Part 4 The Shield s2

(Lunga's POV) Monday came I went to work while still on it I received a call from the PI Phumzile; Lunga_: "Hello" Caller_: "Lunga its Phumzile here how are you doing?" Lunga_: "I'm fine and you?" Phumzile_: "I'm good look can we meet during lunch time?" Lunga_: "Do you have something for me already?." Phumzile_: "Not really but I think we need to talk." Lunga_: "Now you having me worried. Let's meet same time same place." Phumzile_: "Okay see you there. Bye." I tried to continue with work but my mind wasn't there anymore. Lunch time came I took my car key cellphone then drove to meet up with Phumzile. I found her already waiting for me. We greeted each other a water came to take our order but we both order sparkling water then we get down to business. Phumzile_: "Okay uhm something strange I found no one has seen her or heard anything from her since 28 June and none of her accounts has been active since then. Her landlord had to sell her things because she stopped making rental payments." I tried to form some words but they failed me so Phumzile continued. Phumzile_: "Lunga look it been a long period of time she's been missing if she's out there how is she surviving without money clothes and shelter. Her accounts should be active somewhere but they are not."... "Here her landlord gave me this. This is her important documents that means she's still in the country but we don't know where. You should contact the police about this." Lunga_: "What have I done? Shit this is all my fault! What if she's now dead?" Phumzile_: "Lunga this is not the time for negative thoughts..." I sighed out loud covering my face with my hands. Phumzile_: "I think my work here is done I'll get going." She left and I sat there lost in my thoughts. If my calculations are correct Nonkosi has disappeared for 10 months now and I didn't noticed. I stood up from my seat took out a R100 note from my wallet and place it on the table. I then walked out I went to my car got inside. I sat there for a while not sure what to do. Moment later I started the engine I drove to the police station. I reported about her disappearance I did all the procedures and they gave me a case number. Detective Ndlovu was going to be the one handling the case. After police station I drove back to work. As I entered the building the receptionist called me and told me that Mr Vilakazi want to see me in his office. I checked my wristwatch I realized I was 3hours late. I went to his office knocked once then entered. He was busy with work he lift up his head and he wasn't looking pleased. Mr Vilakazi_: "So your lunch takes 3 full hours and 30 minutes?" Lunga_: "Uhm I'm sorry." Mr. Vilakazi_: "You are sorry is that what you got to say for yourself? Do you understand that after lunch we were suppose to have a meeting with a client but wena you decided not to show up. I tried to call you but you weren't answering your cellphone." He was kinda shouting to me but my mind wasn't focused to what he's saying. Mr. Vilakazi_: "Lunga? Are you even listening to me?" Lunga_: "Ish look man I'll call Chantel and apologize to her and try schedule another meeting with her for tomorrow or even today this afternoon that if she has a free afternoon." He looked at me then shook his head and continue working. I was about to walk out when my mouth spoke my mind. Lunga_: "Nonkosi is missing." Mr Vilakazi_: "Huh?" Lunga_: "Melissa..." I took a seat and I explained everything to him. Mr Vilakazi_: "Is there anything I can help with?" Lunga_: "Not really we just have to wait for the police to give us something. How am I going to face her family? What I'm going to say to them? What if she's found dead? I... I this is all my fault." Mr Vilakazi_: "Lunga you need to calm down okay. We don't have to jump into conclusions and you don't have to tell her family as yet."... "You know what forget about the meeting with Chantel I'll handle it alone." Lunga_: "No don't worry I'll call her

this is all my fault." Mr Vilakazi_: "Lunga you need to calm down okay. We don't have to jump into conclusions and you don't have to tell her family as yet."... "You know what forget about the meeting with Chantel I'll handle it alone." Lunga_: "No don't worry I'll call her we need to close this deal it been going on for too long now."... "I'll be in my office if you need me." I went to my office first thing I did was to call Chantel and tried to rescheduled another meeting with her for this afternoon if possible. It wasn't easy to get her agreed to our meeting but she finally gave in. After our meeting which went well and she was happy with everything. I went to my place and my day ended. Days passed I tried to keep things normal around my life till this other day Detective came to my work place of which I don't know how he knows where I work. Lunga_: "Detective Ndlovu this is a surprise. I believe you have news for me..." DetcNdlovu_: "Mr Mayendisa I thought I should come and talk to you and maybe ask you some few questions." Lunga_: "Ooh I didn't know you know where I work and you should have call I would have came to you." DetcNdlovu_: "Is there a problem if I come here?" Lunga_: "No. No. Of course not please have a seat." He took a seat. "Can I get you anything to drink?" DetcNdlovu_: "No I'm fine. I have got all my team to work on this case but so far we haven't found any leads. So I have arrange to put her picture posts on billboards everywhere tv and radio by tonight they will be talking about her." "Shit billboards" I said. DetcNdlovu_: "Is the a problem sir?" Okay I didn't mean to say that loud. Lunga_: "Uhm Billboards I haven't told her parents that she's missing I was waiting and hoping you will give me positive feedback. But now they are about to find out through news papers TV and radios." "Hmm" he said looking at me intensed. He took out his notebook from his jacket pocket. "I have few questions to ask you about" he said. I nodded. DetcNdlovu_: "I believe that she your ex wife." I nodded in response. DetcNdlovu_: "Where were you on the day she disappeared 28th June?" Lunga_: "Uhm... Because it was during the weekdays that means I was here at work." DetcNdlovu_: "After work?" Lunga_: "I went home if not my place." DetcNdlovu_: "Why you moved out from your old house?" Lunga_: "Everything with it reminded me of her and I needed a change." DetcNdlovu_: "I believe in the past few months you've been suffering from anger issues" Lunga_: "Ya so? Why all of these questions are based on me. This shouldn't be about me it should be about my wife that is missing." I said feeling a bit irritated. He closed his notebook putting it back in his jacket pocket "I'll be back if I have more questions to ask you so prepare your little temper." He stood up and left without saying goodbye. I asked my boss to leave early that day and he allowed me to. After 2:00pm I packed my things then left. I drove straight to my inlaws resident. I got there they were surprised to see me and I was just nervous. I greeted them only mother inlaw who greeted me back. Lisa's mum_: "Hau ndodana ubekwa yin la singakulindelanga." (What brings you here we weren't expecting you.) Lunga_: "Ngiyaxolisa bazali ngokunganazisi ukuth ngiyeza kodwa into engilethile ibaluleke kakhulu futh imayelana no Nonkosi." (Please forgive me for just showing up unannounced but what brings me here it important and it regarding Nonkosi.) Lisa's dad_: "What about her?" Lisa's mum_: "Khuluma ndodana uyasithusa. Yin kwenzakalan?" (Talk son what happened to her?) Lunga_: "I hired a PI to look her for me I wanted to know where is she and if she's okay. But... But they didn't found her and what stranged is that none of her accounts has been active. I have reported to the police that she's missing." The room filled with silence for few minutes. I was looking down all along. Lisa's dad_: "Leave my house" I lift up my head to face him. Lisa's mum_: "Baba?" (Darling) Lisa's dad_: "I said leave my house now! And when you thinking of coming back you better be coming back with my child alive." I didn't protest I stood up and left the house. Tears burning in my eyes. I found Yamkele outside I looked at him he had no emotions on his face but it seems like he heard the conversation I had with his parents. I walked pass him I wanted to greet him but I had a lump in my throat. I got inside my car and drove off.


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