Part 8 Siblings, in a family predicament s2

(Flashback) (Mark POV) Mark noticed that it has passed 3 hours Penny hasn't got back normally she gyms only for 2 hours. Mark tried to call her but her phone was ringing not answered. He decided to go look for her inside but he couldn't find her. He started panicking not knowing what to do. He went to the office management of the gym he asked to look at the CCTV he explained everything to them then they allowed him. It took him 30 minutes to finally spot her using another exit door getting into a cap then gone. "How could Penny do this to me? She knows I treat her like my own little sister why she didn't asked me if she wanted to go somewhere than to fool me like this. No. No. No the only logical way to explain this is that she is running away. The Williams are going to kill me for this" he thought to himself. He thanked the management for helping then he drove straight to Junior's workplace (Junior POV) Junior was in a middle of an important meeting when his PA budge in without knocking. AlicePA_: "Excuse me Mr. Williams" junior turn his attention to her "Sir I'm sorry to disturb but there's an emergency that needs you it can't wait" Junior_: "Is it more important than what I am busy with right now?" He asked a bit annoyed AlicePA_: "Sir it regards your wife... She..." "She's missing sir" another voice said behind Alice and it was Mark. Everyone in the room was looking at them (Alice and Mark) Junior_: "What do you mean my wife is missing Mark?" He asked angrily Mark_: "I have looked for her everywhere and she's nowhere to be found. I tried to call her but the cell phone is not being answered. I think she's..." Junior interrupted him before finishing his sentence "Wait for me in my office" both Alice and Mark disappeared closing the door behind them. Junior_: "Ladies and Gentlemen I have to dismiss this meeting and rescheduled it for some other time. I hope you do understand?" Everyone nodded in understanding. Junior left the boardroom to his office he found Mark pacing up and down Junior_: "Now start explaining to me how did that happened" he said as he close the door behind him loosing up his tie Mark_: "We were at the gym as usual I waited for in the car. She normally takes 2 hours to gym but today it went to 3 hours I tried to call her but phone was not answered so I went inside to look for her and she was nowhere to be found. I asked to check the CCTV then I spotted her exiting in one of the exit doors and got into a cap" Junior_: "I hired you to guide my wife now she's nowhere to be found under your supervision damn you Mark how could you let this to happened" he said in frustrations Mark_: "Sir I'm sorry I didn't know this will happen. Penny always tells me whenever she wanted to go somewhere and today she didn't say anything. I think she planned it." Junior_: "Leave my office Mark now!" Mark walked out Few minutes after Mark left

now!" Mark walked out Few minutes after Mark left Bruce walked in. Bruce is colleague/friends with Junior. Bruce_: "Dude what's happening?" Junior_: "My wife ran away... Bruce it all my fault... all my fault" Bruce_: "Where she went to?" Junior_: "I do not know where she went too. I don't know where to go and look for her. I don't know what to do" Bruce_: "Maybe you should call her family and check if she's with them its over 6 hours now" Junior_: "And say what to them if she's not with them... Bruce_: "Ok let's go open a case ko police station" Junior_: "They won't file a case if a person hasn't gone missing for 24 hours" Bruce_: "Then what are we going to do" Junior_: "Don't know... it just my faults" Bruce_: "I am not going to talk about that now. But we can't just sit and do nothing. If something bad happen to her the Khathi family and your family they won't be happy... Have you tried at least to call her?" Junior took his phone and tried to call Penny but it went straight to voicemail Junior_: "It's on voicemail" Bruce_: "Maybe we need to hire a PI to trace her where about" Junior phoned her PA "Alice please get me the best PI in town ASAP and make an appointment for me for today" the call ended An hour and 30 minutes later a PI came in at junior's office it was really late they started working but the signal wasn't clear. While still busy Alice budge in without knocking like she's been chased by something Alice_: "Sir please check the news the was a terrible accident happened today Junior_: "Alice what are you trying to say Alice_: "Please sir check it the bus was on it way to Durban maybe your wife was in there maybe you can go check with the police" Bruce opened an office TV and indeed it was a terrible accident and it was caught in fire. So many people died Junior_: "My wife can't be in that accident" he said looking at the screen Everyone was silent looking at the tv screen not saying anything. Right in that moment Junior's phone rang everyone turn to look at him "Ain't you going to answer your phone?" Asked Bruce Junior_: "Junior Williamss hello"... "Yes"... (Bruce switched off the TV) "; No... No it can't be my wife Is she okay where is she now"..."Okay which hospital I can look into"..."okay" call ended Bruce_: "And?" Junior_: "She was part of that accident but thing is the police can't tell if she's okay or what because there's some people who got burned inside the bus some has taken to the hospital some to mortuary.. What have I done... my God what have I done" he broke down and cried... Junior informed his family about this tragic situation. They tried helped him to look for his wife but they couldn't find her anywhere even her belongings. So it was clear that she was one of those who got burned inside the bus and how did her cell phone wasn't burnt doesn't make sense. Williams informed the Khathi family about Penny's death. Both families didn't take Penny's death very well. They were both angry at Junior. Mr. Khathi wanted to take his daughter's ashes but the Williams refused because Penny was now part of their family. The service went well

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