Part 5 The Shield

Next morning I wake up with a splitting headache I drank pain killers then went to take a bath. After I was done I went down stairs and I found Sena and Lunga laughing so hard. Sena was wearing her short pjams. Me_: "Morning's" I said as I walk pass them Sena_: "You look like dead person" Me_: "With one cup of black coffee I'll be fine" I said Sena_: "Lol I'm going to take a bath" I drank my coffee like it the last thing tasty in the world when I turn around I was alone in the kitchen now well that didn't bother me because I don't want to talk to Lunga. I finished drinking my coffee for I'm not in the mood for food so I went to my room took my laptop to check emails I forgot to check emails yesterday. I had few mails and one of them was from Doc Maphumulo "ow shit my appointment was yesterday" I phoned him.. Me_: "Doc Maphumulo its Melissa here"..."I'm good doc. I believe I was suppose to have an appointment with you yesterday and I would like to send my apologies for not coming"..."I was wondering if I could come today that if you are available or we can arrange for another day.."..."Okay that is not a problem I'll be the in 30 minutes" I ended the call change to my skinny jeans long sleeve t-shirt and my ankle boots. It a bit cold outside. Took my clutch bag then went down stairs I found Lunga playing a TV game. Me_: "I'm going somewhere I'll be back." Lunga_: he just look at me "That somewhere doesn't have a name." Me_: "I'll tell you when I come back."..."Senamile?!" Her_: "Yah" Me_: "I'm going out I'll be back" Sena_: "I'm coming with you.." Me_: "No. No need too. Bye" I took my car keys then walk out. When I get there I was told to go in the doctor is waiting for me. Doc_: "Mrs. Mayendisa" he said as he stand up. Me_: "Hi doc" I said as I put a warm smile Doc Maphumulo_: "Please have a sit" I muttered thank you. "How are you feeling today?" Me_: "I'm good doc thanks. And you?" Doc Maphumulo_: "I'm fine"..."Your results are back and.. " Doc Maphumulo_: "When I did that ultrasound I took the scan for X-ray and it showing that you are suffering from Hydrosalpinx both your Fallopian tubes are blocked. That is why you have been having abdominal pains.." Me_: "What does that mean does it mean I wont be able to have kids" Doc Maphumulo_: "Well that is not the case if it can not be treated then you can't have babies because the fertilization won't happen. But as soon as it cured you can have babies with no problems." I kept quiet I don't know what to say "You don't have to worry about yourself. I need you to come with your husband so I can explain this more in depth with both of you available then we can start treating you. You need your husband to support you in this one." Me_: "Okay doc I hear you and I'll talk to my husband" Doc Maphumulo_: "Very well then

as soon as you have talked to him book an appointment with my PA"... "You are free to go Mrs. Mayendisa" I thank the doctor then walk out I drove to the nearest restaurant to buy take aways for me Lunga and Sena. At Woolworths I bought 2 black forest cakes and tin roof ice cream. When I got home the house was quite empty. I put the items inside the fridge went to my room to take off my shoes then wore my sleeper. Went to the guestroom Sena was not there I tried to phone her but she wasn't answering so I sent her a text "Where are you?". I watched the TV till I fell asleep. When I wake up it was 11pm I drag myself to bed changed in to my pjams got in bed I fell asleep immediately I didn't notice if Sena was back or not but definitely Lunga wasn't at home. When I woke up next morning he was sleeping next to me I know he came early hours of the morning. I felt so tired my body was painful I have never slept a lot like this. Went to take a bath then went to make breakfast for 3 of us. When I was done I went to call Sena for breakfast and again she's not in her room. On my way to the kitchen I met Lunga. Him_: "Morning's" Me_: "Hi" I sat on a table then started eating my breakfast Lunga sat across me and ate his too. Me_: "Where's Senamile?" Him_: "She left." I stopped eating at look at him Me_: "What?.. What do you mean by she left?" He look at me. Him_: "She took her bags then left" Me_: "Did she say why she had to leave" Him_: "No" I could hear in his voice that I'm starting to annoy him so I took my phone and phone Senamile it went straight to voicemail this time. I couldn't understand how a can person leave like that without saying. But lets just say there was an emergency at home that why she left. After we ate we cleaned up the kitchen we got done I went to change to my gym clothes so that I can take a walk. Its going to help me clear my mind there's a lot that I'm dealing with. Me_: "I'm going out for a walk." Lunga_: "Okay" I took my phone then left. The moment I started walking I felt like crying. There's so much happening in my life and I know I can't share it with mum yet again not with my friends. Lunga is not sleeping at home I know he thinks maybe I don't know because every morning when I wake he's there. And there's no way that it his work that is keeping him away from home till the morning or it his friends. This is simple nje he's cheating and I know he's sleeping with her.. How am I going to deal with this if I tell him the news from the doctor they might push him away further. I went back home luckily he was still there busy on his laptop. I went to take a bath changed put some of our laundry in the washing machine left the one that needs hand wash maybe I'll wash them after I have talked to Lunga about what the doctor said. I went down stairs. Me_: "Do you want some?" I asked as I cut a thick slice of black forest cake. Lunga_: "Please" I cut a slice for him too. I gave him. Me_: "Can we talk.." he look at me I look at him too with a serious face. He stoop up went to sit on a two seat couch and I sat on one seat couch. He waited for me to start talking.

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