Part 4 Siblings, in a family predicament s2

Next day Mr. Khathi went to work he was busy the whole day he had a lot of catching up since he's been away. In the afternoon he received a call from their doctor letting him know that she will be coming to his place after 6:00pm. Day ended Mr. Khathi went home and find Grace and Lisa at the kitchen Grace was cooking. Mr. Khathi_: "Good afternoon everyone" Mr. Khathi greet them and they greeted back. Grace_: "I'm cooking your favorite meal I hope you are hungry... Mr. Khathi_: smiling "Thank you Grace. Sure I will eat it smells so nice."... "Doctor Moore is coming" Grace_: "Is she joining you for supper?" Mr. Khathi_: "Not really she's here to inform me about my wife's condition I guess" Grace_: "Okay I hope everything is okay with her" Mr. Khathi_: "I trust Doctor Moore. Uhm I'm going to take a shower I'll be back." He exit the kitchen went to refresh got done then came down to watch TV News Channel. Later the was a buzz at the gate Lisa attended it... Lisa_: "Sir Doctor Moore is here" he stood up and walked to her and they shared greetings. Mr. Khathi_: "Please let's go to my study"..."lead the way." They went and got it Mr. Khathi_: "Should I get you anything to drink?" He asked before taking a seat Doc Moore_: "No thanks I'm fine" Mr. Khathi nodded "So what do you have for me" Doc Moore_: "I managed to go to the prison hospital; her condition is not good at all. The hospital seem not to have enough staff and there's a lot of patients... I ran my own tests of her took them to the St Augustine's laboratory and I marked them as emergency so I managed to get the results this afternoon and..." Mr. Khathi_: "What is it doc? Should I be worried?" She took out some file and place it in front of her opened Doc Moore_: "I have good and bad news_...okay not really bad news but ya"..."Good news is the results here are showing that she's pregnant 7 months pregnant. And she's now starting to have complications" Mr. Khathi doesn't really know how to react about the news "But...She never told me she's pregnant..." Doc Moore_: "That's because she doesn't know she's pregnant and she's not showing" Mr. Khathi_: "What doc! How is that possible?" He asked in confusion Doc Moore_: "Some women can go for 9 months not knowing and showing that they are pregnant until they give birth... I won't bore you with our long terms but with your wife's situation she is not showing because she is not eating properly she is under a lot of stress her hormones fails to responds to the pregnancy and now her Blood pressure is very high and giving the baby complications" Mr. Khathi_: "So what are we going to do?" Doc Moore_: "We need to find a way to transfer her to another hospital where she can be under my care until she gives birth" Mr. Khathi_: "I have asked my lawyer to file a request to transfer her... Doc Moore_: "I think I should also file a report about her condition then give it to your lawyer to submit it too" Mr. Khathi_: "I'll set up a meeting for the 3 of us tomorrow morning to discuss about this" Doc Moore_: "Set it around about 11:00am because from 8:00am to 10:00am I have patients to attend"..."I better get going" Mr. Khathi_: "Ain't you going to join me for supper?" Doc Moore_: "No my family is waiting for me" she smile politely and packed her file Mr. Khathi_: "Let me walk you out. And doctor thank you very much for your help" Doc Moore_: "You are welcome Mr. Khathi and besides I'm just doing my job... and please do not worry yourself about anything everything is going to be alright and they will be fine both of them... Mr. Khathi_: "I'm going to be a father again" he said with enthusiasm Doc Moore_: "Yep in the next 3 months......Stay well Mr Khathi" Grace and Lisa were in the kitchen

everything is going to be alright and they will be fine both of them... Mr. Khathi_: "I'm going to be a father again" he said with enthusiasm Doc Moore_: "Yep in the next 3 months......Stay well Mr Khathi" Grace and Lisa were in the kitchen Mr. Khathi walked in and said "Please join me for supper" Grace and Lisa they were shocked they wasn't expecting that. They look at each other not sure how to respond. Mr. Khathi_: "I'm not taking a no for an answer so shall we" he said as he make a way for them. The table was already set up. They took their seats and started dishing and eating. They ate in silence until Mr. Khathi spoke up "This is really taste good guys" he said with a sincere smile Grace Smile too. Grace_: "You seem to be in a good mood sir" trying her lucky to see if he's going to share with them what makes him happy. "Yes I am... I'm going to be a father again me and my wife we pregnant" he said with excitement "That's great news sir" said Grace "Indeed it is congrats sir" said Lisa "Now I have to get her out I can not have my child be born in prison" he said.

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