Divorce is not something I wish for anyone to go through not even my enemy. My break up with my wife really destroyed my family. I could see that my father was hurting inside and disappointed in me that goes with the rest of the family. They made it clear that they are not going to accept the twins in the family and not that I minded neither do I wasn’t really convinced that they are mine although they look like me.
Few months after the divorce I decided to move out of that house everything with it reminded me of my wife. The house was suppose to be hers but she refused it saying it has a lot of unbearable memories. She was right about that I started to have anger towards myself. There was this pain inside me I so wanted it to come out so I let the anger affect people who are around me. And staying in that house made it worse after sometime I thought you know what I need a change but renting a flat wasn’t an option. I bought myself a house

a big one too. You know I’m not good with decorations so I hired an interior designer to do all the work. My house looked beautiful white grey black and red are colours that are dominated in my house. Bachelor colours a house will never be homely without a woman.
One of the day I received a call from my in laws apparently they were checking up on us and they wanted to talk to Melissa so I had to make up a lie saying I’m not with her and her phone is problematic. Though my excuse didn’t sound convincing but I had to try. That call made me realize that her parents they haven’t heard anything about the divorce and Melissa hasn’t gone home to see them or be in contact with them. That really had me worried. I tried to call her number but it went straight to voice mail. I then call her friends they said they don’t know where she was and haven’t seen her for a while. At work I tried to find out at Sam but he also seemed to be clueless about her where abouts. At her work – the last time they saw her was the day she came and appointed a new acting CEO and left leaving her car behind. That was the last time they saw her.
There was nothing I can do living with lies taught me how bad and painful consequences are. It might sound selfish of me but I had to go to my in laws and come clean to them. I explained everything to them how I have failed them as their son in law. By the look in their eyes all I could see was hurt and hate they have on me. But I do not blame them for that.
I wish there was a way to change things. I wish there was hope for another chance with my wife. Losing my wife made me realize how much I love her and that there will be no woman who will love me like she did.

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