Part 7 Siblings, in a family predicament s2

(Mr. Khathi POV) A week later the court and department of Correctional service approved the request of Mrs. Khathi's lawyer to transfer her to another hospital but under their supervision. Mrs. Khathi condition wasn't better but it was well monitored because she was in good hands getting all the attention she needs. On her 9th month her blood pressure was so high uncontrollable and it was complicating the child and the Labor pains was just killing her. After long 6 hours it calmed down and she deliver 2 bouncing babies a boy & a girl. Mr. Khathi was just so happy he wasn't expecting twins. They named the kids by Lisakhanya and Khayelihle. Mrs. Khathi stayed few days in hospital until she was fully recovered. She then was taken back to jail. They have arranged the kids not to go back with her so they were taken to the Khathi resident Grace and Lisa were going to take care of them. Mr. Khathi was the talk on Media after he was seen in a baby's store the headline was "COULD BE THE MILLIONAIRE'S WIFE MRS KHATHI NOT SICK BUT PREGNANT? MR KHATHI WAS SEEN DOING A BABY SHOPPING IN ONE OF THE BABY'S STORES" He wasn't bothered by the media at all now they always write about anything. The pain he had in his heart was unbearable his wife being in jail not be able to be part of her kid's life. Every new born or child needs a mother's touch at all times. But he was about to raise 2 new born all by himself with the help of Grace and Lisa. The thought of being a single parent scared him a lot what if he becomes a bad father to his kids just like he is to the other 3. He bought everything that was on the list for the kids

he went home and one of the guestrooms was converted in to a nursery room. He hired an interior designer to come and design the room beautifully with colours that fit in both in boys and girls. After everything was done he placed the kids in their baby cot. They were sleeping peacefully. Mr. Khathi took few pictures of them plus a video of the room then sent it to his sons. Grace had to move from the cottage to one of the guestrooms in the main house to be near with the twins. Shane was still waiting for the court to give them a date for their appeal... A week later they got a date from the court. The court case was going to be in the next 3 weeks from now. Crouch and Teekay hasn't contacted their father regarding the twins. Only Amanda who calls everyday to check up on how are they doing and she would tell Mr. Khathi to give his sons some time they will come around.. The court day arrived Mr. Khathi and Shane attended it. Unfortunately Mrs. Khathi was not released but her sentenced was reduced to 4 years. The mood in court was sad and emotional Mrs. Khathi cried as she was taken away. Mr. Khathi couldn't share a tear in public but deep down inside he was hurting. From the court he drove straight to the bar without even talking to Shane. The twins at the house was crying uncontrollably. Grace tried everything to calm them down but none was working. She tried to call Mr. Khathi but his phone was on voicemail. Amanda called the landline to check up the twins and she heard them crying... Amanda_: "Mama why are they crying this hard?" Grace_: "My child I do not know I have tried everything to calm them down but still... Amanda_: "Maybe they are sick or something" Grace_: "I'm going to call Doctor Moore to come and check them because Mr. Khathi he can't be reached his phone is in voicemail" Doctor Moore came and gave them something to calm them down Grace fed them and they fell asleep in no time. "I think they are sensing the tension happening in the house... said Grace. Doc Moore_: "Have you heard from Mr Khathi?" Grace_: "No. Today it was an appeal day for Mrs. Khathi but Mr. Khathi hasn't come back since the morning" DocMoore_: "That could mean things didn't go well..." You know when there is a bad vibe at home kids they are the first ones that sense the tension and get affected by it. They are too sensitive weak and fragile.

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