had a heart attack which led him to have a stroke." Lunga_: "I am really sorry to hear that mum I'll come and see you tomorrow." Lisa's mum_: "Alright son. Let me go lie down now I'm tired." Lunga_: "Of course let me not keep you. Sleep well ma." Call ended. I finished eating and I took my meds then I made sure the house was locked before going to bed. Before I knew it I was in deep sleep. I woke up next morning feeling a bit freshed and the pain was a bit better. I took a bath then changed into my casual clothes went down stairs to make something to eat. When I was done I made my way to my inlaws' residence. I sent a text to Mthoko letting him know that I'm not at my place just in case if comes around and do not find me. I arrived and we greeted each other with Lisa's mum. Lisa's mum_: "Aibo what happened to you?" She asked referring to my bruises. Lunga_: "It that detective." Lisa's mum_: "He did this to you?" I explained everything to her. Lisa's mum_: "I am really sorry my child that you have went through such brutality." Lunga_: "Thanks. You don't have to worry all of this is going to heal soon and fade away." Lisa's mum_: "Do you think we going to find her still alive?" Lunga_: "We are still going to find her alive." Lisa's mum_: "But how is it possible because it seems like this detective is not doing his job enough." . . "I am going to do things by my own way now starting by that car busy following me.." Lisa's mum_: "What car?" . Lisa's mum_: "Lunga! What car?" Lunga_: "Ma?" Lisa's mum_: "Now you have people following you around like stalkers?" Shit I wasn't aware I said that loud. Lunga_: "Ma you have to calm down there's nothing you have to worry about." Lisa's mum_: "Lunga don't tell me to calm down when we are all not safe now. What if Yam goes to school and never come back." Lunga_: "I'll make sure it doesn't come to that point." I looked at my wristwatch "I think we should get going to the hospital now." Lisa's mum_: "I was about to make you something to eat." Lunga_: "No I'm fine thanks ma." Lisa's mum_: "Okay let me take my bag then we could leave" she went to take her bag then we left to the hospital. We found Yam already there. We went to the ward and I stood by the doorway. Lisa's dad_: "Why is he doing here?" Lisa's mum_: "Baba ehlisa umoya ingane izobona wena." (My darling please calm down the child is here to see you.) Lisa's dad_: "He must leave I don't want to see him." Lunga_: "I'll wait outside ma." I said then I walked out. I sat in the waiting room I decided to call doctor Miller letting him know I'll get Lisa's dad to be transfered to that side so he must wait for him and he will be under his care since he is our doctor. After a while Yam and mum came out. Lisa's mum_: "I hope you are not offered about dad's behavior." Lunga_: "Not at all. I'm transferring him to a private hospital I have already made arrangements that side. The family doctor is waiting for him." Lisa's mum_: "I don't think he will agree to that." Lunga_: "He doesn't have to know. We will ask the doctor who is attending him to give him something that will make him sleep then he will be moved. I won't visit him but you and Yam will visit him as usual." My phone rang. "Let me take this call." I said excusing myself. Lunga_: "Hello" Caller_: "It surprises me it took you this long to try find your wife or should I say your ex wife." Lunga_: "Who is this?" Caller_: "Just so you know she is still fine for now." The line went off. I don't know who I was talking too whether it was a female or male. They were smarts enough to use a robot effects on their voice so I won't recognize who they are. Lisa's mum_: "Is everything okay son?" I turned to face them. Lunga_: "I'm not sure..."

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