Part 6 Siblings, in a family predicament

[Crouch is at his place preparing a presentation that he is going to pitch at the company that phoned him to come through]   (Door bell rings he went to open) Crouch_: what are you doing here Yandisa? (He asked annoyed) Yandisa_: Come on love is that how you welcome your guest (smiling) Crouch_: Ei Ei Ei How did you find out where I stay and what brings you here?? Yandisa_: (invited herself in shaking her ass) I bought some goodies for us ne (she said as she unpacking picnic basket) strawberries and cream wine chocolate double cheese pasta

creamy spinach "hmmm yummmy" I hope you hungry ne... Come on babe don't just stand there bring 2plates and 2wine glasses (she giggle) (Crouch is just standing there watching her in disbelief) ooh ya (she said turning to face Crouch done putting the items on the coffee table) You asked why am I doing here right (she's only wearing a red trench coat with nothing underneath. She said as she loosing up her coat to reveal a red and black sexy lingerie) I'm here to do you good (she said to him sexy and licking her bottom lip) Like what you see (she winks at him) Crouch_: (fuming with anger he couldn't form any words in his mouth to utter to Yandisa he just went to the kitchen pack his documents and laptop taking his car keys cellphone wallet and left) Yandisa_: Crouch! Crouch! Come back here... (She was so angry at Crouch for walking out of her but more angry at Amanda) Nx! Amanda got something else coming for her. Crouch Khathi is MINE!! (She fix herself and stick a note on the fridge *"YOU ARE MINE ALONE CROUCH KHATHI_YANDISA McKENZIE"* right there in that moment two securities entered the apartment)   1st security_: Excuse us Ma'am you are not authorised to be here so we would like you to leave Now! (He said more like he's commanding Yandisa walk out without saying a word to them)

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