Part 9 Siblings, in a family predicament

[Amanda didn't wait for Crouch anymore she went to take a taxi back to her flat. She switched off her phone . She is so hurt she don't understand why Mrs Khathi hate her so much. How can she break up with Crouch when she loves him so much.. She got home went straight to her room without saying a word to her friend] Mendie_: And then what brings you here ain't you suppose to be... Hebana!   (Amanda got in her bedroom changed to her pjams got in bed and cried hard uncontrollable. Mendie got in sat next to her brushing her back) Mendie_: what's wrong?.. Sssh. Sssh. Sssh don't cry it shall be all well at time Amanda_: Can you please leave I want to be alone (she said in between the cries) Mendie_:... Okay. Call me when you need anything.   [She walk out closing the door behind her went to the kitchen to finish cooking. In the middle of her cooking she went to look for her phone so she can phone Crouch and found out why her friend was crying she found her phone  in her room charging

went back to the kitchen. It had few missed calls and text most of them they were from Crouch. She call him back and he answered within the first ring]   Crouch_: Thank God I've been trying to get hold of you (he said with relieve) Mendie_: Zoze ufonele mina nje hlulwa yin ukufonela Amanda huh? (Why would you call me instead of calling Amanda huh?) Crouch_: I've been trying to call her but her phone is on voicemail.. Mendie_: Clearly akafun ukukhuluma nawe (Clearly she doesn't wanna talk to you) Crouch_: Ngoba ngenzen engafun ukukhuluma nam nje (What have I done now?) (he asked in confusion) Mendie_: You tell me ngoba uphume layndlini eyohlangana nawe within 30 minutes ubuyekhaya (You tell me because she left here to Musgrave to meet up with you and within less than 30 she comes in crying) Crouch_: Crying? (Surprised and even more confused) did she tell you why she's crying? Mendie_: Zongitshela njan ezivalele in her room (How will she tell me when she has lock herself in her room) Crouch_: What? I'm on my way (he said and ended the call right away) Mendie_: Nx. (Tossing the phone  on the table as she carryon cooking.)

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