Part 1 The Shield s2

(Lunga's POV) This one day I received a call from my dad I was at work on that day. So I answered; Lunga_: "Sawbona baba" (Hi dad) Lunga's dad_: "Unjan ndodana?" (How are you son) Lunga_: "I'm coping dad and yourself?" Lunga's dad_: "I'm fine too son. Uhm listen yesterday Zama came with a letter from her elders they want a meeting with us this coming weekend so I want you to come home." Lunga_: "Meeting? Did they specify what is it about?" Lunga's dad_: "They didn't. When I asked Zama what is it about she said she also have no idea." Lunga_: "Ish okay dad thanks for letting me know I'll arrived on Friday afternoon." We bid our goodbyes with dad then call ended. I wondered what the meeting what was going to be about. As far as I know I don't owe Zama's family anything. Not even once they have tried to see their granddaughter and I didn't mind because my daughter was well taking cared off at home. Friday came I went to work I had a normal day. Later after work I drove straight to home but I first stopped by the shops bought grocery and few of baby things. I arrived at home I found my uncle and aunt already there too. My baby girl was growing too fast crawling everywhere learning to talk. Its so cute how she says some of the words. She's only 16 months and she look so much like me. I'm glad because she blocks away the thought of that I got her out off wedlock. Later everyone went to sleep and I went to sleep in my new bedroom. I wasn't using my old bedroom due to that everything in there reminds me of my wife. In my closet there's still some of her clothese and they smell exactly like her. I haven't fully accepted that I'm now a divorcee. Next following morning I woke up did my morning routine then had a chat with dad. Around about 10:00am Zama and her elders came. She was wearing like a makoti and had her doek covering her hair. My elders seemed to be surprised by this and mina I was more curious than confused. I wanted to know their agenda right there and then. Zama's uncle greeted us and we greeted back. Zama's uncle_: "We thank you for respecting us and agreed to have this meeting." Lunga's uncle_: "Not that you left us with a choice so we would like to know what is the meeting about." Zama's uncle_: "We weren't gonna ask for this meeting if it not important."... "But before we continue we would like to see our granddaughter." I was asked to fetch Madison in her room. I came back with her and hand her to her mum. She was passed around like some sort of a toy or something. I could feel that I was getting irritated about all of this. They then took out two money plastic bags filled with silver coins money and placed it on the table as a cultural way to say long life and great future to the child. My uncle thank them. Zama's dad_: "We would like to proceed. We called this meeting because we are worried about our daughter's well being. When we found out that our daughter is pregnant by your son we were very angry at your son and very disappointed at our daughter." Lunga's uncle_: "And you wanted us to pay the damage and we respected that and paid our fine." Zama's dad_: "Very true but today's meeting is about something else which we were going to ask your son to do it if he wasn't married at that time and we decided not to mention it because we were respecting his wife." Lunga_: "I am not following what are you trying to say exactly?" My dad signed for me to keep quiet. Zama's uncle_: "Uhm we are not trying to disrespect you all but it how we do things. If a boy impregnated our daughter outside wedlock the boy not only has to pay the damage but also has to marry our daughter to cover the shame he had brought to our family. " Lunga's dad_: "What?!" Lunga_: "You might be out of your mind sir that is not going to happen. You also should have made sure that your daughter is inside your premises at night not out in night clubs. None of this would have happen." Lunga's dad_: "So you'll are here to take advantage of my son's situation. You really have no shame not even the Royal family can come and tell me that in my house." Lunga's uncle_: "Hmm" Lunga's dad_: "I would you to leave my house." I stood up took my child from Zama "Ya fuck off leave now!" I shouted. I was so angry at them how could they come to my home and tell me that shit. They have no respect for my wife. My aunt came rushing and took the child from me. I lashed out got in my car and drove off. I was so angry I really don't get these people who comes into other people's life and try to do things as they pleased. I drove around until I was really cool. Then I went back home my elders wanted to talk to me. They gave me a long speech how all of this is my fault. Sunday came before I left I went to my bedroom just to look around. I notice a white envelop that was given to me on day of reading mum's will. You know I don't like receiving letters like this. I took it as a person who was going to read it. Later on the day I went back to my house. Monday I went to work. I tried to have my normal day but it wasn't long something tricked my anger. I tried to focus but I couldn't I felt a lump here in my throat my palms got moisture. I found myself calling Zama. Lunga_: "Where are you? We need to talk." Zama_: "Uhm I'm at the res I don't have classes today." Lunga_: "Okay" I dropped the call and I took my car key then left. I arrived at her res she was with her room mate. I didn't even greet. I looked at her room mate and said to her "Please excuse us." She walk out without a uttering a single word. I turned to look at Zama. Lunga_: "The weekend what was it all about?" I asked walking up to her. Zama_: "What do you mean?" She ask rolling her eye. I held her arm roughly and I tight my grip on her she scream in pain. Lunga_: "Do not give me attitude because you will regret it" I said through my teeth my jaws tight. Zama_: "Okay. Lunga you hurting me." I didn't let her go Lunga_: "Where are they getting the idea that I should marry you huh?" Zama_: "I don't know." I tighten my grip harder. She plead me to let her go tears forming in her eyes. Lunga_: "Why are you lying to me how did they know that I'm now divorced huh? You told them right?" Zama_: "Yes-yes I told them but I didn't plant the idea in their minds. I-I had no idea that dad was going to ask you to marry me now. Thing is my dad is an old fashion and very strick he just want things to be done by his way. Please believe me Lunga." Lunga_: "What makes you think I'll believe you huh?" Zama_: "Please I don't want to marry you I don't." Lunga_: "Good now I need you to stop this nonsense. Make your family to stop this or else..." I let her go she look at her arm rubbing it tears rolling down her cheeks. I then left her there. Got to my car I stayed there for a while before starting the engine.


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