Part 2 The Shield

Next morning when I wake up he wasn't here I don't know whether he slept here or what. I wake up prepared myself to go to work. When I got at work I tried to call him I wanted to know if he's okay but he wasn't answering my calls. I just felt so drained so I decided to phone mama. Me_: "Hello mama" Mum_: "Hello my child. How are you doing?" Me_: "I'm okay how you'll are doing at home?" Mum_: "We all fine just your brother who has his own things nje" Me_: "Lol he is still young he will change as he grow older. Where's Pa? " Mum_: "Outside with his van or garden. Don't know which one he's doing. You know how he is he take care of his van & garden like a 2year kids." Me_: "Lol he's getting old and staying at home not doing anything bores him. I think he misses work." Mum_: "Isnt you working today?" Me_: "I am. I'm calling you from work." Mum_: "Tell me what's wrong?" Me_: "I'm.." Mum_: "Yey don't tell me you are fine because you not. I carried you 9months so I know you. " Me_: "We had a fight yesterday night.." Mum_: "Is that all?" Me_: "Well I think he...he didn't sleep at home" Mum_: "What are you trying to say to me Nonkosi that you allowed your husband not to sleep at home. If he didn't sleep at home where did he sleep huh??" I kept quiet mum is shouting at me now and I think I deserve it. "Wathula I'm talking to you!" Me_: "I don't know where he slept and...And I've been trying to phone him his not taking my calls" my voice is breaking now I didn't realize that I am crying. Mum_: "This is not good. This is not good at all Nonkosi. Fix this and fix it now today!!" Me_: "But mama how?" Mum_: "You are a married woman you will know!" She ended the call I sat there in tears few minutes after I gathered myself together and tried to do some work. During lunch time I decided to bring lunch for Lunga. I hardly come to his work maybe I should come more often. The receptionist here is not friendly she got an attitude nje but ke I won't entertain it. She allowed me to go through she didn't say anything about Lunga having a meeting with a client in his office. I knock once and open. There he was with a lady standing next to him while he is sitting on his chair. The lady trying fixing herself it like I have interrupted something but I brush it off maybe it me being paranoid nje. Me_: "Hi my Love I didn't know you have a meeting I came to bring you some lunch but I can drop it and leave you into it..." Lunga_: "Aah Hum..." he look at the lady they both look at each other like they are communicating with their eyes. The Girl_: "No it cool" she said turning to look at me "I was on my way out Hum Mr. Mayendisa please get that feedback to be send to me by the end of today" she walk out. Me_: "I brought you lunch I hope you hungry." Lunga_: "You shouldn't have thank you." He's not looking at me in the eyes. Me_: "I wanted to and you my husband it my duty that I make sure you eat every time. " he smile at me and start eating his sandwich "I'm sorry about last night I didn't mean to snap at you the anger got into me. Please believe me when I say I am not cheating on you." Lunga_: he just look at me with a blank face "I want a child." WTF "We are 2 and half year married

we suppose to have a child by now." It has been few days since Lover said he want a child. We have never talked about having a baby before but I knew one day we will have to have one. I'm not sure if I am ready to be a mum you know. Having a child now that will means less time of my career but I'm also a married woman now I don't have a bad or a right time to fulfill my husband's needs. So today I have an appointment with my gynae for some check up and all. You know how science can amaze you you can now check and schedule for your safe days to conceive a child and which positions are more likely to help you and your partner conceive a baby boy or a baby girl. I am kind of excited about my appointment and I chose to go alone I didn't tell him about it but on my next appointment I'll go with him. All over the sudden I just feel so sick but you know the feeling is mutual. Being in the doctor's room has never been an easy place to be because anything is possible in here. Well my turn came to go in. Doc Maphumulo_: "How are you doing Mrs. Mayendisa" Me_: "I am fine and a bit nervous of course" Doc Maphumulo_: "It's understandable can I get you a glass of water?" He gave me a warm smile. Me_: "Yes please" not that I needed water but I just said yes. My hands are moisture due to that I'm nervous. The doc gave me glass of water and I took a sip. Doc Maphumulo_: "Shall we start?" I nodded "Okay how old you are?" Me_: "27" Doc Maphumulo_: "Do you experience any sleepless nights?" Me_: "Not unless I am stressed or worried about something." I answered honestly. Doc Maphumulo_: "Your circle comes after how many days?" Me_: "Normally after 24 days at exactly at the 24th day." Doc Maphumulo_: "How long is your circle?" Me_: "5 days" Doc Maphumulo_: "Have you ever been pregnant before?" Me_: "No." Doc Maphumulo_: "Are you in any contraceptives?" Me_: "No" Doc Maphumulo_: "Do you experience any pains in your lower body." I kept quiet thinking "You can tell me anything you don't have to be shy" Me_: "I do sometimes feel some pains and especially after me and my husband been intimate" I said looking down at my hands. Doc Maphumulo_: "Okay. We are going to run some tests and do an ultrasound right?" I nodded. He went out and came back shortly he took the samples of my blood did some paper work he then asked me to lay on bed so he could do an ultrasound he put some cold gel in my pelvic then ran a mouse on my pelvic and concentrate on a TV screen. Few minutes later he said he's done and gave me a wiper to clean myself. He is motionless on his face so I can't tell if he saw something wrong or what but I conclude to myself that everything is just fine. So he said he will call me as soon as the result are back. I thank him and walk out.

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