Part 5 The Shield s2

(Lunga's POV) I arrived at my place threw myself on my couch then switched on the TV. The news was playing and Nonkosi was the talk and the story was just something else. The media made the story looked like I'm the one behind her disappearance I clicked my tongue and switched off the TV. I went to take a bath then I went straight to bed. Next morning I woke up did my morning routine then I went to work. During the day I received a call from Lisa's mum and it took me by surprised I wasn't expecting her call. Lunga_: "Hello ma." Lisa's mum_: "Hi my son. I want to apologise about yesterday." Lunga_: "You don't have to worry yourself mum I understand." She exhale. "Mum you don't sound okay is the something else too?" Lisa's mum_: "There was a detective here asking questions about your marriage. We told him the truth but it seems like we did some damage." Lunga_: "Ma what are you talking about?" Lisa's mum_: "He said we should accept that Nonkosi is no more the time has been too long and he suspect you the one killed her.."she said sobbing. Lunga_: "What how did they come to that conclusion? Ma listen to me Nonkosi is not death I can feel it I'll try by all means to find her still alive we shouldn't lose hope okay." Lisa's mum_: "This is killing my husband. I also don't want to lose hope but it seems like he has concluded that she's dead. He didn't eat last night even today he hasn't eaten anything." Lunga_: "We going to find her ma I promise you. If there at home you need anything just don't hesitate to call me." Lisa's mum_: "Already we strangling with Yamkele's school fees and accommodation it way to expensive." Lunga_: "I can take care of that and Yamkele can come and stay with me here." Lisa's mum_: "Son..." Lunga_: "No ma inkinga ayikho tshela uYam angifonele qha." (Ma please that not not going to be a problem just tell Yam to give me a call.) Lisa's mum_: "Thank you very much son thank you." Lunga_: "No worries ma. We will talk again soon I have to get back to work now." Lisa' mum_: "Of course bye." After the call I continued with my work as usual later I went to attend two meetings that were outside the office. I came back to the office 30 minutes before knock off time. Lunga_: "Dee

did I received any messages while I was away?" I said asking the receptionist. Dee_: "No sir but there's a lady that has been waiting for you for about 2 hours." Lunga_: "A lady?" Dee_: "There she is sir." I turned to see and my eyes got fixed to Senamile. I pulled her aside by her arm. Lunga_: "What are you doing here?" Sena_: "Hi to you too Lunga. I came to see you." Lunga_: "For what huh? For what?" Sena_: "Lunga why are you so mean to me? Why are you rude?" Lunga_: "You destroyed my family now you want us to be all buddy buddy forget it. That is not gonna happen." Sena_:"That is why I'm here I want to apologize. I did everything without thinking and I was angry." Lunga_: "Fine apology accepted now leave I don't want to see you again." Sena_: "Lunga please what about the twins..." Lunga_: "What about them?" Sena_: "Don't you want to meet them and have a relationship with them?" Lunga_: "Nc nc nc you are more sick than I thought. There have never be twins in my family so keep looking for their father because right now you are looking at the wrong place." I said. I turned to walk away but she followed me calling my name. Lunga_: "Security please get her out of the building." She was escorted out of the building by the security. I got in my office I packed my things getting ready to go home. I check my phone if I have any messages or missed calls and I found one from Yamkele so I returned her call. Lunga_: "Brother" Yamkele_: "Mum said its fine if I and stay with you." Lunga_: "Ya there's no problem." Yamkele_: "Can you please fetch me today?" Lunga_: "Ya sure I'm on my way." Yamkele_: "Thanks. Ooh and another thing..." Lunga_: "Ya?" Yamkele_: "Please park two houses away from home dad don't want to see you anywhere near the family and he doesn't know that I'll be staying with you." Lunga_: "O-kay I understand." Yamkele_: "Okay thanks. Bye." Call ended. I took my things locked my office door behind me then exited the building. As I was driving to fetch Yam I noticed a red car following me every move that I was doing it was just right behind me. It then drove passed me I changed the lane it changed the lane too and I noticed another same car behind me. There were now two cars following me. I was just panicking but I had to stay focus or else I'll just cause the accident. The person driving the car infront of me kept looking at me on the viewer mirror. I couldn't make up who it was. They then drove away the car behind me drove passed me and took the same direction as the other. I kept driving till I reach the garage I parked my car and took a deep breath. "Now I'm being followed shit" I thought to myself. "Could it be the same people who kidnapped Nonkosi. But why they haven't contacted me demanding some money or something. Right now there's absolutely nothing I can do I just have to wait." I started the engine and drove off. I arrived at my destination I did as instructed and called Yamkele letting him know that I have arrived. Later he came with his bags he put them in the boot then we drove off. During our journey we were both quiet I kept checking if there's any car following us but it was clear. Lunga_: "I'm thinking we should grab takeaways I don't feel like cooking." Yamkele_: "No problem with me." I drove to the mall and we decided on what to buy. Then we went home. Yamkele_: "You know I'm still angry at you for how you behaved and how you treated my sister. That woman loved you and I know wherever she is she is broken."... "You have to find her bhut Lunga you have to." He said in a cool voice. Lunga_: "I don't know where to find her. I don't know how to find her. There's no even one single lead..." I said frustrated. Yamkele_: "Zanele? Zanele is so manythings she is capable of this." I looked at him thinking if he could be right.

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