Part 4 The Shield

(Melissa's POV) Today my friend Senamile is coming over. Its Thursday I'm working a half day then tomorrow I'm not working at all. Around about 12:00pm I knock off at work then drove to the airport to get her. Her plane is at 1:00pm here so in the mean time I'll have my lunch in one of the restaurants then do a small (nyana) shopping for me and my husband just to kill time. I did so at 1pm the plane landed and I went to look for Sena. It seems like she saw me first.. Sena_: "Looking for me" she said behind me and I turn to see its her. Me_: "Hey you" I said hugging her and she hugged me back. Her_: "Are you good?" Me_: "I'm doing fine you look good and gained some weight in the right places though" Her_: "Ow please I don't look good more than yourself"... "shall we" We walk to my car having a lite conversation on our way home we pass at the mall to buy few goodies. We got home we prepared supper together she told me about her work life and love life. Well she's a lesbian her and her partner they seem to be happy together. We finished cooking and ate our meal alone without Lunga. Her_: "And where is your husband?" Me_: "Probably he's coming late today they are kind of busy at his work these days." Her_: "Okay. I'm off to bed now I'm tired and sleepy" Me_: "Ayt girlfriend sleep well." Her_: "Don't forget to make arrangements for tomorrow's day. Sharp" She walk away I stayed in the kitchen don't know for what reasons. I tried to call Lunga but he wasn't answering his phone. I dish up his food and put it in the warmer just incase he comes home hungry then I went to sleep too. I fell asleep immediately I put my head on my pillow. I'm woken up by the running water in the ensuite that means he just got home I check the time in my phone it 3:30am. I felt my heart pounding. Water stopped running few minutes later he came out and I pretended to be asleep I could hear and imagine every each move he's making he then got in- in bed. I could feel his eyes on my back but I just carryon pretending to be sleeping. Next morning I wake up went to take a bath wore my gown then went to make breakfast for everyone. As I was in the middle of making breakfast Sena came. Her_: "Morning friend" Me_: "Heya slept well?" Her_: "Yea I did wena?" Me_: "Same here" Her_: "How far and needs some help" Me_: "Almost done please warm up some milk" Her_: "okay. Your husband is still asleep?" Me_: "Ya he is" Her_: "I hope he's not avoiding my presence" Me_: "Don't be silly I'm sure he's not." Her_: "He didn't eat last night

maybe you should bring him breakfast in bed" I kept quiet I am so not in the mood for talking I wish she could not speak for some moment nje. Her_: "Back on earth" Me_: I just look at her with a blank face "hmm?" Her_: she look at me before talking again "Are you okay?" Before I even reply I heard Lunga greeting. Lunga_: "Morning ladies" he walk to me grab me by my waist to him and kiss me deep long and hard. Sena_: "Come on guys get a room" Lunga broke the kiss I didn't kiss him back. "I'm going to take a shower" she said as she is about to leave. Me_: "No don't breakfast is ready now. Lets eat together before it get cold then you can go and have your bath." I set the table we gathered together pray then dug in. . Around about 10am Sena and I left the house went to the mall where we were meeting up with others. Both Ntombi & Thandi_: "OMG when did you arrive?" They spoke at the same time hugging Senamile with excitement. (These two behave like twins trust me) Sane_: "Lol I arrived yesterday" she said smiling to them. We decided on the activities we were going to do. We went to watch a Movie "Happiness is a 4 letter WORD" after watching it we went for a little shopping you know how girls love shopping. Then after we went to a restaurant to have our lunch. Waiter came to take our orders shortly our food was served we ordered a bottle of wine. I'm not a fan of alcohol but I do drink wine when I'm with my friends. Sena_: "Guys" she said unexpectedly we turn to look at her and she smiles "She ask me to marry her" "What??!!" All three of us. Ntombi_: "Are you serious?" Me_: "I've been with you where is the ring?" She pull her bag and took out a ring box and gave it to me. "OMG this is beautiful piece" Thandi_: "Let me see.." I pass it to her. She and Ntombi did some screaming goodness. I just stared at her smiling. Sena_: "Please stop staring me like that.." she said laughing Thandi gave it back to her "Put it on". She did so and showed us her finger. Ntombi_: "It fit you perfectly and its look beautiful in your hand." Sena_:"I didn't say yes to her" she said playfully Ntombi_: "But you just said yes now by putting it in your finger" lol Me_: "So lento yenu iserious ne.." Sena_: "Uyabona nawe akubuzwa lol" (As you can see no questions asked.) We ordered more wine more and more and more wine to celebrate these good news. We moved from the restaurant to News cafe we had more wine there too till it late. We were really drunk to drive Ntombi's boyfriend came to fetch her and Thandi and I tried to phone Lunga so he can fetch us too but I wasn't getting hold of him so I had to drive.

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