Part 5 Siblings, in a family predicament s2

The following day Mr. Khathi his lawyer Shane and Doc Moore met up together to discuss how are they going to approach the situation. Doc Moore was going to send a report of Mrs. Khathi's conditions later the day to Shane. And since Shane is also a lawyer of Mrs. Khathi too he was going to apply for the appeal for her. Well Mr. Khathi agree since his wife was pregnant and he doesn't want anything to go wrong with her or the baby and also doesn't want his child to be born in prison no! Later during the day Mr. Khathi received an email from Doc Moore with a baby scan attached. He was over the mood. He tried to call his sons but none of them answered his phone calls and that broke his heart. He then sent them an email with a baby scan attached on it. After work he got home and went to his kids' rooms. He first started with Penny's room it was still the same way she left it its neat clean and girly. He sat on the bed and took a frame picture that was on the side bed . A picture of Penny wearing her Drums majorette uniform. His daughter was passionate about Music and Drama. Other pictures where of his daughter and her friends he felt like he robbed her teen hood from her. He felt tears burning inside his eyes guilty playing with his conscience. He stood up and left the room. Next room was Crouch's room he went inside there was nothing much because he had packed out most of his things when he was moving out. As he was still moving around he saw a little piece of paper on dressing table he went to look at it

it was a cell phone number which had the date and time and a heart he assume that the number could be Amanda's number. He took out his cell phone from his pant pocket as he sit down on the edge of the bed. He dialed the number and it rang twice before answered; Caller_: "Hello" Mr. Khathi_: "Hello am I speaking to Amanda" Caller_: "Yes you are speaking to her... Mr. Khathi_: "Amanda you are speaking to Mr. Khathi Crouch's dad" the was a bit of silence Amanda_: "Hum... How are you doing sir?" Mr. Khathi_: "I'm doing ok my child and yourself?" Amanda_: "We both doing fine... How may I help you with?" Mr. Khathi_: "I would like to apologize I'm so sorry my child about what my wife did to you. If I knew what she was planning I would have tried to prevent it from happening but I knew nothing about her plan... Amanda_: "It not your fault Mr. Khathi and I am over it now. I do not have any grudges against Mrs. Khathi" Mr. Khathi sighed Amanda_: "Sir you do not sound okay... Mr. Khathi_: "I have messed up...I have messed up my child. I miss my kids I miss my wife this house is so big empty and lonely for me. I want to fix things but my kids keeps bushing me away... Amanda_: "Give them some time they will come around there's no place like home. And I'll also talk to them" Mr. Khathi_: "Where's him" Amanda_: "He hasn't come back from work... Mr. Khathi_: "Is he treating you well?" Amanda_: "Very well" she reply shyly Mr. Khathi_: "I'm glad... Hum my child I got to go now please take care of each other" Amanda_: "Will do sir please take care of yourself too. Bye" call ended Mr. Khathi felt a bit better after to talking to Amanda but that didn't stop him from drinking that night. He walked out from Crouch's bedroom and went to his study pour himself some whisky then sat of his chair and spin it around back facing the door. He took few sips and lean on the chair. He finished the first glass he turned to pour another shot of whisky. He opened his laptop and went through his email and look at the email from Doc Moore. He looked at the scan again for a longest time then he decided to forward it to all his kids including Penny...

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