Part 8 The Shield

(Melissa's POV) . Days pass things between Lunga and I they were still good. This one morning we were having breakfast. Its a weekend actually so we are both not working. Melissa_: "Yaz it been a weeks and I haven't heard anything from Senamile" Lunga eye her then say nothing "She was here next thing boom she's gone left without saying anything she's not even bothered to call and explain_ who does that" Lunga_: "I never liked her vele" he said randomly Melissa_: look at him "Where is that coming from?" Lunga_: "From me my honestly"..... "What?! Dont give me that look. Vele I never liked her I just tolerated her" Melissa_: "Yo okay"..."Even her parents numbers they are not working anymore they just say 'THE SUBSCR..." I didn't finish my sentence because he interrupted me. Lunga_: "Are we seriously going to talk about her ai man" he said standing up leaving Melissa_: "Where you going now?" I asked confused by my husband reactions Lunga_: "Going to take a bath" he said as he walks away Melissa_: "But your food.." Lunga_: "I'm not hungry anymore I just lost my appetite" I was just confused about Lungas reactions but I figure it out that maybe he really didn't like Senamile he just tolerated her. I finished eating my breakfast alone cleaned up the kitchen and the rest of the house. When I was done I walk up to our bedroom and Lunga was ready and set to go Melissa_: "Going somewhere?" I asked Lunga_: "Yea there's a braai at Mthoko's place" Melissa_: "Ow can I tag along" I ask excitedly but Lunga just look at me ..."pretty please I could use some going out" Lunga_: "Go out with your friends" Melissa_: "Please don't be like that.." Lunga_: "Fine" Melissa_: "Thank you. Thank you. Let me go bath" I said running to the ensuite Lunga_: "Make it quick" Melissa_: "Take out an outfit for me" shouting at the other side Lunga took out a naive skinny jeans folded at the bottom a naive shirt and a doek. The outfit he chose for her matches with his. He's wearing a navy chicago pants and a white t-shirt and a naive jacket

and a doek. The outfit he chose for her matches with his. He's wearing a navy chicago pants and a white t-shirt and a naive jacket and his Timberland boots. Few minutes later I came back dried my body start wearing my boy leg sport bra jeans shirt and all. Melissa_: "You want me to tie my hair with a doek?" Lunga nodded I tied my doek in a nice and neat stylish way. Lunga helped me to wear my pair of Timberland boots too. We both look good in our matching outfits. On our way to Mthoko's apartment Lunga_: "I have asked Don to come with his wife too" he said Melissa_: "Ooh ok that would be fun and it been a while I haven't seen her" Lunga_: "You too should be come friends" Melissa_: "Lol not so sure about that.." Lunga look at me then concentrate on the road again We arrived at the party and it was already full cars parked outside. Lunga_: "You not going to drink." Melissa_: "Not even nakancane nje" (Not even a little?) Lunga_: "No and besides you're on your medication" We walk inside helding hands we did few greetings in our way then we met up with Don Don_: "Dude wassup" bump each other these guys style Lunga_: "Sho sho ntwana" Don_: "Mrs. Mayendisa" smirking a little Melissa_: "Haha can you please stop being professional with me it either you call me Melissa or Lisa" Don_: "Hahaha I'll call you 'Munt ka Mnganam" Melissa_: "Ha-ha yea right" Lunga_: "sho manje ntwana nihleli vha vele? " Don-: "Let's go outside." The house was a bit empty most people were sitting outside having fun music playing on a normal volume. Don led us to where his wife was sitting. She was sitting with some lady nje drinking what seems like a wine. Don's wife Luyanda_: "Awusemuhle mfazi ka Lunga" (You look beautiful Lunga's wife) Melissa_: "Dlala ngam kodwa" (Ow please) Other Lady_: "Muhle nyani" (You really are beautiful) Luyanda_: "Kutheni uzifihla na you don't come to visit" (why you hiding yourself) Melissa_: "Lol never thought of it." Don_: "Ladies let us leave you ne" Lunga pulled me to him Lunga_: "I'll go get you something to drink then I'll be with the guys when you need me" I nodded ..."Lunga mase uyayeka ukukhophoza there's no in laws la" he said pinching my cheeks playfully ..."Have fun"

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