Part 2 The Shield s2

(Lunga's POV) On the next following day I had a very busy day at work and I didn't have time for my phone. By the time I checked it I found lot of missed calls from my dad and the helper. I decided to call the helper I was too scared to call dad because I thought something wasn't right with him. Caller_: "Lunga Zama came here and took the child. She said you and her agreed that the child will now stay with her family. I tried to call you because I wanted to confirm with you first." Lunga_: "She what?! And you allowed that little witch to take my child." Caller_: "Like I said we tried to call you and we couldn't get hold of you. And she's the mother.." I cut her off ending the call. Nx Zama is really testing me. I dialled her number and it kept ringing with no answer. I then sent her a text; 'You better answer your phone if you know what's good for you' I waited for few minutes then I phoned her again and she answered this time. Lunga_: "What game are you trying to play Zama by taking my child huh?" Zama_: "I'm not playing any game I'm just protecting my child you not good for her!" Lunga_: "Nc nc nc now you know what's good for my child when not even once you bought her nappies clothes or baby formula. How are you going to take care of her?" Zama_: "My parents will take care of her." Lunga_: "Your parents? The same people who chased you out while pregnant and my wife had to took you in. Your parents that wanted nothing to do with that baby for 16 months. Just because they gave out those few lousy coins now you think they can take care of my child."... "I spend R3000 per every month on her your family won't even afford. So I need you to bring back my child in the next 24 hours." Zama_: "Or what? You think you can order me around tell me what to do?! She's also my child too I ..." I cut her off ending the call. I felt the range of anger building up in me a painful pain strike in my head I scream on top of my voice "Aaaaaaaah!" squeezing my head with my hands. My office door swing opened. 1st person_: "Is everything okay here?" 2nd person_: "Here's water please drink." I lift up my eyes to see her she pleaded. I took a glass from tried to hold it by my hands were burning and shaking. I tried to took a sip but the glass almost fell she quickly saved it from falling. My eye shift to everyone the look in their faces made my blood boiled even more they were pitying me and I hated every second of it. Lunga_: "Leave.." that came in a low tone "Everyone leave now!" I shouted with anger which got everyone frighten and started moving away quickly. Even the one who was next to me quickly walked out. Right there Mr Vilakazi walked in he looked at me with no emotions. He closed the door behind him and he walks in. Mr V._: "I think you should take a break from work for as long as you need it. And you need to see someone who is going to help you manage your anger it not only affecting you but it affecting us all." Lunga_: "I don't need a shrink." He look at me and nodded his head then said "Whenever you feel it ranging inside you just breath in and out slowly and count into 10." I looked at him. "I've been there I know how you are feeling." He throw a ball on the wall and it bounced back. "Take this its my stress ball" he squeez it lightly "It helps me a lot when I'm stressed or angry. I'll get myself another one." - It been 2 days now and I haven't been outside the house if I need anything I just order it online and have it delivered right here in my door. I've been behaving like a teenage girl I don't cook I just eat pizza and ice cream and lay on my couch watching cartoon channel day in day out. Honestly alcohol wasn't in my mind it has been a while I haven't drank it plus friends I don't care about friends too anymore. There was a knock on my door apparently I was waiting for my oder so I went to check and it turns out that its Mthoko. I sighed "Agh" Mthoko_: "Ntwana you not happy to see me wassup?" Lunga_: "I thought it a delivery guy

"Agh" Mthoko_: "Ntwana you not happy to see me wassup?" Lunga_: "I thought it a delivery guy what do you want man?" Mthoko_: "To check out my best buddy." He said pushing me aside making his way in. "Yo! Yo! Yo! Ntwana this is so not cool you behaving like a girl eshawa iPMS ha-ha." Lunga_: "You will have to leave my house if you are here to insult me." He disappeared to the kitchen and came back with an empty black plastic bag. Mthoko_: "Here clean up all of this mess." Lunga_: "Who are you coming into my house and order me around!" I could feel that he's starting to piss me off. Mthoko_: "I'm your friend trying to help you out." Lunga_: "Did I ask for your help no! So keep yourself out off my business." Mthoko_: "You don't have to say that you need some help I can see it right through you."... "Look at this place it a mess boxes of pizza and ice cream everywhere cartoon channel is playing come on man this is gayish this is not how a man handle himself." Lunga_: "Nx you bastard please leave my house!" Mthoko_: "I'm not going anywhere wena clean up this mess." Lunga_: "This is my house you can't tell me what to do what not to do!" Mthoko_: "Do I look like I care huh?" Lunga_: "Mthoko do not test me I said leave my house now!" Mthoko_: "Or else what huh? You going to fight me cause that seems like it what you good at in these days." I looked at him he had no emotion of irritation or something and so I wanted to strangled him by his neck. He made himself comfortable in one of my couch and focus on his phone. It was just clear that he's not going anywhere. So I started cleaning up. Mthoko_: "Busy behaving like I'm doing myself a favour kant I'm just helping his ass out." He said through his teeth. Lunga_: "What did you just said?" Mthoko_: "When you done go take a bath and change into something clean." The pizza guy came to deliver my order. I offered Mthoko a bite he said he's fine. So because I was hungry I first ate before going to take a bath. I changed into a dark grey trackpants white tshirt and into my sneakers. As I walk down the steps he was looking at me. Mthoko_: "Now you look fine ntwana and dressed like you read my mind." Lunga_: "Yaz wena you pissing me off." Mthoko_: "Now let's take a drive..." Lunga_: "I'm not going anywhere with you." Mthoko_: "It wasn't a request now lead the way." We walk out got in his car then drove off. There was silent until he played Desiigner (our nigga) Timmy Turner that is the dopest track. We drove till we pull in outside the gym complex. Lunga_: "What are we here for?" He ignore me. He took out two iPods he gave one to me then he stepped out off the car. I also stepped out and followed him. We walk inside he greeted few people then turn to me. Mthoko_: "Warm yourself around." He said that then left me standing there and went to the reception. I looked around I don't know when was the last time I worked out. I decided to do a weighs lifting after some time Mthoko came to me with two water bottles and two towels he gave one to me. Mthoko_: "Let's go do the exercising"... "We are here to take out all your frustrations and anger." We plugged our iPods and started working out. We went on for about 45 minutes. Later we went back home and I was so tired. Next following day he took me for boxing workout. The routine went on for few days and it was really helping me. This one morning I decided to go back to work. I arrived on time went to Mr Vilakazi's office I knocked once then went in. Mr Vilakazi_: "Mr Mayendisa?" Lunga_: "Good morning" Mr Vilakazi_: "Morning. Uhm what brings you here?" Lunga_: "I think I'm ready to come back to work as in today." Mr Vilakazi_: "Ow are you sure about that? You know you can't rush yourself to heal." Lunga_: "I'm perfectly fine now sir." I said confidently. He briefly looked at me "Well if you say so welcome back." Lunga_: "Thank you very much sir." Mr Vilakazi_: "Have you heard anything from Melissa?" Lunga_: "I haven't heard nothing." Mr Vilakazi_: "I wonder how they do it to just disappear into a thin air..." Lunga_: "I hope wherever she is she is safe."


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