Part 6 The Shield

Me_: "I'm sick." I said not looking at him but my piece of cake in my lap. Lunga_: "You are sick." I kept quiet "Is it related to your abdominal pains?" I nodded he took a bite of his cake with his folk. "Come sit here" I first hesitated Me_: "Lunga my fallopian tubes are blocked at this stage I can't have kids" He sighed. We both kept quiet. I put my side plate on a coffee table.. Lunga_: "When did you found out about this?" Me_: "Yesterday. Last Wednesday went for a check up then yesterday the results came back.." he kept quiet "The doctor want to see us both before I start treating this." Lunga_: "Come here" he said pulling me to him "we will get through this" . (Lunga's POV) . I pulled her to my embrace we stayed like that for a moment till I felt her tears on my chest through my shirt I brushed her back till she fell asleep. I carried her to bed I watch her sleeping but I couldn't any longer so I took my car keys left to see my friend Don. Don_: "Hey man you just chose to surprise me with your presence" Me_: "Howzit man?" Don_: "I'm doing good dog want something to drink?" Me_: "Yea I want something strong" he pour us a scotch with no ice. I down mine in a second "Another one" he pour another stiff for me I down it again "more.." Don_: "Hee baba this is not a bar" he said looking at me Me_: ''Please man with ice now'' he pour another with ice for me then went to sit on a couch. Don_: "What is it

I can see that something is troubling you." Me_: "I did a flop man and Melissa is sick I know she needs me because this is affecting us both.." I sip my scotch after Don_: "I'm not going to ask you anything about your flops but you need to get your acts straight. You are a married man not a boy you can't just play around that being disrespectful to your wife and we no longer in high school.." I kept quiet sip my scotch again "I'm not going to tell you whats to do but you have to do the right thing. And I think you should leave too" Me_: "You are chasing me out of your house?" I ask because I didn't expect he will ask me to leave Don_: "No I'm asking you to go to your wife because she needs you not to your mistress or EMT but to your wife.." I know he has a point. While I was driving to home a thought came across my mind that its the best if I ends things with Zanele and focus in my marriage. I got home went to check on my wife she was still asleep I stayed and look at her. I have a beautiful wife though.. Next morning we both prepared to go to church the service was good and powerful. After church I took my wife to eat lunch out after that went to watch a movie. For our supper we bought take aways to eat at home. Me_: "Baby I think we should see a doctor any day this week."...."the sooner we do this the better" Melissa_: "Okay I'll make an appointment with him." . . . Croptop:-\

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