Part 6 Siblings, in a family predicament s2

(Crouch POV) Crouch and Amanda they were in their bedroom preparing to get in bed and sleep Amanda_: "Today I received a call from your dad" she said Crouch_: "I also saw his missed calls but didn't respond to them" Amanda_: "Baby your father needs you. I could hear from his voice that he is not okay and the way he spoke it was just too obvious... Crouch carryon with whatever he was doing not responding to what Amanda was saying Amanda_: "Baby please do not ignore me. You need to forgive your parents it doesn't matter how much they have hurt you but bottom line is they are still your parents." Crouch_: "We seriously going to talk about my parents because honestly I do not want to hear it" Amanda_: "This is the subject you can not run away from it. I am also a victim of their hatred but I am not going to let you abandon your family just like that. If I allow that to happen then that means I am not a good partner to you. I'm not saying do everything at once but some time just call your dad and find out how he is holding up... With your mum its going to take some time but I know you will find it in your heart to forgive her and talk to her again... Crouch turned to face Amanda and said "Are you done?" Amanda was just stunned not believing Crouch. She turned and face the other way giving Crouch her back then switched off her side lamp Crouch also did the same. No one said goodnight to anyone. Next morning Crouch and Amanda prepared to go to work. Crouch went to drop her off at her work. Amanda recently got a job as a graphic designer in a different company. Crouch when he got at work he checked his email first and he found two emails from his dad he read it and view the attachment. He didn't know how to react about the news he vacantly at his laptop screen. Few minutes later his cell phone rang and he answered Crouch_: "Sho sho" Teekay_: "Wassup dude" Crouch_: "I'm ok yourself" Teekay_: "Did you received an email from dad" Crouch_: "I'm looking at it..." long silence between the two of them Teekay_: "So we about to have another sibling... Crouch_: "I don't know how to react on this... Teekay_: "Mina I'm not going to play a happy family since there's a child coming... Crouch_: "Amanda was lecturing me last night that I should forgive them and talk to them... Apparently dad phoned her because me and you we weren't answering our phones... Teekay_: "I don't see myself talking to them anytime soon... Now let me get back to bed I'm being waited" Crouch_: "Isnt you working today" Teekay_: "Nope its my day off" They bid goodbyes and call ended. Crouch gathered himself together and started working. The day went normal work

work work and more work. After work as usual he went to fetch Amanda at her work then drove home. Crouch decided to tell Amanda about the news Crouch_: "Mum is kind of sick and she's also pregnant" Amanda_: "What! How did that happened? Did you called your dad?" Crouch_: "Nope. I received an email from him. Mum do not know she's pregnant until now she's 7 months" Amanda_: "Ow my goodness how can this happen. Your father is the father right...ish that is a stupid question I asked... How is she going to survive with the child in jail...? We need to help her out" Crouch look at her then ahead the road again Crouch_: "Her husband and her lawyer they are working on that... Amanda_: "I feel bad about this I feel like I'm responsible. I need to talk to detective Phato... Crouch_: "Would you just stop it ok this is not your fault and we are not going to interfere in anything okay... Amanda decided not to continue saying anything because clearly Crouch doesn't want anything involving his family

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