Part 10 The Shield s2

(Lunga's POV) As I was driving back to my apartment my phone rang I checked the caller ID and I didn't recognize it so I ignored it. I drove till I arrived. As I was switching off the engine my phone rang again. I answered it because I wasn't driving now. Lunga_: "Hello?" Caller_: "Don't up on me please." Ooh okay it was Senamile. Lunga_: "What do you want Senamile?" Sena_: "I want to see you." Lunga_: "What for?" Sena_: "I need to tell you something please." I sigh. Sena_: "Lunga please I'm begging you." Lunga_: "Fine. Where and when?" Sena_: "Tomorrow I'll come at your workplace during lunch time." Lunga_: "Lunch time is fine." Sena_: "Thank you. Bye." Lunga_: "Sharp." She dropped the call immediately. She was acting weird nje she was talking fast and her voice was husky like she's been crying or she has a flu. I got out of the car then went inside. I found Yam busy cleaning up the kitchen. Lunga_: "Hey man." Yamkele_: "Hey bro." I looked around. Yamkele_: "I-was-cooking." He said as if he's not sure with his statement. Lunga_: "And you did such mess ha-ha ai baba I need to teach you some skills." He looked embarrassed. Lunga_: "I'm going to take a shower I'll be back." I went upstairs took a long shower while I left my phone in the charger charging. I came back dried my body and lotioned it then wore my sleeping clothes. And my phone rang it was Lisa's mum. Lunga_: "Sawbona ma" (Hi mum) Lisa's mum_: "Sawbona ndodana." (Hi son) Lunga_: "Mum why are you whispering?" Lisa's mum_: "I have been meaning to call you but I've been busy with your dad. Now he is sleeping I don't want to wake him up." I still didn't understand why she was whispering. Lunga_: "Ooh okay how is he doing?" Lisa's mum_: "He doing fine my child. Soon it will be his date to go do a check up in the hospital." Lunga_: "Don't worry ma I'll send Yam to take him to the hospital." Lisa's mum_: "Look Lunga there's something I was to tell you." Lunga_: "Yes I'm listening." Lisa's mum_: "I received a call today from the detective he said there's a female dead body found they can't tell who is this person so they want us to come and do a DNA test. Dad doesn't know about this and I cannot tell him." Lunga_: "Wow uhm..." I tried to speak up but words failed me. Lisa's mum_: "Lunga?" Lunga_: "Ma. Look ma this is just hard I'm trying to digest it." Lisa's mum_: "I know my child. It hard for me too but I have to be strong for my family. I'm prepared for anything now." Lunga_: "Okay ma

so what time should we go there? And who is going to look after dad because we not going with him?" Lisa's mum_: "I have arranged that I have asked my sister to come and look after him. I said to dad I'm going to town." Lunga_: "Okay I'll send Yam to fetch you." Lisa's mum_: "No no we will meet in town let's say around about something to 10am. And please come with Yamkele." Lunga_: "Okay ma that is not a problem. We will see each other tomorrow." Lisa's mum_: "Thank you my child bye." Call ended This whole thing was giving me a splitting headache. I went downstairs and found Yam already dished for us. We sat around the table and started eating. He took a bite chew few times and looked at me. I looked at my plate then took a bite I splitted out my food as soon as I tasted it. Lunga_: "Dude are you trying to kill us ha-ha. Did you even taste it while cooking it." Yamkele_: "Ish I did and it wasn't tasty so I added more salts." Lunga_: "And you added the whole bottle of it ha-ha." He stood up and took our plates. Lunga_: "Maybe we can order something." Yamkele_: "Ya sho." I took my phone ordered something online then went to make myself comfortable on the couch listening to some music. Later our order came and I wasn't in the mood for eating anymore. Yam ate his. . . Yamkele_: "Lunga?" Lunga_: "Huh?" Yamkele_: "Why you not eating and you have been quiet ever since the food incident." Lunga_: "Ooh ish just that I have lot in my mind." Yamkele_: "Do you wanna talk about it?" Lunga_: "This thing about Nonkosi is stressing me a lot man." Yamkele_: "How far with the investigation?" Lunga_: "That detective is just an ass nje. I received a call from your mum earlier saying the detective want to see us tomorrow to do some DNA tests because apparently they found a female dead body." Yamkele_: "So my sister is dead..." Lunga_: "I don't know all I know is that I don't trust that detective. But we have to participate along with him." Yamkele_: "Until when?" Lunga_: "Until I finish doing my own investigation. So tomorrow are you available in the morning because you will be going with us..." Yamkele_: "Ya I can avail myself." Lunga_: "Okay cool. Let me go and sleep I feel tired." I left him there went to sleep.


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