Part 8 Siblings, in a family predicament

[Yandisa went to visit Mrs Khathi at her home] Yandisa_: I think I got a plan to our situation that will work at both our advantage (she said as she sip her tea) Mrs Khathi_: Hmm talk I'm listening Yandisa_: let's frame Amanda with drugs... Freeze all Crounch's account so when Amanda get arrested Crouch won't be able to help her with bail and lawyers. That were we comes in

we make a deal with Amanda if we help her out she will have to break up with Crouch...(She winks at her) Mrs Khathi_: Crouch is very stubborn he won't just accept a breakup just like that. Yandisa_: How about we make her leave Durban or Country even better then.. Mrs Khathi_: (looked at Yandisa and smile)   [Crouch got a job as a Marketing Director in one of the companies here in Durban. He is over the moon with excitement so he decide to phone Amanda first and share the good news with her] (Phone convo)   Crouch_: Sthandwa sam Amanda_: Hey Love. Yaz I was about to call you. Crouch_: No need to now. Where are you? Can we meet up in Musgrave let say in 30 minutes.. Amanda_: Hmm you taking me out? Crouch_: Lol something like that. So see you there Amanda_: Ooh..okay   [Amanda is at Musgrave standing near by the jewellery shop looking throughout the glass while waiting for Crouch. Someone poke her from behind and she turn to look]   Mrs Khath_: Darling... What a nice surprise seeing you here (she said as she fake a smile) Amanda_: (got terrified by the person in front¬† of her and she can't even open her mouth to say something) er...uhm Mrs Khathi_: Ssh you don't have to say anything you just have to listen while I do the talking (she said with arrogancy) Amanda sis I am telling you this one last time stay away from my son... Amanda_: (with a shaky voice trying to defend herself) but.. Mrs Khathi_: Yey! I said listen. Break up with Crouch today because if you don't I am going to destroy you Crash you in million times and when I'm done you won't even recognize yourself (she brushed Amanda's left cheek) I'm sure you don't want that sweety (she gave her the evil smile then left)

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