Part 3 The Shield

When I got home I did house chores. Later the day I got a call from my friend Senamile we hardly talk but she's one of my good friends. She stays out of town and also work there. Me_: "When are you coming this side to visit?" Sena_:"That why I am phoning you. I'm coming in the next 3days and I have got some good news to share with you'll" she said with amused. Me_: "The news sounds exciting can't wait" I said Sena_: "Can I stay at your home for 2days before I go to my parents home?" Me_: "That is not a problem I'll talk to my husband" Sena_: "Okay friend thanks a lot ne I got to go now bye" Me_: "Before you go can I tell Thandi and Ntombi that you coming?" Sena_: "No no please don't its a surprise to them lol" Me_: "Okay bye then" we ended the call. It was time for me to cook supper so I did so. Lunga came home late tonight and says that he's full because he had a dinner meeting so they had a big meal with the client. He went to take a shower. Me_: "Can I join you so I can wash your back maybe?" Lunga_: "No. Not today" Me_: "Okay" He went up stairs. I stayed and ate my food alone. I normally eat my food alone now because he comes home late and says he had lot of work to finish up. I finished eating then watch my favorite sopie he came to join me but he didn't sit next to me he sat alone and focused on his phone. Me_: "Senamile is coming to town in the next 3days" Lunga_: he look up at me "ooh" Me_: "So she was wondering if maybe she can crash in here with us for 2days before she goes to her parents" Lunga_: "What do you want?" Me_: "Are you serious right now"..."this is not about what I want. This is our house and we need to discuss it and come to an agreement together. Why are you being like this now?"... "Ish" I said rubbing my pelvic. I'm feeling the pains again today "Aaah" I scream in pain Lunga look at me the pain stroke again I scream louder he walk to me slowly "Nonkosi what's wrong?" he ask as he sit next to me (did he also called me Nonkosi) "" I am feeling breathless now I could feel my temperature building up. "Should I take you to the hospital?" "No just get me pain killers please" he went to get pain killers and came back with water too. "But you are sweating Nonkosi and you burning" he look at me the pains are unbearable "I really need to take you to the hospital come" "No take me to bed if I still feel the pains tomorrow then I'll go." . (Lunga's POV ) . I couldn't sleep very well I kept checking on my wife if she's sleeping and comfortable. I know I'm not a good husband to her though I don't know if she sees that and decide to ignore it but I still care about her. Its 8:00am in the morning

but I still care about her. Its 8:00am in the morning she doesn't sleep till it this time but she's still asleep and I won't wake her up. I have already reported at our work that we won't be coming in today. Zanele don't understand if I tell her that I won't be able to see her today I'll be working at home because my wife is sick. She keeps texting me so I decided to put my phone on silent. I went to the master bedroom to check on Nonkosi I have just finished cooking soft porridge for her. I found her not in bed the water in the ensuite were running I figure it out she's taking a bath. I looked what she's going to wear and I chose a summer dress that I like. I love it when she's wearing this dress she looks so beautiful in it. She came out at look at me with shock. Her_: "What are you doing here ain't you supposed to be at working?" Looking all confused. Me_: "I'm not going to work same goes to you." Her_: "Why? Is it about yesterday I'm feeling much better today" Me_: "That doesn't mean anything to me you are still not going to work. If you want to go somewhere I'll take you to see a doctor if not so wear this dress and come have your breakfast. I made a soft porridge for you.." Her_: "Why this dress?" Me_: "Because it my favorite" I answered innocently. Her_: "Its my favorite too" she said with a warm smile. She dry herself wore the dress then went down stairs with me we ate and we watched a movie later I made lunch for us. In a middle of our lunch I checked my phone.. Me_: "I have to go to the office" I said not looking at her. Her_: "Now. But why?" Me_: "There's something urgently that needs me" Her_: "Okay you can go please don't be too long." Me_: "Okay" I stood up and kiss her on the forehead "Don't cook supper I'll bring something" then I left. . -Dedicated to Minnie

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