Part 7 Siblings, in a family predicament

*[At Amanda and Mendies's apartment]* (Door knock a little hard one) Mendie_: Woo take it easy or you going to hurt yourself (she said walking up to open the door) Crouch_: May I come in? (Mendie made him a way in) howzit? Mendie_: (closing the door turning to look Crouch) You look like you need a fix.. Crouch_: Can I see Amanda? (He ask rubbing his hands together taking a seat) Mendie_: Ya sho let me call her. Amanda!.. Amanda! (She respond "Yea") You have a visitor Amanda_: ( appeared in her pjams) Love you didn't say you are coming (she said in surprised) Aibo and you don't look okay what's wrong? (She asked in a worried tone) (Crouch got up from his seat and hug Amanda so tight and kissed her on the lips senseless) Mendie_: Aah man this is not right (she left them kissing went to the kitchen to get a glass of milk then went to her room) Amanda_: (they broke the kiss after a while) let's go to my room (crouch took his bag) Do you need anything to eat or drink? Crouch_: No babe I'm fine. (They went to Amanda's bedroom) Yandisa was at my place half naked... I don't know how that girl's mind operate. I just left the apartment without say a word to her and I asked the security to escort her out... Can you imagine babe she thinks she can come into my house and try to seduce me and think I'm going to fall for her tricks_Never. She thought wrong!   (Amanda is so polite she never interrupt Crouch whenever he is speaking she just let him speak till he finishes)   Crouch_: Come here mama (Amanda walk to him he cup her face) Sthandwa sam I love you only you alone. I am not promising to be perfect but to be good enough for you.   *(18SNLV)* (He then kiss her passionately their lips move in sync he lay her back on bed still kissing her with so much hunger. He took off her pjam top kissing nipping and sucking her neck. He move down to her breast one hand massaging the other while nipping and sucking the other. He gave both her breast the same attention. Amanda kept moaning so soft and that made Crouch getting harder and harder. He removes her pants and panties she lay there bare naked. He took of his clothes too not breaking the eye contact with her. He got on top of her and kiss her again passionately like she's the only thing he needs he trace down his hand till he reach her womanhood rubbing it slowly he trace down his hand till he reach her womanhood rubbing it slowly sliding 1 finger in her.... Damn she's so wet for him he rub her clit the moan escape from her lips they both breathing heavily... He kept rubbing her clit keeping up the pace unexpectedly he slides 2 fingers in her and she gasps. Crouch spoke in between the kiss "I Love You Amanda Mzobe" keeping up the pace. Amanda couldn't take it anymore she could feel her organism building up in her so she wanted Crouch inside her. She broke the kiss holding on the sheets so tight   Amanda_: (breathing) please... Crouch_: Open your eyes babe I want to you to look at me (she opens her eyes slowly) now tell me please what my love?? Amanda_: Crouch I... Want... You... Now... Babe please... Ow fuck!! Crouch_: I want you to come for me babe... Don't close your eyes open them Amanda_: Aaah!!... I can't hmm yes (Crouch slow down his pace) please... Babe please don't I beg you (she said holding Crouch's hand instructing him to continue) stop Crouch_: (smiling a little) open your eyes babe (she open them) let them stay open now I want you to come for me (he went deeper with his two fingers inside her finger fucking her till she came calling his name he then lick his fingers) You taste so  good my love (he clean her then made her head lay on his chest) Go to sleep now.

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