Part 3 Siblings, in a family predicament s2

Next morning Mr. Khathi made it into the press again (Prints and media) headline was "DRUNK MILLIONAIRE MR KHATHI DEMANDING TO SEE HIS SICK WIFE AT THE WESTVILLE PRISON" he's at the kitchen when reading the newspaper he clicked his tongue and tossed the paper away. Grace was preparing breakfast for him Grace_: "Sir your breakfast is ready please take a seat." Mr. Khathi_: "Thank you Grace. Can I have a strong black coffee with no milk?" Grace did as she was asked then serve it to him. She was about to leave when she stopped and took a seat opposite Mr. Khathi. Mr. Khathi looked up to see her... Grace_: "Sir I know this is not my place to interfere in your life but as a parent I am worried about you... Mr. Khathi_: "No Grace please do not lecture me. Can I have my breakfast in peace... Grace_: "Mr. Khathi please hear me out I won't be long..." Mr. Khathi sigh to Grace that she can go on "Sir do not let your situation be above you because you are making your enemies happy. In life you have to rise above all your situations you come across with

do not let your situation be above you because you are making your enemies happy. In life you have to rise above all your situations you come across with therefore your enemies and the press won't have something to talk about or write about regarding you." Mr. Khathi smiled at Grace and nodded in understanding. Grace_: "Be strong my son if you continue being this weak your enemies will use this chance in their advantages... Now enjoy your breakfast" she said with the smile then stood up and walked away. Mr. Khathi finished eating his breakfast and clean up. After he was done he went to take a bath then wore casual. It been days now he hasn't been going to work not even checking the emails or anything else related to work. He has to do something about his wife situation she can be arrested for her shameful behavior but she's still his wife. He still love and care about her. So he decided to call his lawyer to see if there's something they can do. They set up a meeting to be at 12:30pm at Mr. Khathi's work. Mr. Khathi went to his work wearing casual clothes. Things with his businesses they are running good Abel is doing good job though some of the shareholders they are not really happy about Mr. Khathi's absenteeism at work. Even the workers they are working like normal. At 12:30pm Shane arrived and they started the meeting Mr. Khathi_: "Shane you know these things is the way maybe request to transfer my wife into a public or private hospital... Shane_: "I don't know if that could be possible but we can try" Mr. Khathi_: "They have to agree she's a first time offender and she's sick" Shane_: "The law doesn't care about all that unless if you get someone to pay" Mr. Khathi_: "You are not helping here Shane and that is sick you know I do not do ruthless business. My wife deserves to be in jail. It hurts me that she did what she did and now she's sick I don't know what is wrong with her but not that she's in jail" Shane looked at him before saying something..."You do not even want to apply for an appeal for her?" Mr. Khathi_: "Maybe after a year or 2. Now let's get her out of that hospital. Shane I don't want problems I want solutions" Shane_: "Okay I'll send your request to the court and see if they can be at our side. But we also need a 2nd option" Mr. Khathi_: "Don't worry I'll work on it... They bit good byes. Mr. Khathi thought of calling their doctor see if she could help them and she promised to pull some few strings with the connection she has.

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