Part 1 The Shield

It been 2 years now since we got married I must say things has been good life has been good. So tonight as usual I am preparing supper for me and my husband. I always make sure we eat healthy I'm that person who is very strict about our every day diet. My husband should be here by now it almost 7:30pm well he's late but ke not that I mind because I just finished cooking for us. So I dish up and put our food in the warmer. You know mum use to tell me that I should always wait up for my husband to come home and have supper together because it gives us that time to spend together and talk about everything so I'll wait for Lunga to come home. I waited and waited and waited till I lost my appetite so I just ate yoghurt. It is now 11:30pm and he is not at home yet I tried to call him at first he wasn't answering now it on voicemail. So I decided to go to bed and sleep. I couldn't sleep I kept tossing and turning I was really worried what if something bad happened to him. I don't know when I fell asleep but I wake up in the morning he was there next to me sleeping. I didn't hear him arriving but he might come early hours of the morning. I looked at him he is fast asleep and don't seem to be hurt or anything so I went to take a shower came back chose work clothes for us. I am supposed to wake him up but I let him sleep a bit so I went to make breakfast for us. Okay one of the food in the warmer is eaten that makes me happy. After I was done preparing breakfast I went to wake him up. Me_: "Love. Love wake up" (shaking him up gentle) Lunga_: "Hmm" Me_: "Go take a bath and get ready to go to work... Love?" Lunga_: "Not now Melissa." (He said with husky sleepy voice) Me_: "But you going to be late for work." Lunga_: "No I'll start late today." Me_: "Okay" (kissed his forehead) I went to eat my breakfast after I wore my work clothes. You know I am always on point when it comes to my appearance I make sure that my hair is well done my nails my matching outfit with my shoes and Clutch Bag . Ow my I love shoes when I go for shopping I buy shoes more than any other things. I am driving a Red and black Range Rover Evoque woo I love this car my next car it should be a jaguar  width=:-). Arrived at work the day went well same old dealing with paper work trying meet up deadlines and having meetings with clients. Day ended when I got home Lunga was there in his work clothes busy on his laptop. Me_: "Hi" (I said kissing his cheek) "you home early how was..." (I didn't finished the sentence because he interrupted me) Lunga_: "Is the problem?" (He asked looking at me more like annoyed) Me_: "No.. Hum I was just saying and asking you how was your day that all." Lunga_: "mxxm" (and carryon doing whatever in his laptop) I went up stairs to change to my gym outfit because someone is grumpy and I don't know why. I came down went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water there was his friend now in the house Mthoko. Me_: "Hi EMT" (greeting Lunga's friend as I am trying open a bottle of water in my hands and for some reasons nje I struggled to open it) Mthoko_: "Heya Mrs. Mayendisa how you doing?" Me_: "I'm good as you can see and how is you?" Mthoko_: "I'm good too. You look different every time I see you" Me_: "Lol my husband is treating me right and the gym is working well for me. Open this up for me" (I threw the bottle of water at him) he smirk at me and open it the gave it back to me he. He did everything in slow motion not breaking the eye contact as I was also looking at him I could feel Lunga's eyes on me. I tried to contain myself as soon as possible cause the silent was getting too awkward. "I'm going out for a run my Love I'll be back shortly" I said and peck his lips "Bye EMT" I came from a run and I was welcomed by a divine smell coming from the kitchen. Yes he can cook and bake he's very flexible around the kitchen and too sexy in those aprons. I went to the kitchen unplugged my earphones putting my phone in the kitchen counter. Me_: "hmm its smells so nice what are you cooking?" Okay he kept quiet and not answering me so I went to see "hmm your favorite can I taste?" He gave me that "ima kancane" look "Lol fine

can I taste?" He gave me that "ima kancane" look "Lol fine I'm going to take shower" I left him there went to take a shower after an hour I was done I decided to wear his favorite lingerie. (To tell you the secret we sleep naked we don't wear pjams.) Then I put on my gown. Went down stairs he was already sitting in the table waiting for me to join him. He put his phone away when he sees me. We prayed then started eating we are both quite. I'm quiet because I don't know what to say to him especially since I don't understand his mood today. When I look up I found him looking at me with blank face okay I just smile at him then look down at my plate. Maybe he want me to complement the food I finished eating my food I waited for him to finish his when he was done I clean up the table "I enjoyed the food" I said to him as I kiss his cheek "You're the best" he smile at me that really melted my heart. He helped me with the dishes I wash-he wipe. I don't like dirty dishes to sleep over night that is so not hygienic! After we finished I stood up in front of him and untied my gown "so handsome which dessert do you want" I gave him a sexy smile revealing my sexy body in those lingerie taking a step back he gave me his sexy smirk. I ran to our bedroom he followed me I threw my back on bed and he got on top of me we kissed as we are kissing I can feel that he's distanced and that worries me. So I roll him over and I was on top of him I took off his t-shirt then I claim his sweet lips with mine I want him I want him so bad I need to distract his mind wherever it is I need him here with me because he is mine. I kissed him so deep hungrily and passionate I could feel him relaxing coming back to me right there as I was getting lost in his touch he broke the kiss he look at me I look at him too we stayed like that for sometime I got tired so I got off on him. Me_: "What's wrong Lunga?" He kept quiet. I lay on my back next to him I stared at an empty space. He talked when I wasn't expecting him too. Lunga_: "Do you like him?" I kept quiet because I don't know what he is talking about. "I asked you a question Melissa" he said with a bold tone. Me_: "I like who?" I asked with my cool tone. Lunga_: "Do you like EMT?" Me_: "And where is that coming from?" Lunga_: "I saw you. I saw both of you the way you were looking at him and the way he was looking at you." Me_: "Hum... I'm sure you were imagining things because what you saying it not true." I said in confusion. He got on top of me he sat on my lower body. Ow my goodness he is so angry his eyes are even red. Lunga_: "Melissa I am not a fool you were flattering with my friend I saw you woman!" Me_: "Is that how low you think of me huh" I could also feel my anger building up in me "You think I could cheat on you with your very own friend.. Get off of me. I said get off of me Now Lunga!" He move from me and I got off in bed I pace in the room I don't believe Lunga is accusing me of cheating worse with his friend I stop and look at him "I have never cheated on you not even once so I won't start now.. Shame on you Lunga! "

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