Part 2 Siblings, in a family predicament s2

After 2 days Mr. Khathi and his lawyer has not heard anything from the prison regards Mrs. Khathi. When Shane phones them they keep saying her doctor has not reported anything to them. Mr. Khathi was so frustrated and worried about his wife. He didn't know what's wrong with her or if she's going to be alright. That day he didn't go to work he locked himself in his house bar and drowns himself in alcohol. Next day he woke up really late not feeling so good. He took a shower and went to eat. He's got Grace who is their helper always has been her for about 17 years now. She's a bit old so she has an assistant that help her with the house chores. Grace only cooks. After Mr. Khath was done he went to his study to try doing some work but the moment he had a glass of scotch he never stopped. He tried to call his lawyer but he couldn't reach him. Mr. Khathi drove to Westville prison. He got there and made some chaos shouting at the wardens. Mr. Khathi_: "I want to see my wife now! It's been two days waiting a feedback from you but nothing" Warden_: "Sir this is jail so there are rules that needed to be followed as soon as her doctor have some news for you we will let you know" Mr. Khathi_: "I want to see her doctor now" Warden_: "Sir... he interrupted her Mr. Khathi_: "No! Okay. Call her doctor for me I want to know why is it taking so long to give me a straight answer" Few minutes later a young Indian doctor walks in Doctor_: "Mr. Khathi

I'm doctor Pillay." Mr. Khathi_: "I believe my wife is under your care I want to know her condition?" Dc Pillay_: "Unfortunately sir I'm still waiting for her results from the lab. I can't really tell what is wrong with her" Mr. Khathi_: "Are you telling me that for the past 2 days the lab hasn't given you the result that is bull!" Doc Pillay_: "Sir I understand that you are worried about your wife but the hospital has many patients so there's a long list at the lab to work on" Mr. Khathi ran his hands on his face "So you telling me that I should to wait for another days huh?" He grabbed the doctor by his clothes "If... if something bad happens to my wife... mark my words young man I am going to sue you and your management and I'll make sure that you lose your doctors certificate" he released him from his hold then walked out leaving.

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