Part 6 The Shield s2

(Lunga's POV) I tried to sleep but I couldn't I would wake up and walk around the house entering every room checking every window if it is closed and every door checking if it is locked. I also found myself peeping through the window looking outside if there was any car parked outside my yard. I went back to bed I don't know when I fell asleep but I woke up feeling tired and I was late for work. I took a quick bath wore my work clothes then went down stairs. I found Yamkele in the kitchen eating a cereal. Lunga_: "Morning." I said as I open the fridge looking for something I can bite. Yamkele_: "Hey" Lunga_: "Here take this card cover all your expenses school fees and everything. Don't drink the money with friends use it wisely. Are we clear?" Yamkele_: "Got that loud and clear." Lunga_: "Good here's some cash to go to town. I want to see the receipt or recede of your school fees payment." Yamkele_: "Okay..." Lunga_: "Uhm what else... okay ya I'll send you the pin via sms. Sharp I'm late bye." I drove to work I got there as I walk pass Mr Vilakazi's office he saw me. Mr Vilakazi_: "You are late Mr Mayendisa." I just walked in his office "Hi" I said. "Can I ask you something?" Mr Vilakazi_: "uh-hu" Lunga_: "When last did you see or heard anything about Zanele?" Mr Vilakazi_: "Why?" Lunga_: "I'm just asking..." he looked at me shrugged his shoulders. I also looked at him before going to my office. I got started with my work. During lunch time I phoned Phumzile I asked her to get me information on Zanele anything that could lead on Nonkosi disappearance. And she agreed to do that for me. My lunch time got finished and I continued with my work. While still at it detective Ndlovu and his 2 colleagues decided to bless me with their presence. Lunga_: "Detective?" DetcNdlovu_: "I want you to come with us to the police station." Lunga_: "What for? Is everything okay?" DetcNdlovu_: "I think me and you should have a section together. Cuff him." Lunga_: "What? You can't just come here and cuff me what have I done?!" I tried to protest but I wasn't winning. DetcNdlovu_: "You talk to much do you know that?" Lunga_: "I'm going to sue you this is not acceptable." They dragged me out to their van and shoved me inside at the back. It then drove off until it reach the police station and I was dragged out of it. I was took to the interrogation room and left alone for what seemed like an hour. I sat there my wrist still cuffed. I didn't know what to expect. Later he walked in placed his things on the table and he sat down. DetcNdlovu_: "so Lunga I hope you going to help me like I want to help you." He said clicking his pen. "How was your marriage with your ex wife?" Lunga_: "We were happy." DetcNdlovu_: "Happy?" Lunga_: "Like any other marriage yes we did have marital issues." DetcNdlovu_: "Like you beating her?" I didn't reply to that. DetcNdlovu_: "Why did she divorced you?" Lunga_: "Because I cheated and impregnated her best friend." DetcNdlovu_: "I believe you didn't cheat once or twice but countless times." Lunga_: "That was the time of weakness every men experience it. And she forgave me." DetcNdlovu_: "But she didn't forgive you when she found out that you slept and impregnated your ex girlfriend from high school which was her best friend then." DetcNdlovu_: "How did you feel about the divorce?" Lunga_: "Sad and devastated." DetcNdlovu_: "Angry too because she left you..." Lunga_: "Angry yes. At myself." He looked at me for a long time before talking. DetcDlovu_: "Where is she?" Lunga_: "Who?" DetcNdlovu_: "Where is Melissa?" Lunga_: "I don't know." DetcNdlovu_: "What do you mean you don't know huh?" Lunga_: "How am I suppose to know where is she because she's missing!" DetcNdlovu_: "Do not shout at me boy I'm not your friend." He said through his teeth his jaws were tighten. "I am going to leave you here when I come back I hope you will be ready to tell the truth

that's what I want from you." He closed the file and his note book then took his things and walked out. I waited for him to come back for about 2 hours. DetcNdlovu_: "I hope you are ready to tell the truth." He said as the door opens and he walked in. Immediately the lights went dim. This time he sat next to me on the table. He place a device on the table. DetcNdlovu_: "So Lunga how did you do it?" I kept quiet because I did not know what he was talking about. DetcNdlovu_; "I am talking to you how did you do it?" Lunga_: "How did I do what huh?!" DetcNdlovu_: "I warned you for shouting at me... Did you poisoned her? Did you put 7 bullets in her head? Or did you strangled her to death? Then threw her body where hmm... in a desert maybe or in a foliage with water or swamps or buried her body somewhere or even in your house so which one the old one or the new one?" Lunga_: "You are a sick detective what made you think I'll kill my wife and what makes you think she's dead.." I said through my teeth. DetcNdlovu_: "Your Ex wife." Lunga_: "What ever you want to call it." DetcNdlovu_: "If she's not dead where is she?" Lunga_: "I don't know and I didn't kill her. I don't have the motive to." DetcNdlovu_: "Maybe you want me to enlight you. You know I have dealt with such cases for many times and it always the same case. The husband is always angry about the divorce and they say if I can't have her no one can Or you weren't happy with a cut you got from the company now you want it all to yourself." Lunga_: "Nx you are wasting my time do you know that." I said standing up from my seat I was now angry. "Uncuff me and let me go. I said uncuff me now!" DetcNdlovu_: "Think I'm done with you? Just wait and see." He said and walked out leaving me there. I sat there deep in thoughts feeling so helpless no one was coming in to check up on me. And this detective honestly he was working on my last nerve. If I wasn't cuffed I would have beat the hell of him. He's trying to pin me with the case and I don't know what made him conclude that Nonkosi was dead. But why did I notice so late that she was missing maybe I was respecting her wish when she said she doesn't want to see me ever again. So I was trying to give her a space to heal too much had happened and affected her emotionally. I don't know when I fell asleep but I was woken up by a cold water splitted all over my body. I opened my eyes and this dog was here again. "What time is it now?" I asked feeling so tired. DetcNdlovu_: "Where is she?" Lunga_: "I said I don't..." Before I even finished my sentence he gave me punched on my stomach. DetcNdlovu_: "You don't know huh?"... "Nc nc you are going to tell me what I want to hear." He took a device and he started choking me with it. I screamed in pain "aaah you hurting me!" But he never stopped. After a while he stopped and he looked at me. DetcNdlovu_: "You think I'll get tired huh I wont. I will keep you here for as long as I want. I don't get tired of my job."... "So it either you tell me the truth or we continue doing this in a hard way." Lunga_: "I don't know what do you want from me honestly because I didn't kill my wife." DetcNdlovu_: "If you didn't kill her why you didn't report her missing sooner?" Lunga_: "Because I wasn't aware until I hired a PI to look for her." DetcNdlovu_: "You really want me to believe that... You were given a leave from work because you were suffering from anger issues was it really anger issues or it was your guilty conscience?" He carried on beating me until he felt tired and I wasn't answering any of his questions anymore. Next morning the police that was there yesterday to cuff me came and released me. I didn't have any money with me even my phone I left it in my office. I tried to hike but no one was willing to help me I just sat there on the pavement groaning in pains.


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