Part 9 The Shield

(Lunga's POV) . I'm with the guys enjoying ourselves while braaing the meat. Don side poke me Don_: "Zanele is here" Lunga_: "What?" Don_: "Yep thought I should let you know" I became a bit uneasy now about Zanele's presence Mthoko appear walking with Mbali Mbali_: "Hey Lunga" Lunga_: "Sho sho" I said looking away sipping his beer Mbali_: "Have you seen Zanele?" Lunga_: "Nope" Mbali_: "She's around" she said looking for her Mthoko_: "Babe I think you should go to your friends now" he said kissing her on her cheek Mbali_: "See you around boys" she said and walk away Lunga_: "Why she's here?" Mthoko_: "Who?" Don_: "You know who we talking about" Mthoko_: "She's with Mbali. And besides Mbali is my woman" Lunga_: "But why did you brink Sim" Mthoko_: "Aah loyo we not in good terms. She found out about Mbali" Don_: "Mara why do you have to mess things up that woman loves" I then saw my wife coming our way I left my friends and walk to her. Lunga_: "Where are you going?" Melissa_: "To the restroom" Lunga_: "Should I come with you" Melissa_: "No need for that" Lunga_: "Sho?" she nodded..."Do you know how beautiful you are Mrs. Mayendisa" I said pulling her to kiss her. We broke it after a while... "Now go" I broke the hold and let her walk away. When I looked up I found Mbali and Zanele looking at me. It seems like they saw that cozy moment I had with my wife. Well I'm glad and I care less about it. I now hope Zanele won't come near me today since we are here. I stopped to look at them then walk to my friends . (Melissa's POV) . I got in the restroom did my deeds got done

looked myself in the mirror did few touch ups on my face then walk out. Outside the restroom I find Mbali and Zanele waiting I greeted them then walk pass them but these two didn't greet back but I ignore it. Instead of going back to the yard I first stopped at the kitchen because I wanted to drink my medication. Right on that moment Zanele and Mbali walked in talking Mbali_: "You see Mthoko OMG ai shame" Zanele_: "That one is crazy you know" I continue with what I was doing not paying attention to them but then they mention Lunga's name I now listen to them but not showing. I kept myself busy on my phone Mbali_: "Did you see how hot Lunga is today" Zanele_: "Phela my man has a style unlike his other friends" Mbali_: "Ai phela that one shame Mr. serious with suites" They both laughs I'm just curious to know which Lunga they are talking.. Mbali_: "How's things between you two vele?" Zandile_: "Aah chomi we are good you know just iphazamiso ke they are there trying to find their way in" she said rolling her eyes Mbali_: "Well you should..." she didn't finish her sentence because Lunga walk in Lunga_: "Wife I've been looking for you kudala uhambile" he said as he walk up to me Melissa_: "Ooh ya just got held up by something here on my phone" I said showing up my phone Lunga_: "Okay come" he said taking my handbag on the counter his hands on my waist as we walk out Zanele_: "Is that your wife Lunga" she ask with the fake smile Lunga turn to look at her then click his tongue a little and carryon walking with his wife. Don_: "You found her" Melissa_: "What? You'll thought I was lost" Mthoko_: "Phela this house is big so we wouldn't know" he said smirking at me Melissa_: "No man I wasn't lost hau" Lunga_: "I found her at the kitchen.."... "Babe are you still good" Melissa_: "I feel like going home now" Lunga_: "Gents me and wifey got to bounce now" = They bid their goodbyes to everyone. On their way home IMelissa was quiet thinking about what Zanele and Mbali were talking about. Lunga will be making a little conversation and she would just answer him with one words. Lunga eventually kept quiet too and drove in silence. He knows something went down there in the kitchen he just hope it isn't so bad. They arrived at their home they both decided to take a shower together. When they were done they got in bed and lay on their backs. = I was lotion my hands when I spoke up. Melissa_: "Who were those two ladies at the kitchen" I ask still massaging my hands not looking Lunga. Lunga_: look at Melissa before answering "Mbali and Zanele" Melissa_: I turn to look at Lunga "Who are they?" Lunga_: "They are friends Mbali is Mthoko's girlfriend" Melissa_: "Ooh" I said that looking away from ku Lunga We both keep quiet for a while till Lunga broke it Lunga_: "Why you ask" Melissa_: "It something they said and it occupying my mind" Lunga_: "They said it to you" Melissa_: "No they were talking to each other" Lunga looked Melissa but Melissa had no expression emotions on her face.

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